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TruffleTank was an influential player in the early days of Purity Vanilla, and a briefly mentioned legend today.

He is most well known for helping other players escape spawn, including the legendary JPMiner1206, where he took him to his base. JP wanted to build a redstone airship and go far away, but TruffleTank didn't, which eventually led them apart. TruffleTank also tried to help 2lazyguysplay find his base but when he had no success, led him back to his own base.

TruffleTank also built impressive outposts and had a one on one encounter with DouuG1 where he put up no fight and lost horribly. DouuG was kind and let him get his stuff back where he rode directly into a pit of lava on his donkey. You can still find TruffleTank in hiding on the server today, where he documents his travels.