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Venture Vanilla (known as "VV" for short) was a Minecraft server that started in February of 2019. Penguin was a frequent member of this server in it's early days and played during February and March. Venture Vanilla went down for maintenance in late March of that year and Penguin decided to make a server where the VV community could play while their server was offline. A few days later Venture reopened but Penguin stopped playing and decided to run his new server instead. This is the server that would eventually become known as Purity Vanilla.


Many of Purity's features such as the use of "grey" and "white" player ranks, vote rewards, player culture, and the concept of "vanilla anarchy" originated from Venture Vanilla. However VV also had commands such as /trade which allowed players to transfer items to each other across the map and /backpack which gave extra inventory space. Penguin felt like these commands were not true to vanilla game-play and decided against implementing them. He wanted Purity to be a server that stayed pure to Minecraft's core mechanics and allowed for complete player freedom without hacks.

In the summer of 2019 Venture Vanilla dropped its rules altogether, becoming nearly full anarchy and allowing the use of hacked clients. This made Purity Vanilla the only server players could go to for the unique vanilla anarchy experience and heavily boosted its popularity. VV became known as the location where players would hang out at whenever Purity was offline or where they would kill time after being temp banned. Venture players were known to invade Purity from time to time as well but as they all used hacked clients they would be quickly banned. Eventually Venture Vanilla closed for good in early May of 2020.