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The Grey is one of the oldest, still present factions on the server, founded on November the 9th 2019. The list of members changes over time, people come and go, but the group is always active.

The main goal of the Grey is to improve the server by maintaining Highways and building near spawn. Their secondary objective is to build the faction's wealth. In the past, the faction was also known for its many griefs and spawn camping by some members. But now both the member list and the head has completely changed and so did their policies.

The Grey does not recruit, but if you're looking to be a spawnkeeper you can always participate in Spawn Infrastructure Project.


The Grey was founded in early November as a faction for greys, who were heavily mistreated throughout the Purity Vanilla community. The first base, waypoint Alpha, was founded by four members: DrNemo, MrFair, Zachiino, and Tarqshark.

Waypoint Alpha

First Grey base, founded on November the 10th. The list of members grew bigger and bigger and the base was built up quickly. Pildash joined in the early days of the base. It is also known that rocky was a part of Alpha. Soon the base was left to establish a new one far from spawn.

Around this time MrFair came to the +z world border (November the 13th) leaving a prototype version of the Grey banner on it. Over time he will visit all the borders at all dimensions and leave Grey marks on them.

The Grey High Quarters

Founded 4 days after Alpha, at November the 14th. The Grey was still very young so this base had a lot of minor farms and a lot of small and some big builds like the valley of Grey statues, a giant windmill, etc.

Unlike Alpha, HQ was an active base for a long period of time and grew big over the months.


This base was established shortly after HQ by Zachiino, who became bored and wanted to have a spawn base with a couple newcomers. Not much is known about it since it was a small base built long time ago. For a long time it was forgotted by everyone, until Tarqshark mentioned it to Jamool.

Grief of Jake

Following the Temple of Jake being griefed by Elmoists on 26 November 2019, DrNemo90 was given coordinates to the temple. DrNemo90 sent MrFair and Zachiino to the base on the 27th, and the two destroyed the remaining buildings, leaving a large sign reading "The Greys"

Short-lived Greys of founder period bases

YeahItsRico was for some time a part of early Grey. He was banished after an attempt to grief Waypoint Alpha as one of the suspects (even today he denies this grief).

Junda also tried himself in this faction.


This waypoint was founded at November the 15th and had only one member in it, Maximus, who stopped playing after some time. It was never developed into a big base, but instead much later was used as a place to send not very well trusted Rblxnoob and Sammy in. Sammy was bedtrapped here in March the 9th after being banished (for being overly annoying) and leaking coordinated of Viktini.


In early December 2019 Maximus established a town exactly at 0.0, low y. Vegetable patches were worked in in a place which today people are afraid to even be at.

Old Council Era

At this point typical Grey hierarchy was established: there was a strong core of Council members with their main base in a safe distance, new recruits in spawn bases and people of various level of trust in several safe bases, smaller than the main one, but still impressive. New players who gained trust were promoted from spawn bases to safe bases and eventually some of them joined main base or were appointed waypoint leaders of safe/spawn bases.

Spawn Base 1

(later used acronym — SB)

The origin of the base is lost in time. It is known that SB1 was not that successful, the only useful member that came out of it was Lotto, who would later work on Viktini and design the Grey official banner. Oj organized his fellow Greys well and got promoted to a Waypoint leader for it. There are no screenshots left of this truly ancient base. GrandmaPepe was a guest here.


Founded February the 4th 2020. Lott007 was the main builder here, but the entire Council added to the base. Later Sammy was promoted here from SB2. Much later (a month or two before grief) Rblx and Jamool were promoted here and added builds/farms. It was griefed in March 20th 2020.


This base was a village built on a mountain. Most of the houses were done by OJ, who also greeted the newcomers and looked after the base in general. Founded in January, griefed in February the 9th. Known members: Sammy, Rblx, matiejas, Jamool, OJ + guest GrandmaPepe. WinterB0rn had an anonymous alt (that the recruits weren't aware of) staying at SB2 so he could work on projects without gaining attention. Jamool joined the base 2 days before the grief but worked so much so that he almost doubled the village size, which impressed the Council.

Battle for SB2

OJ and GrandmaPepe fought the griefer (Black Sun Empire) for about an hour. This fight consisted of the griefer constantly logging out every 60 seconds. This was at a time of extreme lag, so this worked for the griefer and he eventually got away. A truly epic MC battle.


The biggest and most influential spawn base. The founders of the base are Jamool, Rblx, TewtyFruity and Dj0. Founded on February 11th. After SB2 grief there was a poll asking if the base should be above or below ground. 7 people voted above and 1 below, but Jamool (voted below) was the only recruit who actually showed up at the new place and started construction (after OJ layed a foundation day before it). As a result, SB3 was built underground. SB3 was built into a mineshaft and was slowly upgraded from a generic MC structure to a set of halls with high ceiling and numerous detailed personal rooms. GrandmaPepe was a guest here. Popcat tried to bribe Jamool promising elytra for SB3 coords but was ignored.

First generation

Base tour video [1] The active playerbase of SB3's first generation were 4 people: rblx, Jamool, TewtyFruity and dj0. RblxNoob and Jamool got both promoted to Viktini (dj wasn't technically promoted but went to Vik anyway as Jamool's irl friend). After that SB3 was low on active people, so Jamool decided to bring new blood to the base. 2nd wave started coming on February the 24th. Several builders worked on the base, which attracted the attention of older members. Jackpilch started his way as the Grey at SB3, which became his first-ever home at a MC multi-player server. The base got a lot bigger and got an automated secret entrance. During that time SB3 was active 24/7 due to players from different time zones. It was a golden age of SB3 and an apex of grey spawn bases overall.

Second generation

Base tour video [2] Known members: Rblx, Jamool, OJ, Needle, Jack, Tewty, Wedgo. Also: Sokushi, fckchris, LyF, nomoreparachutes, supagamma01, Healthy Carrier, Tdrone, BingeShooter.


It all came to end when recently invited Wedgo came up with an idea to make tours at spawn base without notifying anyone. He brought in a griefer at March 19th after which was immediately kicked out of the Grey.

SB3 stood near spawn for several months and was a place where a lot of people met and played MC together. It created valuable memories and became a local legend. Here's a process of reconstruction of SB3 at Classic Survival's end dimension by Jack, Frontier and HealthyCarrier:

Grief Of Cuby Town

On 3 March 2020, Tarqshark was sent to scout potential coordinates to MrCuby's spawn base know as Cuby Town. Upon Tarqshark's arrival he was happy to see that the coordinates he was given were legit. He immediately informed the Grey Council and asked whether to destroy the base then or wait for a later time. The Council decided that as the base was so small, there was no point waiting. Tarq grabbed one stack of tnt from his echest and started to destroy the base. Once Cuby Town was in ruins, he left a wither named "Glory to Grey", proclaiming their dominance over the small base.

Attack on Invicta

The exact date of this event is unknown, but it happened around the time of SB3 existence. The original Grey Council (Nemo, Tarq, Pildash, Zach and OJ) infiltrated Invicta and got the coordinates of Providentia. Tarqshark pretended to leave the group and asked to join Invicta. RasmusB let Tarq into Invicta. After giving Tarq a tour of Providentia, RasmusB, Kiddu, and Carl relocated the valuables from the base and destroyed the entirety of Providentia themselves.

Fall of The Grey King


On 18 March 2020, DrNemo was permanently banned for using ESP, his third ban on the server. A day after that SB3 would also fall. Tarqshark would succeed him as leader of The Grey.


SB3 was a home for a lot of people. Faction decided to give a new shelter only to trustworthy, leaving many behind. Some of them would join Confederacy and therefore become a part of later Grey-Confederacy war. FrontierJustice, Jamool (now council), Tarqshark, OJ, Healthy Carrier and Needle moved to older Grey bases, Waypoint Alpha and HQ, building on their way. Second generation added to them half a year after the first.

The Raid on Slough

"the castle was originally made by an old player called XIIIOspec, we then decided to reconvert it to a farm nearby, however, the landscape and farms were atrocious, so we named the base Slough in reference to the industrial English city of Slough. Notable for its many farms and confusing levels, as well as its hideous architecture." -Anthrax, former leader

On Sunday night, an anonymous source gave The Greys the coordinates to the main confederacy base "Slough". The following morning, the greys (Pildash, Tarqshark, Needle, Oj, Jamool, and Jack) flew to the nether cords and began the grief, and stole all the player heads and shulkers scattered around the base. Once it was in ruins the group placed 4 withers labelled “Glory to Grey” alongside 3 grey banners.

2020-04-07 13.40.12.png
2020-04-08 11.37.07.png

Griefing of Warp Base

Warp base was an old private base of rblxnoob, John and others, the main purpose of it was resting and potion making for other members in the faction. It was also used as a temporary home for members of Greenland after the Valhalla grief.

Once Slough was in ruins, the council (Tarq, Needle, Jack, Oj, Jamool, and Pildash) asked rblxnoob for coordinates to Warp base to further weaken the confederacy. Once rblx found the old cords the council and rblx travelled there to grief the base. They used about 6 stacks of T.N.T, flooded the halls with lava, and left their signature calling card - a wither named “Glory To Grey”.

Greifing of Thorninguard/Bunker

Once these two griefs were completed several members from the confederacy started to message Tarq trying to figure out who leaked Slough. Three members stood out particularly interested in finding the leaker (Pink, Rico, and Wii). Wii messaged Tarq on discord saying he will give up Thorninguard (Rico’s main base) coordinates in exchange for the leaker of Slough. Tarq knew The Grey would never tell them the leaker's name so he played along. Wii, not getting the info she wanted on the leaker got annoyed and posted Thorninguard coordinates in public chat on the discord. The Greys immediately headed there, on the journey there one of the members died due to lag (Jack) and was sent back to spawn. Upon arrival, they noticed how small the base was and resorted to using flint and steel to burn all the wooden houses. They then headed to the bunker which Rico was unaware they had info on. Wii sent a screenshot of Thorninguard earlier in the week showing a waypoint to the bunker. The greys got to the general location of the bunker and still couldn’t find it, and were about to give up when Tarq decided to message Rico saying he knew the general location and just asked him to give him exact cords. Rico agreed only if the Grey left his cat alive, The greys agreed and destroyed the final base of the journey leaving the confederacy and Rico in ruins and crippled. A few days, later, several of the grey's own bases were griefed by Warvan and other members of the confederacy. Following this act of retaliation, the Grey and the reformed/merged Confederacy were locked in a stalemate, with primary bases Odyssey and PunkTowns I-III respectively, all still standing. The conflict is somewhat resolved however, with the Confederacy merging with Empire.

2020-04-09 01.04.58.png
2020-04-09 01.49.13.png

Time of troubles

While council made a lot of attacking moves on Confederacy and griefed quite a few of their bases, things were not going well for lower ranked Greys. After losing a leader and the most populated SB3 faction took more hits when Alpha and HQ fell to an insider (BingeShooter, main: Itzfreaks). This was a very hot 2020 April. During that time a lot of players moved to Classic (another server similar to Purity Vanilla) due to Purity’s stable low TPS. DrNemo chose this server to continue playing after ban at Purity. Greys and Chads, long-time allies, melted into one in a new Classic megabase. Frontier and Jamool chose to continue playing on Purity, while OJ, Needle, Tarq and Jack got busy establishing at another server.

SB4 + Eberon

During low-TPS decline of Purity remaining Greys continued to explore spawn and decided its time to resume Spawn Base tradition. SB4 was founded on April 11th by Jamool, Frontier, Rblx and new recruits Assassin and VQnation.

Over time new members have proven that they are good for a team, so a new safe waypoint, Eberon, was founded. It was a small village leading to a mountain inside which there was a growing city. Unfortunately, just after a month council decided to exile Rblx, who was a member of a base, therefore it was abandoned. Months later Eberon was used to test a new recruit Deoxon, who failed a test and was not accepted into a main team. Eberon was self-griefed by Council after that. Unfortunately, only a few screens of the base survived to this day.

As you can see, Rhonor got the coordinates after self-grief and added a bit to the base.


Months to come were slow and uneventful. Greys and Chads united at Odyssey after grief of Chad’s main base, but it slowly became evident that most Greys prefer to keep being a separate faction. SB5 was founded as a storage and meeting room for Grey-Chad alliance. Moeana and PurpleCacti (both very recently accepted), VQ, Vivid, Needle, Tarq, Frontier, OJ (becoming more and more inactive) and Jamool were members of this base.

Odyssey Siege

On 7/23/2020 Empire members suicided to spawn. This put Grey/Chad/DB members on high alert when they saw this, because they knew they were either gonna raid Odyssey or Dungmark. The 3 forces set-up to prepare for an attack on either base. As the Chads and Grays waited they saw members get achievements while traveling in the nether. On Empire's journey the leader, ItzFreaks, was banned due to using player radar. Shortly after ItzFreaks was banned Tarqshark logged on to check odyssey,. Once he was online Tarkshark flew over odyssey and saw empire at the base, In response, Tarqshark immediately told the greys/chads to log on and fight. Rag (chadlet's top fighter) and Mr_Adams (Greys top fighter) flew into the chaos and began the onslaught. Rag took on Empire's best fighter BoomBoy while Tarqshark and Adams took on their weaker links.

The fight was very messy for both sides. Chads/Greys being unprepared to fight (low on crystals/pots) while empire being interrupted by the defenders. Cuby died to his own wither while already being low on health because of attack by Adams. Tarqshark attacked cicada making him log, warvan (on VPN) died due to fall damage. As the fight raged on Adams was crystaled boom boy, this led to Rag and Tarqshark to leave the base since there wasnt much point to defend it anymore. The damage was done and insurmountable. The loot was minimal for empire stealing only a handful of shulkers and a 11x11 spwn map made by Jamool. The biggest take away was taking down one of the most sought after bases on purity. Odyssey finished construction on Decemeber 24th, 2019. Odyssey was home to high ranking grey members such as, DrNemo90, Tarqshark, OjOrangeJuice, Zachiino, and Mr.Fair1493.

The Aftermath

Luckily, nothing of value was stolen from Odyssey due to the base being stripped clean of wealth prior to the 1.16 nether update. The Greys and Chads thought it would be best if they parted way and make two separate bases, while still remaining strong allies. NeedleRW and Jamool would lead the greys to a new main base. While Tarqshark would go with the chads to make a new base called "The Scarlet Keep". The end of Odyssey also marked an end to Grey-Chad merged faction, as they returned back to allies status. Concerned with lack of good leadership after Nemo’s ban, Needle offered himself as a candidate for the head of the Grey and was approved by all the Grey members.

R.I.P. Odyssey


Oceanic was founded on July the 12th 2020 (12.07.20) shortly after fall of Odyssey. During that time The Grey was in decline, losing first council members. Some became inactive, some were banned, some joined Chadlets. It was not clear who griefed Odyssey and this caused conflicts between Oj, Pildash, Tarqshark and Jackpilch, all of who would leave the faction as well. Yet, some members remained hopeful. Needle, Moeana, Jamool, Frontier and Purplecacti were all building creative structures and farms. Oceanic was home for various Moeana's projects such as Ice Castle, abandoned Dungeon and Mooshroom Villa. Needle and Cacti took over small island and built Fortnite battle bus and takeoff strip, while Jamool created ancient ruins island and medium-sized mansion full of cats. The whole group together, including Tarqshark, participated in building GP farm, Gold farm, some nether farms and other practical MC necessities. Oceanic was griefed in September the 21th 2020 (21.09.20), surviving only one season. Following base's downfall, Tarqshark left the group. He did that because he thought that Oceanic's demise is caused by someone chasing him as he had many enemies on server during this time and he didnt want to endanger the faction any more by his own presence. This was the last link in the long chain of members leaving The Grey in this era.

New Council

After the fall of Odyssey, the faction dramatically changed. The Grey is a faction that outlived its founding fathers. DrNemo, MrFair, Zachiino, Tarqshark and OJ, the first Grey Council, were not part of the Grey anymore, yet the group was still full of motivations. The New Grey were more than ever focused on bringing life to spawn and helping newcomers. Griefing, insiding and aggressive behavior are not encouraged anymore. After a long, silent period of building a new main base the faction tried to re-establish itself as spawnkeepers.


Founded on November 22th. FrontierJustice invited his friend, DigDug, into this base after Dig’s base (shared with Melofors) was griefed by Sunshine. The base quickly grew. Needle, PurpleCacti, Frontier, Waterbugboy and Jamool helped building the base. AlphaTesting and BlackCat were the first recruits. The base fell at early December 2020. Ironically, DigDug, the person that this base was originally created for and who built about a half of it leaked coordinates of it to Alaff, a person who griefed his previous base.

No screenshots survived.


Founded 04 December 2020. Current members: Waterbug, Deathwish, BlackCat, Frontier and Jamool. Left on December 11, members moved to base on a safe distance. Griefed on late January. There were withers called "Glory to Eden" there. Eden denies that grief.


This base was found in mid December 2020 as a place to play with new members. It was a first base of D1cka where he made a couple of farms and builds. New russian highways builders (pvl/deathwish and black cat) contributed as well. Several council members (needle, frontier, moe, jamool) joined the fun as well. The base was a small fishing village near a shore. Further in the ocean there was a gold farm, small villager hall, and some other tech projects. Knoss was alive for a couple weeks, until pvl left mc because of work and black cat got eventually banned for using a self-made account. This base is still not griefed, so there wont be any screenshots so far.


The Grey are now busy building more bases and improving spawn infrastructure (see: Spawn Infrastructure Project), partly together with PaCo 2. D1cka_D1cka, who was working on PaCo when Greys joined the highway building, was especially active at the roads and eventually received an offer to join The Grey for his great work and activity.

After successfull launch of Obsidian Roads (part of SIP) GamingPartridge (OwO) presented The Grey a map art.

End expansion

At January 24th 2021 the end was expanded 4 times in surface area. The Grey members were the first people at all the new end corners. During long and boring grind faction got many shulkers of new elytra.

Qin Shi

Founders: Honzin, Polybius, Norlak, OverallHalf, Frontier, Waterbug. Founded on February the 1st 2021.

Qin Shi was named by Norlak after “Qin Shi Huang”, one of the China emperors of the Qin Dinasty, who continued the construction of the Chinese Great Wall. The base was established as a safe location for new promising SIP members who were active at building nether obsidian roads. After scouting work of Honzin, players stablished themselves in a suiting area to develop fundations. Growth of the base was incredible for only 7 irl days of work, having constructed almost all the farms needed for being self-sufficient. Except the completition of a trading hall. On February the 9th 2021 the base was compromised, and in a quick effort locals managed to move in less then 3 hours. The base ended up being short-lived, but it was very succesfull in showing Grey members who they should involve more into faction business.

Fun fact: during that time Norlak designed banner of Spawn Infrastructure Project


Patala was founded in September the 21th 2020 (21.09.20). This base was established with great care over security, nether presence of previous base was recognized as a mistake. Founder members were the same as for Oceanic, except Tarq was not a member of the Grey any more. Patala in Indian mythology is an endless abyss, this name was chosen because the base was built underground. Using several beacons, members cleared out wide space and made a decorated big cave with personal houses. Purplecacti lead construction of gold farm, while Moeana took over all the other farms with endless energy. Iron farm, turtle farm, villager halls, flower farm and many more were created by him with some occasional help of other members. Eventually Moe stopped paying that much attention to MC to concentrate on his studies instead. The Grey were bathing in material wealth during that time. Conflicts have also died out, as well as hostility towards the group from some players outside faction. The Grey was smaller then ever at 5 members, but everyone felt refreshed and motivated. This era was a start of Greymart and SIP. The Grey, now established and powerful, began recruiting new people. Netherite ingots flew into Patala, first designs on nether highways were tried out, spawn bases were established with promising recruits. Thanks to measures that group has taken to hide Patala from the outside world, it survived long enough to see several other Grey bases built. It became new Council's high quarters, where they met to store relics and wealth and be pearled to other locations. Eventually Spawn Infrastructure Project was greatly upgrated by DickaDicka's obsidian farm, which enabled start of construction of obsidian highways in the nether (for details read Spawn Infrastructure Project). Many people joined that project, and best of them became new members, who built a base even bigger and better then Patala. Unfortunately, nothing stays forever in anarchy. One day Patala was discovered by chance in overworld. Explorer stole some wealth, but tried to negotiate access to farms in exchange for keeping base safe. The offer was declined and Patala was self-griefed in April the 29th 2021 (29.04.21). 7 months is a good age for a base in Purity, and members of The Grey would cherish memories of it.

Video of Patala self-grief: [3]

Via Appia

Via Appia was founded on February the 12th by Honzin, Norlak, Big Mike, FrontierJustice, D1cka, WaterBug and Opular. All of them, except for Frontier (who just likes to explore different places), were SIP veterans, not part of a faction. 5 core Grey members decided to make a new base with those nice people, and it was not a mistake. Via Appia is the first major Roman road, connecting Rome and 2nd biggest Roman city of this age. New base has its name because it was established during Obby Roads time. Appia turned out to be a modern city with lots of roads connecting all the houses and skyscrapers. The area was growing very fast, in just 2 months outgrowing Patala, Grey capital of the time. D1cka has built a giant ship as a storage and added entire harbor to it, Opular and Frontier added their builds to the city, and Norlak constructed countless number of structures, even establishing AppiaLand fantasy district with some help from WaterBug. Mike, Honzin, Norlak and Dicka were also active in building farms. GP, slime, gold, iron, villager's inputs, bones, wool, flowers and even more were produced in this great base. During several months Norlak, Honzin and Jamool ventured abroad to established a couple bases with Hallux, founder of FightClub. They had the same peaceful spawn/base builder mentality and so became friends. Time passed, and in July 2021 Hallux officially became part of the Grey, joining Via Appia, where now all the members of the grey lived. After fall of Patala this base became home not only for new members, but for Grey council as well. Griefed in early September 2021 due to a leaked screenshot with a waypoint.

September split

In early September 2021 Honzin, Hallux and Norlak left The Grey to join Dung Beetles. It was done due to loss of activity in The Grey and internal disagreements. Jamool also joined DB, but along with that remained in The Grey.