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The Legion is a group that contains a diverse assemblage of players ranging from peaceful builders and technical players to pvpers. Official formation of the group can be marked by the name, "Legion", becoming the formal recognition of this relatively small group of players that existed on April 4th, 2020. This faction prides itself on being diversified minecraft players, allowing the group to immerse themselves into every aspect of the game within the server. The Legion has created bases with elaborate builds as well as many industrial sized farms in all realms of the game. Participation in community activities such as trading through The Legion General Store, pvp tournaments, griefing of spawn, and other events are some examples of the wide range of activities outside of base building that the group has been involved in.


Earliest Roots of The Legion

The dawn of creation for The Legion can be traced back to ProFresher's earliest days on the server. Soon after joining the server for the first time, ProFresher noticed the potential for starting his own faction as many players seemed to be searching for groups to call their home. This realization sparked an ongoing plan and adventure in order to create a lasting powerful faction on the server.

ProFresher knew that he had to become a well established player before inviting anyone to join him on this endeavor. That meant end raiding for elytra and shulker shells, finding a good spot for a long term base, and constructing essential and efficient farms. Knowing he was going to need some help he convinced his irl friend, dogsoldier7, to play on the server. The two ventured out to a starter base 50k from spawn where they would continue to gear up and prepare for finding a more secure place to set up hundreds of thousands of blocks away. Once their gear and supplies were adequate, they made way to an end portal.

The End Trip

ProFresher's first experience in the end was a nightmare. February and March were difficult times for the server itself, often times tps would drop below 10 and chunk loading seemed non-existent. While bridging from island to island determined to find his first elytra, ProFresher lagged off and fell into the void, subsequently losing all the gear he managed to collect.

Furious, he instantly regeared with iron armour and returned to the end with dogsoldier7, who also wearing iron armor afraid to lose his gear due to lag as well. As soon as they went through the end portal they were hunted by an invisible player, realizing they had no chance in a fight they tried to escape via the exit portal in the center of the end island. Just before they were about to go through, ProFresher got a message from the invisible player attacking him. The attacker was none other than Soosh (Anihia), a well known long time player. Soosh had remorse for attacking and asked what two iron players were doing in the end, ProFresher explained what had happened and thus a deal was formed. Soosh bartered with ProFresher, 1 elytra in exchange for 2 after ProFresher was done end raiding.

ProFresher quickly agreed to the terms and started to end raid. After acquiring close to a shulker of elytra and many stacks of shulker shells he was satisfied with his haul and thus completed the barter. To this day ProFresher acknowledges that Soosh was a key factor in quick starting The Legion. Based on the servers state during that time period, it would have taken ProFresher days of playtime to acquire the same amount of loot. Thus accelerating the efforts of ProFresher and dogsoldier7 to find a long term base spot.

Succeeding the end trip, the ProFresher and dogsoldier7 duo packed up everything they had in the newly obtained shulker boxes, filling both of their echests and inventory full and ventured to find a place they would later call Ravenna.

Foundation of The Legion

ProFresher and dogslodier7 traveled hundreds of thousands of blocks from spawn and finally decided upon a long term base spot positioned along a border of a mountain, roofed forest, plains, and swamp biomes. They quickly began building small houses for the two of them for basic storage and moved on to farms. ProFresher knew that essential farms had to be built before he could invite anyone else to join them as they would be great incentives for newer players. The first farms to be built were automatic sugarcane, bamboo, creeper, and iron farms around 3/01/2020. During this time another irl friend of ProFresher's, TheVinylSolution, joined the server and traveled to join him at this location. However both dogsoldier7 and TheVinylSolution both expressed that their time dedicated to the server would not be significant enough to formally call themselves a group. Knowing this ProFresher had to start recruiting as soon as possible. Convinced that he now had enough to offer other players, ProFresher started his search for members.

Both ProFresher's recruiting and member backed faction philosophies still hold true currently and would be explained, but due to the nature of the "anarchy" server it shall remain confidential to prevent insiding.

First Member Arrivals/ All Member Arrivals

Apart from dogsoldier7 and TheVinylSolution, the first member to arrive and join the group was DahtsMatt circa 3/05/2020. DahtsMatt built a massive dark oak mansion and a super smelter in his first days with the group.

Shortly after DahtsMatt's arrival Jade took the risk of joining forces with the group on 3/18/2020. Jade is still extremely active and a major part of The Legion to this day. Jade is the powerhouse of The Legion, creating massive builds that are iconic and unique to the server at Ravenna such as a massive mushroom house in which she used to reside. If the group needs a large area dug up, they know who to call. Other than ProFresher she is the eldest active member.

Ensuing the addition of Jade to the team Pleadthefifth struck up conversation with ProFresher and was promptly added to the faction. Pleadthefifth is known for his extremely elaborate terraforming.

On 3/30/2020 Loyal became a member of The Legion. Loyal was predominately a builder so he quickly built a large medieval style house and beautiful countryside landscape in the main area of Ravenna. Loyal's time with The Legion was cut short due to his ban for auto-fishing in the queue server. Unfortunately for Loyal, the rules of the main server apply to the queue as well.

Arount arrived to the group on 4/06/2020. Popularity of the group skyrocketed with Arount's arrival due to his entertaining Youtube channel. Arount was known within the group to be the ultimate grinder, seemingly going for days straight working on various projects such as a massive gold farm, trading hall, skeleton grinder, and more. The group would go to bed irl and wake up the next day with a massive new project finished by Arount regularly. Arount's Youtube channel is here.

Basicbaldieboy joined 4/09/2020 shortly after Arount. Basic contributed greatly to the group through his farm builds, redstone mastery, and stunning buildings. He is also a large member of the map art and trading community on the server. Without Basicbalidieboy The Legion General Store would not be what it is through his in-game work of organizing the inventory through a massively elaborate redstone storage system.

Both Julian419 and Tuejei joined on 4/10/20. Prior to their uniting with The Legion, ProFresher was doing a trade with TueJei and they quickly became friends through their talks. ProFresher asked TueJei if he would like to join him and the others in which TueJei responded that he had his own group with Julian419. After some talk for a couple of days the three decided to unite as one.

TueJei came to Ravenna and started to build a house in the woods. In the middle of construction TueJei suicided to spawn to complete a trade, however tragically his pearl stasis machine did not work so he became stuck at spawn, having to travel on foot all the way back to Ravenna, many thousands of blocks in the nether. Due to this event TueJei has instead become a top player in the queue server.

Julian419 is still one of the most active and important members of The Legion, contributing to practically everything the group does. Julian is highly involved in building, farms, trading, pvp, and running his own Purity Vanilla Lottery discord server, where players can buy tickets to have a chance to win large quantities of in-game items. He is credited as a diamond level trader (50 successful trades on the server), while also being a tremendous builder and pvp player. Julian is responsible for some of The Legion's most elaborate builds such as highly decorated trading halls and floating islands.

Within about a month The Legion amassed a total of 10 members. The players described above are considered to be the original members of The Legion. Many more very important players have joined since 04/10/2020, allowing The Legion to continue to make their impact on the server.

On 05/30/2020 SanHolo joined The Legion after ProFresher saw him at spawn and helped him out. A couple hours after they parted ways, SanHolo messaged ProFresher in-game, asking him to meet him on the nether highway. When they met SanHolo gifted close to a shulker of obsidian (servers preferred currency at the time) for helping him out. SanHolo then proceeded to take ProFresher to his starter base where ProFresher then asked him to join Legion. SanHolo quickly said yes and they proceeded to Ravenna where SanHolo would create some beautiful builds in a ravine and his house.

Rtaur joined The Legion on 06/29/2020 after playing solo on the server for some time. Rtaur quickly contributed to the group by leading the creeper farm project at The Legions new base, Pandora.

Eggrollsbro was added to the group on 07/02/2020 after his previous group, The Crusaders, disbanded. Jade was a trusted ambassador to The Crusaders so it was clear to the group that it would work out. Eggrollsbro is a very active member completing massive builds regularly such as a Burj Khalifa replica, an incredible storage room with an auto sorter, and more. Egg is commonly involved in server banter and trolls making him a very popular and known player on the server. The banter went so far as RobertDonald paying GlaceonGuy $70 to write a player page of Eggrollsbro on this wiki. Eggrollsbro can be referred to as the most profitable player in Purity Vanilla server history.

On 08/21/20 Stonepiano joined The Legion after TueJei put good a word in for him. TueJei recognized Stonepiano's name from a previous server they had played on and contacted him about Legion. Stonepiano was quickly voted into the faction based on TueJei's previous history with him and being an experienced pvper.

_S_E_V_ and aLAMF both joined The Legion on 09/17/20 and quickly rose through the ranks. Eggrollsbro, aLAMF, and _S_E_V_ all were previous members of the now broken up group, The Crusaders. Therefore after Eggrollsbro joined The Legion he quickly proposed that both aLamf and _S_E_V_ should be recruited for their skills and trustworthiness. In the short time they have been with The Legion they have built a spawn base for the whole group to use as well as helped build up the main base of Pandora greatly.

YY-Digz joined the faction on 09/28/20 as the newest member of The Legion.

Major Events

Establishing Ravenna

Ravenna is the first of many bases that The Legion constructed, founded on 03/01/2020 by dogsoldier7 and ProFresher. The location of the the base was situated between a multitude of biomes such as a roofed forest, mountain, plains, and swamp. The name Ravenna was voted on by the existing members on 04/17/2020. The name Ravenna originates from the capitol city in northern Italy during the Roman Empire in 402AD. This real life city was too located near swamplands. A small base tour video can be found here as it stood on 07/15/2020. Ravenna was built up with a medieval style featuring beautiful homes, industrial sized farms, and an elaborate yet decorative trading hall with every useful trade.

Legion General Store

As the group finished more and more industrial sized farms and had been very successful in player trades, The Legion decided to create a General Store through the Purity Trading Hub discord server. The Legion General store sold practically everything useful and valuable within the game of minecraft, hence the name general store. Items ranging from gsets to maparts, The Legion was selling it. Basicbaldieboy constructed a massive storage system for what the group sold. Using his redstone expertise the storage system displayed the stock of every item they sold making the process extremely efficient and thus profitable. Although after about a couple months of running the store, The Legion members got bored of meeting the demand of everyone contacting them for items because it held them back from doing other projects on the server. Due to this the Legion General Store has been archived.

Establishing Pandora

With Ravenna becoming boring for the group as practically everything that can be built was built, The Legion sought new opportunities. Pandora is the newest of Legion's bases and currently being expanded as it is now their main base. Pandora is located in a exquisite landscape offering them great build opportunities. At the time of founding Pandora, The Legion was much more established and organized allowing Pandora to be better planned than Ravenna.

The group has agreed that Pandora will be their main base for as long as possible, so therefore no images of the base will ever be shared publicly except for screenshots within buildings that do not show any revealing information to base hunters.

Well Pandora was griefed lol will post screenshots of builds soon.

The Finding of Ravenna

Coincidentally not long after the group left Ravenna for Pandora, Ravenna was found by RobertDonald, The Legion moved to Pandora a couple weeks before , this granted base hunters the power of using terrain and block rotation techniques in order to find bases using screenshots. A player in The Legion had a picture of the trading hall posted publicly and that is where the nether portal of the griefer had been created confirming the method of how Ravenna was found. After quickly noticing the leaked coords in chat by the griefer, Legion members used pearl stasis machines to travel from Pandora back to Ravenna. They gathered up the remaining valuables (not much since they had already moved weeks prior) and proceeded with self griefing and water cubing iconic builds.

During the gathering of valuables and self griefing the base hunter logged in to the server and was quickly met by ProFresher and Jade sparking a chase that ensued. Due to the base hunters terrible flying abilities, Jade and ProFresher were following the player through the air with ease all while shooting him with bows and hitting him with swords. The base hunter subsequently logged off the server right in front of the two before he was slain like a coward. The two quickly trapped the location with obsidian and lava and waited the player out, only for the base hunter to not log back in for hours maybe even days like the coward he is.

Unique/ Iconic Builds by Legion Members (Pictures Coming Soon)

Jade's Mushroom- Water cubed at Ravenna

ProFresher Castle- Water cubed at Ravenna

Ravenna Trading Hall (Griefed)

Ravenna trading hall after TNT and wither by RobertDonald, but before lavacast.

Current Events/ Future

Legion's plans for their future on the server were rapidly cut short. In late November, an incident occurred regarding Legion member eggrollsbro. His outright vile actions towards underage children on the server had been discussed for several months, with Legion members denying all claims that he would ever attempt to groom a child. However, the efforts of those such as GlaceonGuy and Caudimorda would stir a huge public outcry, including many hard-proof examples whereby eggrolls knew that a child was underage and yet still flirted with them, including an instance of upgrading several underage children in return for learning their breast sizes. Legion member Julian419 was finally convinced to go and look at the proof. Apalled at what he found, he sent the evidence to the rest of Legion, who were similarly disgusted. ProFresher called for a meeting between the most trusted and important members of the group. Elaboratejade, aLAMF, Julian419 and ProFresher finalized that eggrollsbro needed to be kicked immediately. They all agreed. Afterwards, Julian had decided he no longer wanted to be associated with the group, and rightfully so as harrassment from the entire server was constant. Although no other Legion member took part in eggrolls actions they all felt the consequences immensely through harrassment from server members. Julian defected from Legion by bedtrapping YY-DigZz, and proceeding to steal the majority of Legion's elytra wealth (At least 20 shulkers of elytra) and fled their base. Eggrolls has not been seen online since this event.

Not long after, GlaceonGuy was told that it was in fact Legion members who had doxxed his personal info and sent it to multiple people in discord DMs. Furious, he started a crusade against them in server chat ensuring that the entire server would know that this is what their group did, convincing stonepiano to leave their faction for good. After several weeks of once again denying allegations, ProFresher and ElaborateJade imparted the truth to Glaceon - it was aLAMF who had doxxed him. The doxxing had occured before eggrollsbro had been kicked from Legion - 22nd October 2020, to be exact, followed by eggrollsbro's exposure and kicking occuring in early December 2020. LAMF had doxxed Glaceon due to Glaceon's perpetual attempts to out eggrollsbro as a pedophile. After being sent the proof from their Legion discord server, aLAMF was permanently banned for doxxing.

Legion, although once having considered themselves to be 'one of the strongest factions on the server', now sits as mere couple of players wandering around the landscape. Currently, they still exist, but are only barely active.