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The Entente was a small clan with the aims of creating a small but stable presence on the Purity Vanilla Server. The successor to Nordica, the members of the Entente planned on doing the things that those involved in Nordica never had the chance to do - to build.


After the fall of Nordica, most of those within the clan quit the server, with the exception of KeirIsEpic, Senddoes, and Kuro_exe(Kuro would quit the server eventually anyway). The Entente was started but soon fell apart after Keir bed trapped Kuro and Senddo deciding to flee to one of his personal bases. Klaver quit temporarily due to the fact that school had started just as the events of the big raid unfolded.

As a result, Klaver couldn't play Minecraft for a period of about two months. After his brief absence, Klaver_ rejoined the server, stuck at spawn, with no gear and with no access to his ender chest. Determined, he stayed off the server for a week and voted every day until he had a nice set of pork chops for himself and took to the highways - finding himself 500 blocks away from spawn after entering an intact portal. As Klaver began playing and conversing with those in the chat, a player by the name of WinterB0rn asked Klaver for his coordinates so that he could give Klaver some gear.

Klaver_, with nothing else to lose, gave him his coordinates and set up a bed in a pit so that if Klaver were killed he could grab whatever he didn't take and move on. To Klaver's total surprise, WinterB0rn held his promise of giving Klaver gear, going beyond his expectations by giving him a shulker with a vanishing set of god armor, two enchanted diamond picks, 16 ender pearls, an enderchest, and a diamond sword. WinterB0rn then flew off and left Klaver to his devices. Emboldened by his luck and happy that a player helped him in a random act of charity, Klaver continued to walk - far past the original location of Ferguson.

It was around this time Klaver ran into KeirIsEpic. Glad to see each other again, Keir gave Klaver an elytra and 8 shulker shells, and when asked if he was interested in teaming once again, Keir accepted. After some more traveling, Klaver found a location he deemed suitable for the creation of his and Keir's new base - Clipper Cove. By this point, Klaver learned of Senddoes's presence on the server and invited him to come to stay with Klaver and Keir.

Almost all of the builds on one clear shot.

Klaver and Keir jointly built a network of catacombes under the base. Actually those catacombes would serve as the functional base for the whole existence of the Entente because the rest of the base didn't evolve. Then there was a tutorial hut built by Keir below the cliff and on that very cliff stood the prowess of the base, Send's watchtower. There was a medieval bridge connecting to another island, also by Senddoes, along with a zombie grinder.

Dung Beetles

Shortly after the group had gotten together, Senddoes and Keir grew bored of staying at Clipper Cove because of Klaver's inactivity and left to go meet up with Snakob and the rest of the Beetles further away from spawn. A few months later Klaver would eventually also join them at their base. The Entente was no longer an independent entity, rather, a part of the Dung Beetles.