The Jakeolith


The Jakeolith has risen, his mighty eyes gaze over all of us, his light reaches every corner of our world. Repent. Repent is the only salvation. His disciple, Jake7625, tried to warn us, he tried to make us open our eyes and see his light, if we all praised him, maybe he would stop what is to come, but it is too late, the prayers were not enough. The day of reckoning grows near.

However, to spare the server of what was to come, Jake7625, constructed the Jakeolith, a hulking copy/paste, stacked monument in Jake's image. At the top, Jake7625 spoke to him. He said, "spare the good people of this server, they will all believe in and praise your glory and light eventually." Jake was merciful, but in exchange for salvation, the Jakeoith shall be used as a vessel for Jake so he may monitor the progress of his disciple and silently watch over his land.

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