Unity is a faction formed on the 23rd of April 2020. The current main goals are to further establish Unitarius and invoke trading relationships and alliances with numerous other factions on the server.

Unity's Founding

Unity was founded by EmeraldJaguar, more commonly known on the server as EJ, on the 23rd of April 2020. Two members joined on launch day: Tiger_Try and ACDC3783. The 3 travelled through the nether wasteland for many hours before finding a good spot to settle down, and when they did, they built Unity City, which still stands to this day.

Unity City

After arriving at a suitable location, ACDC established a few auto farms including an iron farm and farms for most crops. EJ spent his time building a large scale villager trading hall, which developed into more of an emerald factory. Whilst all of this was happening however, Tiger had fallen from a cliff in the nether and sent himself back to spawn due to not setting his spawn point at Unity City. Progress continued steadily until the end of May when the group decided to merge with an allied faction, The Council, due to EJ's new-found friendship with the member Lacksal. This was the last time EJ would see Unity City for many months.

New Beginnings

On the 23rd of April 2021, exactly one year after the faction was founded, Unity reformed and then merged with the small faction Yeomen. As of right now they are still sorting out the technicalities of the merge, however, in the future they plan to build and trade in harmony with other players and factions alike.

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