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The Crusaders is a fairly new, peaceful faction focused on building and community.

It all started during the Covid-19 pandemic in real life, it's become a safe haven for those who are from all over the world to find friendship, acceptance and empowerment, currently based at Antioch.

The greatest asset of the Crusaders isn't spawn killing, pride, or real life insecurities brought into a block game... but loyalty, trust and friendship. The Crusaders oppose any toxic talk and will stand up for justice in a world full of douchebags and cocky kids. F*** EM. Anyways.... Moving on...


From Grey to Greytness

It all started with a player that went by the name of eggrollsbro. Having not played since the release of the first version of minecraft, eggrollsbro decided to try out his luck in the spawn of Purity and it was harsh. With no clients of any kind and a little bit of advice from mc youtubers, he took off on an adventure to find a place to set up his base. It took 20 deaths to figure out how to play minecraft again, but eventually Spawn was ez.

During this time eggrollsbro's girlfriend in real life, fiawyn, decided to join and together they ventured out of spawn and went far far into the world of ice and fire to get as far away from spawn as they could. And then he realised that the que was too long for greys, so he bought platinum. AHEH.

The Start of a Faction

Slowly but surely, Eggs realized that through the insanely toxic chat server of nazi's and racists, there are some who are looking for a place to find acceptance and to rid the place of toxicity. Though his Minecraft skills in pvp are quite lacking, his leadership skills irl made up for it in-game and thus The Crusaders Faction was created and recruitment began.

The Era of Recruitment

Without any prior experience to discord and in-game chat, it took some time for eggs to figure out how to put these tools into play. But once the flow was going, recruitment was of ease. At the start of this time, Recruitment was hard. There were many that came, but quickly realized the harsh reality of the anarchy grind, so they logged and never logged back on. And though it was difficult to find those who were dedicated to the grind of anarchy, there finally came a day when a couple players decided to put their differences aside to band together and thus Antioch was born.


A simple but beautiful medieval village made for build practices and recruitment. As recruitment and leadership expands, the community has grown to more than 10 active members and continue to grow day by day.

!!! As of June 15, 2020 Antioch has been griefed by Grey Lives Matter. !!!


The purpose and projects of the Crusaders are referenced as Crusades. And the First Crusade is about to see the laying of the foundation in the Promised Land.

To Be Continued....

Crusades: God Wills it.

The First Crusade: The Rebuilding of Jerusalem

The Era of Recruitment has begun, and the Call from the Grandmaster (eggrollsbro) to the Knights of the Templar has been made. Jerusalem will be rebuilt into it's futuristic glory, because God Wills it.

The End of the Crusaders.

Parting ways for now

The members of Crusaders found a new home, basing dually in a mooshroom biome and a mesa. There was still unrest amongst some members about the security of their group so P3TER and LAMF left to a new jungle biome to set up home. Then days later, while Jerusalem was only budding... it was griefed. GLM had members inside our discord for some time, they knew everything and they came again. Pillaring up to our builds due to not having elytra, they had travelled near the world border to cast lava.

They boys packed up and left again, but finding that Egg wanted to repeat the same goal, build the same city, in the same biome some members began to stray, and after the 2nd in command announced his departure, Egg declared the group dissolved.

Egg was invited to Legion, 4 members went on to found Merkury, and the rest have been scattered.