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The Cum Cauldron is the most common name of a cauldron sitting on the southern end of the queue map, and serves as an idol for greys, whites, and ranked players alike, as they scramble to see who can get inside the cauldron. The cauldron was placed by the benevolent XxBoonexX, who felt pity for the newfags sitting in the queue and placed the cauldron and jukebox as a sign of his benevolence. Currently, efforts are being made to fit up to 4 people into the cauldron at once. 4 people have been fit into cauldrons several times, and the queue record is 5.


The first cauldron was placed by Boone as a feature for his gas chamber that was used to massacre hundreds during the April 19 Holocaust. Amidst the genocide, WheresColdex made sure that only he would inhabit the cauldron, which ended up likely being the sole reason he survived wave after wave of Boone's lava onslaught. After the dust had settled, Boone was hanging with Itzfreaks in the sky with a jukebox, then teleported WheresColdex to sit in a new "Sky Pot," prompting Itzfreaks to suggest Coldex change his name to WheresCauldron. The original Sky Pot and jukebox can still be seen above the queue lobby to this day. On 4/20, The ever-gracious Boone teleported WheresCauldron to where he had installed the greatest cauldron that the queue server has seen, which can be viewed sitting atop the western tower in the lobby. The next day a publicly accessible cauldron was placed, most likely because of WheresCauldron (Cauldron) and of Itzfreaks (Jukebox).

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