"Welcome to Purity Vanilla motherfucker"

YeahItsRico is a notable OG player who has been a part of multiple factions, some more notable than others. From factions such as The Grey and Confed to The Council and New Seed Order.

Rico is famous for being the most notorious griefer on PV, being the standing leader for the PvP and Griefing group, the ICP, as well as being perma-banned and unbanned on multiple occasions.

You should also follow his Twitch, where he streams different games seemingly at random with little to no schedule. Usually shit like Warzone and Fallout



When YeahItsRico first joined the server in late June, he escaped spawn and went out on a small journey to establish a base. He soon met up with someone named Lucy, as well as 5 other greys and they created a base at -50k out. When the group fell due to tensions Rico self griefed, blowing it to hell. He broke his bed, stashed his gear, and went back to spawn. He then joined a smaller group with some people from 2b2t which didnt last very long. 


After leaving the group with his friend Jdog they created their own group by the name of Erengale. It briefly saw popularity during its war with Varden, in which Rico, Jdog, and their basemate Dark all went to rescue a member of the Varden who went rouge from his bedtrap at Belatona. After a failed attack Rico leaked Be'latona coords in purity chat. As in Rico fashion, he accidentally blew up his own base. The group dissolved after Varden fell. With his friends gone and his base griefed he went dark, only to come back 2 months later.

The Gray and Confed

Rico decided to join The Gray due to sheer boredom. He was assigned to Alpha but eventually left to create his own waypoint (not before stealing a named fish from Tarq) and went on to create Waypoint Beta with OJ. After it got griefed he was kicked from the group and OJ went with him. Later on OJ revealed he was still working with they Grey and attempted to kill Rico, but he escaped. He went dark for another month only to come back at the same unfinished base. He talked to his friend Pulque_ who was not yet mod and he referred him to the leader of The Confederation. Rico joined and soon gained the respect of his basemates and befriended Warvan who began to teach him PvP. He eventually earned a high rank in the group. During his time in Confed he constructed 2 bases: Thoringuard (literally just a shithole to fuck around at) and Bunker-452 (B452).

When tensions began to rise between The Grey and Confed, Rico who had been insiding the greys for a month and a half at this point on an unnamed alt decided to take action. Fueled purely by the thought of vengeance against OJ for betraying him, Rico incited the war when he leaked Waypoint Bravo coords to Warvan. Within an hour Bravo was attacked. Rico convinced a member of the Grey, S_ammy, to leave the group before Warvans initial attack. With Sammy's information on bases, Rico led an attack on Vik and Sanctuary back to back after the Bravo grief. Following him was Warvan, Jdog, and zUnidentified. After the smoke cleared the Grey took their turn and nuked Slough, Thoringuard, and B452. When the Confederation fell, and all of their bases griefed except for PunkTown, Rico and Jdog (whom came with him to Confed) left and attempted to create their own faction, but eventually decided to quit purity.

The Council

Upon returning to purity at Jdog's request, they joined the server, escaped spawn and began to setup a small base. Jdog wanted to create a new faction whereas Rico wanted to join one. Eventually Jdog got them both in with The Council. After numerous attempts to get to the base Rico eventually got murked by a baby zombie when he had just arrived, getting sent back to spawn. Jdog went back to spawn to do a trade while Rico visited Haloman's base and then got a supply drop from ItzFreaks at the remnants of Slough. They did the trade and went back home together, where Jdog died in a bastion and went back to spawn. After Council main base got griefed, Rico and Jdog went on a pilgrimage to establish a new base. Rico built the new base by freehand by himself, and he called it El Dorado, as it was a city hidden deep within a jungle.

Odyssey Grief and Arcadia Bay

After unforseen circumstances, TC had to quickly abandon El Dorado. jdog left some shulkers behind after Rico mistakenly broke his bed to head back to spawn, and most of the redstone was left behind. Rico stayed at spawn for a while on standby for ItzFreaks. Once Freaks called him on discord to tell him it was time to grief Odyssey, Rico met up with Cuby, AcneChrist, Boomboy, ItsFreakz, Warvan, Cicada and L-Cancel and began to head to Odyssey. They eventually landed at a ghast farm, so they knew they were getting close, but Rico recognized the area. The group had stumbled upon the council base Jdog and Rico had first come to, still intact. Rico could not believe it, and neither could the others. Rico quickly learned that they had based 7k nether away from Odyssey portal. He went to his old base, grabbed some gear he left behind, set his spawn, and reminisced. After returning to his friends they continued onto Odyssey. During the grief Rico located 5 empty shulkers, and a map room which contained an 11x11 block mega map of the spawn region. While securing it into the shulkers, Tarqshark joined the server. Soon his team was on, and Rico's team was at war trying to fight off Tarq, Ragster, and one other grey member. While unprepared for pvp, and desperately trying to secure the relic, his friends were getting melted, and at one point the left wall was blown up and it sent rico across the room into a crater, popping his totem. After securing the relic, Rico emerged to find that most of his team was gone, leaving L-Cancel, Boomboy, and Cuby to finish the grief. Rico took out his shulker of TnT and began to rain hell. He was one of the only survivors of the grief.

After the grief, Jdog and Rico went on another journey to establish a new base, again deep hidden in a jungle. Rico built it freehand again, but with Jdogs help with design. They called it Arcadia Bay.

New Seed Order

Soon after the construction of Arcadia Bay, Rico was extended an invite to join New Seed Order. After contemplating it for a while he convinced Jdog to join with him since The Council was slowly dying. NSO trusted Rico due to his friendship with multiple of its members and that he went with them on the Odyssey grief. Soon after he joined he began to work with members to construct their new base, Mexico. Rico built a solid 89% of the base, this included a bridge, a massive jungle house, a private island with a secret cave lab, and the left wing of the town hall, and much more.

The Committee, Castle Erengale, and OSL

Rico decided it would be a good idea to link back up with his friend Ddyhr, who he helped rescue from spawn when he first joined. Now seeing how hated he was and ho badly people wanted his group gone, he took it upon himself to inside his group. Being an ex Council leader he instantly had roles and perms in the discord after joining. Over the next month and a half Rico would stockpile coordinates to every TC base he could find. These bases were Highhill, Neo Atlantis, and Nuketown. During his time Ddyrh confided in Rico that he had coords to a base, and wanted to know if Rico wanted to pay them a "visit". Shortly after Nuketown was griefed. Rico saw this as an opportunity and went with AcneChrist to the TC bases that were standing. On their way there they stopped at OSL base Asgard 3 and griefed it. After griefing OSL base they hit Highhill, and being mostly wooden buildings they withered it and burnt it down. Neo-Atlantis was spared no mercy as over 40 withers were crammed into a small area at the bottom of the base (it was a giant tube in the ocean) instantly killing anybody that logged into the base. Rico went back to Mexico with AcneChrist after the grief.

After arriving at Mexico base again Rico decided he wanted to build his own base. He left with his belongings to begin a new base on his own, while still part of NSO. As a throwback to his earlier time on Purity he named it Castle Erengale. The base however, did not work out as planned. It was eventually abandoned before even beginning construction due to him finding a way to inside the greyfag group OSL (Obsidian Legion) which he griefed no less than 12 hours ago. He was joking in chat about leaving NSO and Tonic_Tapioca approached him with an offer to join OSL. Rico used his ez inside skills and within 7 minutes he had roles, coords, and a discord invite. He arrived at the base the next day, and stayed for a couple days, seeing what loot they had. When it was time AcneChrist and Eren1411 began their trip to the base to grief it, while Rico called Tonic_Tapioca online to help him build a mob grinder. Rico pulled out his expensive items shulker to show Tonic, prompting him to do the same. When he pulled it out Rico swiftly mined it up and began critting out Tonic. Tonic flew away and Rico assumed he escaped but Tonic came back seconds later still on fire to finish the fight.

(he got ez'd lol)

After securing half a row of elytra, netherite tools and a gset, Tonic's signature sword Tonic's Bane, and multiple basemaps and relics he began to camp Tonic at his own base while Eren1411 and AcneChrist came to grief. Tonic broke his bed and went back to spawn and the group leader Wolfhound got on and tried to convince Rico there were multiple bases and that he was at their main base. (He could see Wolfhounds nametag through the trees). After killing Wolfhound he tried to convince Rico he was bad at the game, a shitty player, and that he respawned at his main base. (Wolfhound later asked why he was still at the base, devaluing his original claim).

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 8.12.15 PM.png

Wolfhound got very salty in Rico's DM's on discord trying to bribe him to leave with promises of their "main base". This was the photo he sent.

(Notice the stack of godapples and 10 cow spawneggs)

Later on Rico would eventually be forced into a 1v4 with Tonic and his friends at the griefed OSL base Wolfen, in which Tonic_Tapioca logged a total of 17 times and got his totem popped 25 times. He eventually fell at the hands of Rico using his old sword, Tonic's Bane. After one of Tonics friends fell to a crystal and Tonic died, the others retreated.

The Attack on The Architects and the Defending of Mooshtrap

After taking a break from griefing and insiding to work on his next build at Mexico, Columbia, Rico was greeted by 1 of 2 things. In queue a random grey /msg'd him and asked "is this Rico?" To which he responded with, of course, yes. The user proceeded to doxx rico in /msg's with a name and address. It in fact was not Rico's name and address. but he was still skeptical. He posted the screenshots in the NSO discord and was suprised to find out that Doomgaurd told The Architects that NSO had an insider, and that it was Rico. He denied this claim to people publicly, to some avail. Architects did not care, as a random discord account sent rico a friend request, called him, and leaked his schools name and address to him over the phone. The account hung up and deleted itself shortly after. Rico later figured out both of these attempts were the work of MitchellMines, a member of The Architects. Rico began to become enraged, and after some conspiring with friends he got Architect coordinates and began to travel.

He wasn't going to grief, he was going to kill everybody at The Architects base. Once he got there he waiting until someone logged in, and it was ShirtShot. Attacking him soon after ShirtShot logged out and one by one Architects members logged on. Moosh was the first to go. He got popped by Rico's crystals and promptly logged. After Rico told Moosh he would settle this in a respectful manner Moosh logged back in. After talking with Rico about what happened he realized who was standing in front of him and crystaled moosh to death, securing his gear and named tools. Moosh was sent to the bedtrap that was made for him in advance, where he laid for hours to come, begging to be let out. He offered Rico gold and diamonds, and his only 2 shulker shells, but Rico refused. He put someone down that deserved to be put down, and the server was going ballistic over it.

Rico began getting threats from Architect basemates as well as Drrew, who said he would come free moosh but had to log shortly after. Mellow was the first to arrive, Rico was told to spare them but Mellow was persistent and he eventually landed to prepare to fight when Mellow backed off and sent him a message on discord telling him about how Sonic told him to back off the fight. In fact, most Architect members were all for what Rico was doing, they hated Moosh, as did everyone else. Soon MiningBoomBoy showed up to assist. Solarr showed up to fight and Rico obliged. Boomboy stood back to respect the 1v1. After fighting for a bit Rico realized he was at a serious disadvantage. He may have popped Solarr 4 times but Rico had no knockback sword or pots. He tried to hold his own, but once Boom realized what was going on he stepped in and quickdropped Solarr to protect Rico. Bhon also showed up and Boom killed him as well and scared off Mellow.

Soon Boom was told Axelhaze, Tarqshark, and zUnidentified were en route to the base he knew he couldnt fight them all. Rico suggested making a land mine capable of killing any pvper instantly. Boom decided it would be funny and Rico began construction. After the first one detonated due to a zombie Rico made another and it was set. Boomboy wanted Rico to place more TNT, and while knowing it was a bad idea he obliged, digging a ring around the mine to fill with TNT.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 5.06.59 PM.png

He dug into the wrong spot and when he realized he put 2 totems in his hand. The mine detonated and Rico was double popped and thrown into the wall as the 30 pieces of TNT erupted instantly in his face, killing him and destroying his gear. Boom retreated shortly after realizing they couldnt bullshit one of the PvPers in route to melt them both and they could defend the Mooshtrap no longer.

The Fall of Mexico

Following the raid on DungBeetles, Rico decided to quit purity after realizing how severe of an addiction he had to the server. He and Jdog griefed Mexico the following day. They blew up the Giga Goldfarm, the town hall, and the best GP farm on the server, as well as burning over a year and a half of relics gathered from bases players around the server. After coords and a public NSO discord invite was leaked, he left the server for good. Rico later leaked the alts of ItzFreaks and Junda_. The alts being Eren1411/OlivaWhu and Sushi, respectively. Rico was later banned for voxelmap cavefinder after the saltiest player on purity, AcneChrist dug back around a month of chat logs to find evidence of it. Before being banned he asked his friend Pulque to hold off on the ban so he could empty his echest for his friend Haloman. After he emptied his echest he got back into his grave and looked pulque in the eyes as he said his goodbyes.

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 4.11.31 PM.png

The Second Coming

Rico was contacted on discord by an old friend, Foxtrot. He told him about Kylesmiles ban for using nether cavefinder, and how he was recently unbanned for it. Rico knew already what this meant, and he joined the PV discord server and made a ticket.

Not happy to see him, the moderators discussed it among (sus) themselves. The decision took far too long than it should have, but after 10 painful hours of the moderators discussing,

YeahItsRico was unbanned from Purity Vanilla for the third time.

Fort Thoringale

After getting a supply drop from Foxtrot, he vibed at spawn for a week homeless when an old friend Ddyhr contacted him showing interest in making a base. They settled in a Shattered Savannah, and Rico got to work doing the one thing he does best besides griefing, building. While hopped up on Adderall for about 7 hours he built a tunnel, a floating house, an artificial cave with a savannah forest, beehives, mobs, and a LOT MORE. Jdog soon joined and began to build as well.

The name Thoringale is a play on the names Thoringuard and Erengale, 2 bases with a lot of meaning to him.

The Formation of The ICP

Soon after building Fort Thoringale, Rico was contacted on discord by a no pfp account that spoke like a bot for the first few messages. Suspicious, he told it to kindly fuck off, but soon learned that it was a real person. The account, who will be reffered to as Sebi showed interest in Rico, as he had heard about his numerous griefs and wanted his help in griefing a private Fight Club coming up soon. He was added to a GC with Sebi and Frrost_Bite and they talked about the details. Soon after Domagawha and DaddyIsComing joined the effort.

After griefing the private Fight Club, they discussed what was next. Nobody knew if it was going to be a recurring thing, but they decided to stick together to form a griefing team. Sebi went inactive and Rico took charge, and in an attempt to keep the group from getting bored decided to get everyone to help make spawn more hell than it already was. They lava'd the highways to 1k each, as well as a 128x128 lava curtain around N-Hub.

They soon decided to question if they wanted a name for the team or not. Rico chimed in with an idea. In his old days during the Grey x Confed war, the name of the operation in which they laid siege to Grey bases was named Operation Iron Casket, and he suggested the name The Iron Casket Project.

Otherwise known as The ICP.

Final Moments

On June 3rd Rico went to spawn and flew to his first base on the server, somewhere within 1k of 0,0 to where his first sign on Purity was placed. He emptied his echest into a chest and wrote a book detailing why he was leaving, and sent those online on a treasure hunt for his stuff (kavlar got it).

This server got boring. Like, really boring. At some point you need to realize you have done just about everything there is to do on an anarchy server. I built a mega base, I joined groups, i made friends and betrayed them, ive made enemies and worked with them. I griefed pretty much everybody. In reality i achieved what every anarchy player secretly strives for, to be done. And im glad. Purity Vanilla was a solid part of my experience growing up. From being the first server i joined when i got minecraft java, to being the last server i logged out of before i graduated highschool. And honestly, im glad its over.

Im going to miss most if not all of you, and i will always remember the good times i had on this server. Thank you for being the most toxic community in minecraft, and thank you for bullying me into being a better person.


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