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Wob is currently rated as most powerful faction in purity history. cawa founder

cawa started her way from 203 148 -23 and walked to 60 64 20 eventually dying from noonecareswho player. then she respawned she went from 60 120 34 to -7 63 -2 and walked to -1000 32 -1000 broke wood got workbench and virtuosly perfomed wooden tools craft.Ventured to get stone tools and beatifully done it. also grabbed some iron chunks by the way. then smelted. get iron nugget and make iron sword. as the master of pvp won few clumsy zombies. watched Aggie's Guide to Escape Spawn. got diamond. Watched youtube videos and twitter. kill skeleton. first 10 achievement. she got out of spawn on her first try and used a boat to go 10k out. Met Aggie aka Aggie142.  Aggie was powerful and allmighty but cawa succumbed to elder god Wob and TOSS ABILITY:Unit Target



Grabs the nearest unit in a 275 radius around Tiny, ally or enemy, and launches it at the target unit or rune to deal damage where they land. If the tossed unit is an enemy, it will take an extra 30% damage.

You can toss allies, but they don't take damage.

Toss deals 33% of its damage to buildings.


DAMAGE: 90 / 160 / 230 / 300


After becoming possesed by Wob at march of 2018 cawa released inner serpents. resulting in Medusa appearing, from elder greece mythology, and assisting the armageddon. the power of Medusa and Wob sights result in everything turning into stone. trees, ground and air.each player online has been transformated into statue, those players are doomed and forgotten. the reign of plaque has started

but for purity's sake, Aggie has reached his climax. Power condemned, soul enchanted, Aggie pushed universe limits.His veins run with strength potion replacing blood, eyes eager- Aggie leaps onto battle with god's steed carrying him. a battle begu-Server Down

Server went down during a full restart and update tonight, unresponsive to power actions for now so still working on it. Don't know when it'll be back up hopiqipi noobefully soon. Update: I've found the problem, it's an issue with the linux kernel. Currently working on fixing it, after I take a full backup to be safe. Server will be back later tonight.

After the defeat of Wob, Aggie lost his powers, moving on as a journalist. but the serpent god is immortal. Rumours say that Wob haunts nether tunnels, approaching its pedestrians and turning them into statues, which fall apart leaving only group of cobblestone blocks "placed around". Nonetheless, rumours are mostly believed. Thats why Wob cults has started to appear. players build altars and praise the fear mongerer, for purity's sake.