The Magic Bunny himself

He's the funny bunny that will runny up your ass.


Abandoned by his parents into the wild after they found out his mom fucked a rabbit, he was raised by creepers until he mass enslaved them to design his various gp farms

Upon entering Purity, he made a gp farm 20k out and went to the end with just a boat and stacked echest with shulkers and elytras.

Interview with the mystical rabbit:

"Stornwald invites me to 50k base. never at online expects me to labor 4 free. Move on and make nether base. Wither skeleton and ghastfarm and slimefarm. [REDACTED] base too valuable now. Greif stornwald gay homo faggot base with safastar. First boomboy spawn party with ice race and island and withers spawned. Meet with Itzfreaks. love at first sight. Admire is born. Dillydally leaks wogo base to Sigha because they are gay lovers. I fuck up sigha and spawn withers on zera. I jedi mind trick Zera by chanign my name ot loker and wearing PHP player head. EZ base defense. I mine down ghastfarm and move to kamina city. Admire falls because [REDACTED] doesn't like I spend too much time with my IRL friend Safastar at kamina city and [REDACTED] thinks I'm spendindg too much time with empire. And Says some cringe shit like dog can only have one master(edited)

Empire fucks adiesa while I sleep. I wake up, decisvely side with empire and claim responsibility of grief.

Become leader in name only. Boomboy real leader at this time and Take 1 month break to live in with Safastar for 1 month. Cum back and there's this retard Rico and doomguard.

Popcat gave his base to Zuni. and Zuni invites me and GreifDOTEXE. I invite EVADING ITZFREAKS. EREN. We make ghastfarm very epic!

We were gonna base there for much longer. before we greif it. But retard invites tarq And this even triggers GriefDOTEXE. We greif it and Say it's doomguard revenge. Boomboy cleans up house in the most spectacular way. Flying, killing and Greifing all at the same time.

I pack up Ghastfarm and turn it into GP farm at Mexico. and invite EREN to NSO.

At some point Le Epic happened not sure when this happened. Rico eats Mexico and I make Zigdan in 3 days. then nuke the end island some more.

Foxtrot Chinks Acnechrist. THen I move to siberia. make raid farm, and resupply. take a break

I give Greif my witherskull farm at kamina city. He breaks records of withers at spawn and forced penguin to make a plugin for wither limits. Try to help zuni and twistedmedia and shirthomo and stuff but teyy fuck up day one and then blame their fuck ups on me so I hate them now.

During my 2 month break after siberia. I make legitstacking raidfarm proper and GPfarm V2.

Join Eden and build both. But Stacking raid farms cucked. I crack the ironfarm and get it 100% functioning.

I get a taste for removing history and remember I can jsut target the server itself. Mark also revists bases and removement. Blow up world border gay signs. and remove as many signs on highways. Make a highway eater and traps.

Future plans. Continue to work with W3 to reshape spawn.

Phase 2 of Moon Stealing.

Personal Life

Keeps bunnies.

Spends his free time blowing up spawn and destroying Purity history


"Retard tier. cicada"

"ez gp dupe machine"

"I dont care. whatever makes my cock hard is a woman faggot"

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