Temple of Jake


Completed on November 25, the Temple of Jake was Jake7625's proudest achievement and one of the largest builds on the server. It was the magnum opus of his religion and a site of pilgrimage for those who follow Jakeism. It consisted of 4 parts, the garden and reflection pool, the main sanctum, the house of relics, and the board of Names.

The pool and gardens made up most of the temple. At the center of the pool sat the quartz Jake head, and the garden was filled with trees and other elements of nature. The main building was the largest of the three and held a prayer space and offering table. to the right of the main building was the house of relics. the house held things such as music disks, banners, iron from StrangerJ, and a Varden pickaxe. To the left of the main building was the board of names which displayed all the members of the Church of Jake.


Main article: Grief of the Temple of Jake
The day after the temple was completed, A team of players consisting of StrangerJ, Kylesmile Mrska999, and iSTINO traveled to the temple and burned it down. Mrska999 replaced the Jake statue with an Elmo face as a sad attempt to prove that his religion was still relevant, later being destroyed by Jake7625. Hours later, The Grey arrived at the site and continued the grief, leaving a sign reading "The Greys" in the sky.

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