Zenith was a group created by Gaxxor and three of his compatriots - hephanie, Ender_Slayers, and KiraYoshi - in late May of 2020. The group was advertised in small amounts to other players (i.e. haloman597 and ariii_kanariii), whom later expanded upon this by inviting their own friends. Soon enough, Zenith's main base, Tartarus, was now populated by 10 users, although many members which wanted to join from Halo's group were denied.

Initially, the group and its main base went unnamed, though quickly was given various suggestions, some examples being Parvenu, BroJobs, Zealots, et cetera. The group did a vote, and the majority agreed with the name being Zenith, defined as "the time at which something is most powerful or successful," and later unanimously agreed on Tartarus being the base's name, with no other suggestions being given. Within the same day, the banner was agreed upon, and can be seen on the right.

The Purge

The Purge was a event orchestrated by GrandmaPepe that took place during the move from Tartarus to Zeningrad on June 27th. It saw members who were deemed "not fit for Zenith" removed from the group. No hard feelings were to be directed at these members, and they were still allowed to use Tartarus and the gunpowder farm nearby, but they would not have the coordinates to Zeningrad or any future projects.

4 members were removed from the group and 2 members were "soft-purged", meaning they were removed from the discord due to inactivity but are allowed to rejoin Zenith whenever they want. Zenith's higher-ups were aware this could result in the destruction of Tartarus, and it did but it was repaired after a sloppily done grief by KiraYoshi, which was quickly repaired by Bemosh.

The Fall?

On July 24th, 2020, Zenith dissolved after the depature of GrandmaPepe and Bemosh. To an outsider this fall may seem very abrupt, as many thought Zenith had the potential to be a successful faction. However, internally there was an ever growing split in interests of the players. People such as Warlok and Pepe were hardly ever at base, mostly doing things in the spawn region, Bemosh was occupied with PaCo, and pulque was the only one at Zenith II as Gaxxor, Steph, and Historio were still at Zeningrad. This caused the group to peacefully dissolve as the individual players started pursuing their own goals. A few hours later Zeningrad would be griefed by what was left of empire.

A few weeks after Zenith fell most of the group's former members joined warlok's new group, which eventually evolved into the tainted faction Gardenia.

Tl;dr: Zenith had potential, but a lack of proper leadership and splits in interest caused its fall, and then almost all those people just made a new group 2 weeks after, which fell for way funnier reasons. Story continues in the Gardenia article.



Tartarus is a base belonging Zenith, and is fairly cozy - although housing 10 players, the base isn't as large as some others. The centerpiece of the base is a small room with 4 hallways connected to it. These hallways lead to a number of Hubs, which house greenhouses, simple farms, etc. and a hallway leading to a skeleton spawner.

Tartarus' "lobby," connecting the storage area to the rest of the base.

Within the centerpiece are three loft areas, which house the resident's beds and such.

The farm area holds a semi automatic sugarcane farm, and an AFK fisher. There are plans to improve the farms, both aesthetically and functionally. This base served as an early prototype for Zenith and the members got to know each other here and filter out certain players. It was more or less abandon by June 27th when The Purge happened.

Tartarus was griefed on the 27th by Jobre67, but it was repaired in less than an hour because of how lousy the grief was.

Zenith I "Zeningrad"

Zeningrad Lenin.png
Historio Cave Oasis Thing.png

Zenith I, nicknamed Zeningrad, was the main base of Zenith from June 27th 2020 until July 18th. It's where all of the active members planned on building actual bases of considerable scale. A notable structure at the base is pulque's statue of Lenin, constructed out of stone. Following a peanut-brain incident in the Zenith discord the base was largely abandon due to the coordinates potentially being leaked to Empire on accident. After this Empire sent Zuni to go and grief the base, but he didn't due to liking some of the builds, so on July 24th, 2020, Empire griefed the base themselves.

Zenith II

Zenith II was planned to be a medieval themed base with a dragon at the center, but Zenith's dissolution and a lack of motivation meant that the base failed before it ever had a chance to actually start.


Zenith allied with Adiesa prior to its merge with Empire on the 14th of June, 2020. After Adiesa merged with Empire, Zenith furthered its alliance to this reformed group. When Empire and Adiesa split after being shredded by the Chadlets and DB, Zenith remained roughly allied with both groups despite not really knowing what was going on, but on the 15th Zenith cut ties with Empire after they sabotaged their obsidian farm in the end 3 times in a row.


This part of the article contains info about the individual players of Zenith

Gaxxor: The founder and "leader" of Zenith, though his role functions more as a representative than a totalitarian leader. He is a builder for the most part and generally helps with projects.

hephanie: Gaxxor's girlfriend. She rarely leaves base but is a very talented builder, she made two tower-like builds and some manual crop farms at Zeningrad before its abandonment.

Bemosh: One of the earlier members of Zenith, he built a good amount of Tartarus, but was soft-purged. This however created an opening when he returned and he agreed to inside GLM, which almost worked. Zenith's plan to inside GLM was ultimately thwarted by Glaceon being a cunt though. When he returned to base he was still hailed as a hero for his efforts though.

GrandmaPepe: Is one of the better known players of Zenith. At Zeningrad he built a raid farm that never saw completion due to the base's abandonment. His main contribution to the group thus far is farming copious amounts of obsidian.

Historio: Joined Zenith after getting bored of living at his personal base. He is mainly a redstone engineer and builder, his most notable accomplishment in Zenith so far has been the gunpowder farm and his claims of making a villager trading hall when zombification is re-enabled.

warlok666999: Joined Zenith on his quest for a group he liked, and ultimately decided to settle down in Tartarus. He is known mainly for being the 2nd best PvPer in the group and taking on insanely grindy projects, digging more of the perimeter than anyone else.

pulque_: Is a moderator on the server and arguably the best builder in Zenith. He was the person behind the Lenin statue at Zeningrad. He has also supplied the group with beacons, being vastly richer than the rest of the basefags.

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