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The Elmo Union was a faction on Purity Vanilla that aimed to spread the word of their lord and savior, Elmo. The Union was established on May 22, 2019 by iSTiNO and mrska999. The main base is called "The Temple" it was founded by mrska999 and itsliszecq.


Original base

The faction was founded on May 22, 2019, by iSTiNO and mrska999, the day they both began playing on the server. They decided to call it the "Elmo Union" as they wanted an "epic retard name" for it. Their base was supposed to be a small bunker, but after two new players were added, they journeyed in the Nether to establish a new base, The Temple. More players joined, and the base grew quickly due to the hard work of Palsken and mrska999. The base included slime chunks, automatic farms, a railway system, sleeping quarters, and more. The biggest room in The Temple was the Holy Elmo Shrine, the biggest place of pilgrimage for people who believe in The Holy Elmo, or followers of Elmoism. They follow The Elmo Bible, a 15-page book which is currently in the possession of mrska999.

The 'Destroy Elmo Union'

The Destroy Elmo Union, or DEU, was created by Myth on July 12, 2019, and only lasting up until the 13th. It was started for no apparent reason, other than not realizing the ironic name was, surprisingly, ironic.

It was joined by a few players, Aggie142 being the most devoted, with members from Passione, including iCodeViper, Actzol, and TipTopBop. Another user by the name of Muffin_101 joined, who in fact was working with the Elmo union all along, undercover. The group tried to locate the base based on what limited info they had, it being underground and within a certain distance from spawn.

It didn't take long for the members of Passione to give up and realize there was no real reason to hate the Elmo union and leak the conversation. This formed an alliance with Passione. Overall, the DEU was the definition of a failure, with them not ever finding enough information about the base to find it. Aggie and Myth ended up making fools of themselves as did any of the other members in the DEU.

Lost to time

The Elmo Union disbanded soon after medscend left, and Snakob formed Boom Roasted! along with Nucami, as they both left at the same time. iSTiNO and Mrska999 are still frequently seen playing on the server and have since joined The Varden.


A YouTube video uploaded on September 10, 2019, was made by mrska999 describing the Union's history, which can be found [here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nWxDHmdTCQ].