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Satirical Content!
Despite Tarq being a big sweat, the following content is predominantly satirical and should be taken with a grain of salt.

tarqshark is an entity that plays on Purity Vanilla 24 hours a day. He is known for several things, however, barely any players have ever directly communicated with him. He is a prominent member of the secret society 'Chadlets', and is the server's most vocal dissenter of EmeraldJaguar and his evil ways, having fought wars on the basis of his hatred.

Formation of Tarq

tarqshark formed on the server during November of 2019. Tarq is commonly mistaken for being a human male player, but he is in fact an entity of unknown origin and substance. This is confirmed simply by attempting to DM him - his response will be lacking, if he replies at all, similar to a computer AI attempting to understand complex questioning. However, it is not accurate to directly call him an AI - the true nature of tarqshark is currently entirely unknown.

After forming on the server, he left spawn within roughly 2 minutes due to his inhuman skill and mastery of Minecraft. Although a week later he would join The Grey, within 12 hours he had already set up a complete villager trading hall, and had obtained 20 shulkers of elytra, finding the most efficient route possible to obtain these items in the smallest amount of time.

Finding Nemo

After realising that the being he had begun to interact with was likely not human, DrNemo90 couldn't pass up the opportunity to recruit him into his GLM rip-off faction The Grey. Tarq went with him to Alpha, his first base, where he would build extremely large perfect cubes in different shades of grey. The cubes were entirely solid. This confused DrNemo, but somehow every time tarq built a cube, he would come down from the top of it with another shulker of elytras, so Nemo decided not to complain.

After a time at Alpha, tarq was brought to The Grey Sanctuary. Tarq did great things at this base: He took names, played games, and had a weird demon orgy with the rest of The Greys members. During this, the would routinely ask his faction members questions about the functions of the human body, particularly the genital region, including ask which one guys have. Although this confused many of the members, for every question they answered tarq would give them a stack of illegal textureless items, so they answered with glee. These items would later be revealed to be stacks of netherite ingots. It is unknown how tarq obtained these half a year before the release of 1.16, however this has led many Purity players to assume that tarq is some kind of omnipotent computer virus designed by Mojang.

tarq's Odyssey

A player called Pildash recommended that the group move far from their current base (then only 75k from spawn) and settle in a safer location. Tarq took about 5 seconds to triangulate the most optimal place to put a base, a place that could literally never be found by chance no matter how many people were to search for it. Tarq and crew moved out to this area and built a massive circle (although tarq had an autistic babyrage fit about it needing to be a square, but got threatened with having his other squares destroyed and piped down) which would lay the foundations for Odyssey.

Cashing in

Tarq decided he had had enough of his long-time enemies, The Confederacy. Through unknown, likely supernatural means, tarq procured the coordinates to three separate Confed bases. He decided to sell roughly 459 elytras for gunpowder, converting all of said gunpowder into TNT, and splitting it perfectly between all three bases. The TNT going off was so loud, it could be heard from all across the server, a sound that would in time become synonymous with tarq. You see, after griefing his first bases, the entity known as tarq formed a new passion for destruction. A primal being, the child-like joy of destroying something someone else created filled him, and thus began a new age on Purity - The age of tarq insiding your group.


Tarq, as an entity that exists only within Purity, was able to mass reproduce on a scale never before seen on Minecraft. As he had seemingly limitless accounts, there was no limit to how many times he could attempt to inside other groups. This proved to be the most valuable asset of his new group, Chadlets. Chadlets are a lesser-known secret society on Purity, who all dress in black hooded robes and sit around a dimly lit table planning the destruction of all other factions. They are feared, of course, and this is likely due almost entirely to the enigma that is tarqshark. Tarq's most famous inside of all time was when he insided a group known as 'Faggots Anonymous', consisting of GrandmaPepe (leader fag), EmeraldJaguar, L_Cancel, eggrollsbro, and Elkritch. A truly wretched hive of scum and villany, tarq bravely plummeted into the depths of their faction with his alt Lacksal, pretending to be a retarded person in order to fit in and gain their trust. When he was done destroying their base and therefore entire livelihoods, he built a large statue of all of the base members, with a huge obsidian sign that said 'I fucking hate you so god damn much EJ burn in hell'. This has gone on to be one of the most quoted signs in Purity history, being constantly quoted by accident by a very large portion of the server when getting pissed off at EJ being the worst player on Purity.

I fucking hate you so god damn much EJ burn in hell

EJ was not happy about the sign tarq left. In fact, he was so unhappy, that he tried to inside tarq himself. However, not realising how insiding worked, he pretended to be a newfag on his main account (with prestige) and immediately got shot down by Chadlets who called him a massive cringe retard. However, tarq took personal offence to this. As the superior lifeform, he could not exist so long as his pride had been insulted by this furry 12-year-old. Tarq started a movement known as the 'PeeJ' movement, whose members would strive to find, and piss on, EJ's character and base. This came to fruition when tarq insided EJ by pretending to be even more retarded than him on his alt vibe_rater420, soaking EJ's base in his fresh piss, alongside his piss buddies ViViD, MiercolesC, and Ragsterninja. EJ drowned in the piss, leading to his nickname on the server, 'Pissbaby'.

Gender transition

Tarq was looking to reinvent himself, and decided to try being a woman for a while. By using the most effective method of gender change for a computer-based being, tarq transitioned into an e-girl known as Medusa0. He got super into the persona, and started to base with EnragedCicada. The pair soon fell in love, and even though Cicada is a poor African living in a hut made of dirt and leaves, Medusa's non-human existence did not comprehend that this was disgusting and engaged in intense cybersex. However, after roughly three weeks, tarq decided he wanted to be a guy again, and de-transitioned. Realising that he now had base coords for a base that was not his, he took the opportunity and nuked the absolute shit out of Kevin Island. During his stay, he had also gained an army of simps including PinkHatPonpo, and went and fucked up his base too. To date, tarqshark not only holds the record for most bases reduced to a crater, but also most hearts broken in a single instant.

How is tarq developing now?

The being known as tarqshark continues to grow stronger and larger by the day. It is feared that one day, he will be so large that every block on the server is just tarqshark. Many Purity philosophers such as RobertDonald ask, will we know when everything is tarqshark? We cannot even be sure that tarq has not already taken over the entire server. What we can be sure of, however, is that if tarq is to expand large enough, he will eventually transfer into the real world once the internet itself cannot handle him, and devour the world.

He is also currently basing with the Chadlets and has a cup of green tea every night before bed to relax.