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Thesto is a YouTuber that mainly focuses on PurityVanilla. He is known for popularizing the use of pieray on the server due to his Anarchy Adventures series on his channel. He is also known from his Elytra Quest and Fight Club series, which is the foundation of his Purity content.

PurityVanilla History

The Beginning

Thesto joined PurityVanilla for the first time on December 26, 2020 and logged after being killed by Mad_Skipper a few blocks away from 0,0. Thesto then rejoined the server a few days later and started exploring the spawn area. He ended up traveling approximately 90k blocks in the overworld and set up a base at some point along the way. This very first base slowly grew over the weeks, and a video tour was posted to Thesto's YouTube channel. The video was later deleted due to an exploit that allows players to find exact coordinates using block rotations (video by hacker mann explaining it).

YouTube Base & Elytra Quest

Operations Base

The operations base was used to record and publish Thesto's Elytra Quest series videos. The rules of the series were that he cannot base anywhere, even when not recording, until he obtains an elytra from The End without any assistance or the base is griefed and he is forced to move, whichever happens first. Thesto did manage to get the elytra during a Twitch livestream on August 1, 2021. During that stream, he used the /suicide command and was teleported back to spawn as a naked and went on a speedrun attempt from naked to elytra. There were two attempts made for this achievement, the first of which resulted in kyleywiley crystaling Thesto at spawn. Thesto got away from spawn and the stream snipers and continued his journey gearing up along the way. The stream lasted 8 hours and 21 minutes and featured a few other players coming to visit him during the journey. The condition of the base is currently unknown to the public.

PineconeLP vs Thesto

The operations base hosted a wooden hoe PvP fight vs Purity YouTuber PineconeLP. Both creators uploaded a video to their channels which can be found here: PineconeLP's video | Thesto's video. Some of the leftover hoes from the battle were placed at spawn and later discovered by daddyiscoming.

Elytra Quest

Thesto's bed at his very first base on PurityVanilla

In the first episode, Thesto managed to escape spawn using the -X highway and found a spot to build the operations base. In the intro, you can see the bed from his very first PurityVanilla base that was featured in a deleted video.

On February 24th, 2021, Thesto uploaded the fourth episode of the series. He met up with JamarcusJones who gifted him the Purity Elytra which Thesto then proceeded to lose in lava a few moments later. This was Thesto's first time using an elytra since his XBox360 days, never using an elytra with rockets before.

The finale episode is still yet to be uploaded but is expected to be released in early 2022. The episode will be using footage from the August 1, 2021 livestream where Thesto completed a naked to elytra speedrun.

Fight Club

Thesto's first Fight Club event was Fight Club 3. He lost that Fight Club but did have a PvP match against WhoIsHallux. Thesto was in iron armor and Hallux was in gold armor. Thesto did win this match but did not count it as a victory as the odds were in his favor. Hallux and Thesto would later rematch in a duals fight during Fight Club: IX.

Thesto has never won a Fight Club and has attended the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Fight Club events. A playlist to his Fight Club event videos can be found here.

Spawn Infrastructure Project

Thesto joined Spawn Infrustructure Project on March 11, 2021. On this day, he met with Jamool and obtained some obsidian to help work on the overworld highways. He used this obby to build the -X highway from 0,0 all the way to X: -10,000 with the help of M4ximusDMeridius. Thesto has been known to occasionally maintain the highway.

Fireproof nether trees were planted at spawn in part of Operation Trees, in which Thesto had participated and made a video covering the event. Approximately 3k-4k trees were planted at this time.

Content Cartel

On June 6, 2021, PurityVanilla's content creators Apersu, Yurd_Me, and Thesto created a faction called Content Cartel. The plan for the faction was to build a mega base on the server to use as a place to record and stream from with guest Irregular. Yurd had leaked coordinates and Satanxx came by to grief the base on July 14, 2021. The faction is no longer active.


Thesto was first seen using pieray on the server during his August 5, 2021 livestream. His first few base hunting streams were made into a video published on August 15, 2021.

On Sepetember 4, 2021, Thesto would go live with Apersu and find a Rakovan spawn base Ender Spawn Portal (ESP). They found the base when an ender chest showed up on the pieray in an ocean. Domagawha was watching the live stream at the time and discovered that Apersu and Thesto had found ESP. Rakovan sent Domagawha and Frrost to "handle the situation". Frrost arrived first and attacked Apersu. Apersu and Thesto logged, and the stream ended shortly after. Thesto posted a video of the discovery on September 19, 2021.

After these streams and videos, pieray became well known on the server, and some players got into a panic. Other players quickly picked up the method and have been using it to find bases on the server.

Rhino Point

Not having a base to call home, NerdieBirdie and Thesto set out to find a place to build a base. After extensive travel in finding the right spot, a mountain in the shape of a rhinoceros was discovered on September 27, 2021 and the two had started to build a base.

Project Massive Farm

A hint at Project Massive Farm in Thesto's "Top PurityVanilla Content of 2021"

Video coming soon.

Operation Trees: Regrowth

During the early morning hours of December 20, 2021, Thesto had organized an unofficial spawn project called Operation Trees: Regrowth with NerdieBirdie. Blualey helped participate in the event. The trio planted 2.3k fireproof nether trees within 500 blocks of 0,0. This project was executed to help replenish nether trees at spawn from SIP's Operation Trees.


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