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"my dad hit me" ― MrCuby

The Cubestapo was established in early March 2020 by jama2ta with approval from MrCuby himself, it was originally founded in response to the anti-cuby movement that was rapidly growing both in power and size. It served as MrCuby's secret police and its initial purpose was to get rid of MrCuby's enemies and possible threats to the new Cubytown as the previous one sadly met its demise. But the Cubestapo didn't only serve under MrCuby, it instead grew so powerful it managed to almost take complete control over MrCuby's regime.

Suffering from Success

Soon after the Cubestapo's founding, it started to grow immensely in size which in the end would, unfortunately, lead both to its rise and fall, the large influx of members was overwhelming and poorly regulated which resulted in a secret anti-cubyist posing as a fellow cubyist slipping into the Cubestapo's ranks. This anti-cubyist was AcneChrist, he had gained MrCuby's and the Cubestapo's trust over time which led to him rising through the ranks and becoming a powerful member of MrCuby's regime. As he rose through the ranks he had been given coordinates to the second Cubytown, but AcneChrist decided to hold onto the coordinates for some time to let the town grow in size, then eventually he decided it was time to leak the coords. First he gave beneboy the coords there, then beneboy passed on the coords to The Grey who then blew Cubytown to bits.

Cubytown after the grief