Purity Wiki

While Purity Vanilla is an anarchy server, that does not mean the wiki lacks rules as well. They are a fair bit more lax then on other wikis, but it is still important to follow them. Currently the head mod is Rhonor so DM him if you have inquiries/ need assistance with the Wiki.


  1. Please follow the FANDOM Terms of Use.
  2. Try to keep offensive content such as slurs to a minimum, as we would prefer Fandom to not take down the wiki. Some articles with inherently offensive contents may require the {{Warning}} template.
  3. You do not own the article of which you are the subject, the wiki is a collaborative project. The subject of a page, however, has certain privileges to dictate how information is depicted within an article. It is preferred that one gets permission before editing an article on another user or group. 
  4. Vandalism will not be tolerated. This may include blanking of pages, addition of content without substance such as insults, et cetera. Vandalism will be reverted as soon as it is found, if vandalism persists, the page may be protected from editing or the vandals may be blocked from editing if it gets bad enough.
  5. Blatant misinformation is not allowed, including on an article on which the editor is the subject. False information should be corrected whenever possible- if the subject of your page is one of satire, DM a Moderator prior for a satire tag or it will be deleted.
  6. Please try to ensure a standard of quality while creating or editing wiki articles. No one wants pages which consist of a title and a single sentence.

Deletion Policy

A page may be deleted by the wiki staff if it is deemed to not meet the standards of the wiki, there are a few reasons this may be. A single reason is usually not enough for an article to be deleted, but it is decided on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Length: an article should not consist of a single sentence, infobox, et cetera.
  2. Quality: articles should be organized and written well, and should contain correct information.
  3. Notability: the subject of an article should be at least somewhat relevant, and this should be established in the page.
  4. Subject Request: in some cases, an article may be deleted if the subject of an article asks for it to be removed.