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"Baron and DouuG1 raided about 99% of all the end cities you will ever find" ― Lord Penguin

StarBaron is one of the first players on Purity Vanilla, and one of the most powerful. Baron teamed early on with DouuG1 (see Dumpster Dogs) and together they raided, according to Penguin, about "99% of all the end cities you will find".

Baron is also a talented builder.

If there is anyone you should fear seeing at spawn, it is him. You can frequently see chat being spammed with his kills on innocent grays. Because of this, StarBaron is likely to not only have the most player kills but to also have the largest head collection on the server. But don't worry, he's not a total buzzkill, Baron did lead the most successful rebuild of spawn in May, spawning several withers to help ease the trouble of clearing the cobblestone disaster there.

StarBaron is well known for being one of the players building the Nether Highways, and has signs posted at all ends of the world.