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TheDanishDreams joined Purity Vanilla on May 27, 2019.



When first joining, Danish instantly encountered the cesspool that is Purity Vanilla's playerbase, so for now he decided to mute chat to go and set up a base far far away. He headed out somewhere in the 100ks to build a temporary base, it was small and sweet, but wasn't the place he was gonna stay. He had other plans. He took FailProduction's offer of joining him in building Atlantis and so he ventured out to the site of the build right away. By now, it had only been 3 days since Danish had joined the server and was now, thanks to Fail, fully loaded with mending gear.


After planning out the Atlantis build they went to work. This required the construction of a huge guardian farm in order to gain all the necessary materials. They built the farm and went on to construct Atlantis underground. Atlantis was built within a huge mountain and the excavation took approximately 3 whole days of EFF V-beacon-turbo building. Danish had designed the whole build in advance on a creative server, and now, it was time to build it on the Purity server. The build took just under a week to finish and by then Fail and Danish had grown tired of it. Both were very content with the result and was a build at a scale not previously seen on the young server. Fail and Danish abandoned it soon after and left a huge treasure behind for the eventual spelunker to find.

Following Fail leaving the server around August the same year, the coordinates to Atlantis were, without Danish's knowledge, leaked to the whole server by Fail himself. There was a huge treasure hunt and people were so willing to get there before any others that some even resorted to hacking to get there faster.

The Jungle Steeple

However, before Atlantis' leak in August, right after the abandonment of Atlantis, Fail and Danish set out to build another base. 100,000 thousands of blocks away from Atlantis, they started constructing a new empire with the blocks that they had gathered from excavating Atlantis. They had found their spot in the middle of a dense Jungle, and Danish immediately saw his opportunity to build.

Since Danish was constantly lost in the jungle they had decided to settle down in, he wanted to build a beacon that he could always find his way back to, and so he constructed The Eccentric Jungle Steeple. Danish wanted for the huge Steeple to have some other point to it other than being a beacon in the dark, so he decided to build a memento at the very top of the tower. Here he decorated the interior with all of the treasures Fail and him had obtained from their time at Atlantis. From here on out, The Eccentric Jungle Steeple no longer served as merely a beacon, but also as a museum for Atlantis. Fail and Danish continued to build around the Steeple and to this day is their main base of operations. However, soon after, Fail decided to quit the server for good, leaving Danish on his own.

The Hive

After Fail's absence and him leaking Atlantis' coordinates, Danish felt betrayed but was nevertheless tired of life in solitude... Molded by his environment, the rough nature of this server, he had grown numb to betrayal, but wasn't one to stay on his own. So Danish did what he thought necessary, namely asking to join Hive, home to many of his in-game friends, he had, however, never really met any of them except Nuns, block face to block face, but he didn't care about the risks and eventually was allowed to join thanks to a majority vote.

When Danish first arrived at Hive's main base of operation he was stunned to see just how much they had created, this filled him with motivation to build once more, and so he went on to build a little Hive inside the great Hive base, as a token of appreciation and respect to the people who had let him in.

This place was truly to be a new chance for Danish. A new place he could call home. Or so he thought.. Following Nuns absence as well as Frost and other influential members of the Hive, Danish grew tired of the team and had a break from it for a while... When he returned late October he found out that he, once again, had been betrayed. A certain someone had leaked the coords to his new home.. And he was now left alone once again.

Dung Beetles

Returning from a long hiatus lasting approximately 4 months, Danish inquired with a good acquaintance, Snakob, about joining the team Dung Beetles (DB). Danish had long had a good relation with the Swede and founder of Dung Beetles, Ercercerc, along with a few of the Dung Beetle members which likely helped him join the team with no issues and so on January 12, 2020 he was an official member of DB. This was to be his best decision yet on the server, as now he has been in the same team for over a year.


It was a long trip to Dungmark from his latest project, Two ChopSticks Inn, which he had worked on in the days leading up to his membership with DB, and the trip wasn't helped along when he found himself dead by the hands of a lava shower (tabbed out to go get Pizza and lava fell on his head)...

However, the second time was the charm for Danish as he had soon arrived at Dung Beetle base, then known as Praesillis and later Dungmark, the day after his enlistment on Jan. 13, 2020. People were welcoming and he was toured around the base. Though the tour was scuffed, he eventually learned his way around the giant base and decided to build in the then newest area, Rosengaard. Here, he built his first building at DB, Two ChopSticks Inn 2.0.

The base was full of wonderful people, though retarded at times, and had/has a much better feeling to it than the previously crumbling base at Hive II. Here, Danish can build with his friends and no longer play in solitude.

Chateau de le Bousier (Jan. 24 2020 - Present day)

His biggest project to date on the server began Jan. 24. This was the construction of Chateau de le Bousier or Bousier Castle. After nearly a year of on and off construction, Danish now considers this project to be complete, and a project that he is extremely proud of. Even in his years as a professional builder, building comissions for various servers, this is one of his best feats. Within Bousier he would go on to build his third TwoChopSticks Inn, the Lunar Inn.

However, working that long on a build was proving to be tiresome and so he started various side projects. First being Bowserville, which was a collective effort from the db team and was to be a major city at the foot of Bousier castle, construction soon came to a stop when people grew tired of the monotonous buildingstyle, though it was extremely nice and people had a good time there.

Dungmark was found by Robert on February 20. He only griefed very very little of the base and so pretty much the whole base is still standing. Dungmark was long abandoned however, so the members werent particularly distraught by this.

Funkorogashi (May 2020 - October 24 2020)

Some time during the summer of 2020 a real life friend of Danish, xwey, and himself, decided to venture out and make an extremely compact multifunctional base. At this point Dungmark had all the farms you could ever need and therefore there wasn't much to do for xwey there as he was extremely into building farms. This is where the idea to build Funkorogashi had started. Even though the build was never completed they had a wonderful time at the base and actually did what they wanted and had set out to do.

Demise of Funkorogashi

This time it wasn't boredom that led to the demise of the base, however, in light of a few major events at the time there was confusion as to who had coords at Funkorogashi. In light of these events, Danish had invited Chadlets to protect the base as he feared an attack was imminent. It would turn out to be a wrong assumption and so Danish had inadvertently compromised his own base. Chadlets were and still remain allies of db. However, they had without Danish' confirmation invited various other players who now had coords, including Adiesa and in particular a guy called Wences. Latter being completely unbeknownst to Danish.

Danish had left the base at this point to join up with the other DB members at their newest project Los Dungeles, but xwey had not. One day xwey logged in at Funkorogashi to see a new bed had been placed, and let Danish know. Danish was intrigued by this and decided to travel back to Funkorogashi to investigate. Here he found Wences afking in their goldfarm, a person db did not take a liking to. It would seem he had been squatting at the base for quite some time, which Danish did not find to be very cool and so he decided to take him down right then and there. He would almost get killed in retaliation as he had wrongfully not gotten rid of Wences' bed. A Chadlet member Tarqshark would help him out of the predicament though and Danish came out unscathed. Danish now considered the base lost completely, and with the help of Tarq they self-griefed the base and made all farms dysfunctional. A sad conclusion to a nice base, RIP Funkorogashi.

Los Dungeles (July 2020 - October 2020)

Dung Beetles were going through a phase of boredom and decided they needed to do something new to spice up their time on the server. It was then concluded that a second base should be constructed, learning from mistakes they had made at Dungmark, they wanted to build the ideal base. Thus, Los Dungeles came to be. Los Dungeles was a good time for Danish, but only a few people really built at the site. However, the base turned out very nice and the few members who built there really made something special in the short time that it was. Rhonor and Danish came together to work on the main part together. Danish built the storage room with help from xwey and a db shrine that he was very proud of. This is probably the least Danish had participated in any base construction and so when the base was found by Invicta by pure chance he wasn't particularly bothered, but they did have many plans that would never come to fruition.

Compromise of LD

Invicta were close allies of db, so Rasmus reached out to Danish at the time when they found the base and explained everything and that they would of course not take any action to grief or leak LD. This is extremely kind of Invicta and Danish was very happy with their decision and felt safe knowing that Invicta wouldn't harm us. However, not all in db saw eye to eye on this and it was decided that ultimately they would move. Perhaps the most ironic part about it all was that Invicta finding LD would turn out to be a blessing in disguise. As mentioned, Danish and the rest of db were considering staying, but ultimately left the base as they did not want other people to know their whereabouts.

Demise of LD

2 weeks after Invicta miraculously found LD and Danish and the others had completely up and left with their belongings, erc made a simple request of Danish to fetch some pumpkins at LD's farm for their new base. Danish still had his alt at LD and so he went to the hol3 where the pumpkin farm was and on the way he saw a random person.. Danish was extremely bewildered by this and initially thought it was an Invicta member sightseeing. He would come to find out that that was wrong and it was in fact a COA member by the name of Samonites. Danish knew that he had no affiliation with Invicta and so hit him once or twice to test him and Samonites instantly logged out. At this point Danish was extremely confused, got the pumpkins and went to check around the base for any remaining loot that they had left. He knew that they had to move everything. At this point he found out that Raspberry had forgotten to move all his stuff and he had approximately 50 shulkers or so still at the base. He decided to move all the stuff then and there and so he stasised the stuff back and forth between LD and db's newest base ND. When mostly everything was safe he logged out anticipating a raid immediately. Rhonor had conversed with Samonites about the situation who claimed he wouldn't lay a finger on the base. Still, noone trusted that he would't. Just the same night, NSO came and griefed the abandoned base.. Even more ironic was that their own base was being destroyed because of this, an NSO member who wasn't invited to the DB raid was very dissatisfied not to be invited to the DB raid and decided to screw them over for that reason. In a strange turn of events, the grief of LD would turn out to be the demise of NSO to the delight of db members.

It remains unknown as to how NSO got the db coords, but it is thought to have been the COA member EJ that had leakerd the information to them.

New Dung (October 2020 - Present day)

The latest db base New Dung is currently in construction, but is already way morre prosperous than the previous LD base. The few members working at the location have been extremely efficient. Danish has spent his time making a huge automatic sorter inside a major building. Furthermore, he has built a bathhouse that he is very proud of. Things are going well for him at DB.


  • Sometime during the summer holiday, the owner of the server, Penguin, hired Danish to build the waiting room that was to be a sort of hub spawning area. He had a few builds prepared that he made intothe spawn that exists today, custom made for the server. Sadly, there never became anything of the waiting-room and so the build is stuck in the endless abyss that is Purity external server area. FUTURE DANISH HERE: some time in 2020 the queue plugin was configured and so the waiting-room returned, now more commonly referred to as 'Queue'.
  • Danish has established a chain of inns around the server, Two ChopSticks Inn inc. These are spread about the server. At the present time, three inns exist in total, two being at Praesillis, and one at an unknown location. In 2021 Two Chopsticks Inn inc decided to expand their market and Danish decided to build a glorious bathouse. Thus, the subsidiary, Two Chopsticks Bathhouse inc. came to be. A fourth inn can be found on the queue server.
  • Danish and Ove made a totoro mapart together, Danish' first ever mapart. Titled: My Neighbour
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