Splash first joined the server in April 2019 after not playing Minecraft for around three years. Due to the success of 2b2t, he was inspired to have a go at the experience without the use of a hacked client. After a month of inactivity, Splash decided to try out the experience again, this time instantly making an introduction to TipTopBopp. After a few messages, they decided to delay the idea of a base. Splash went out and based in multiple locations until he joined PaCo. Throughout this time Splash would befriend Satan, TipTopBopp, Lolingcraft, Owo, and more. After PaCo had officially disbanded, he went back to soloing until he was invited to Chromium by Satan. Not soon after Splash joined, however, Chromium met it's fate and became disbanded, leading on most of the group to Valhalla. During this time Splash was able to find one of ICodeViper's bases, and stole enough loot to become a reasonably wealthy player. Further through the weeks, Valhalla was falling due to a grief and TipTopBopp's final ban. Splash soon moved on to Valhalla 2 and co-founded the Overworld Highway Corporation with Melofors, which became inactive after a few months. Since Valhalla 2 became disbanded, Splash became a member of PaCo 2 and joined Penix with other notable members. Since then he's been known to work on his client and working on his solo base.

The Halloween Spawn 'Grief's

On Halloween 2019, Splash and a few other members of Valhalla went to spawn to place as many Jack-o-lanterns as possible in the given time. At the end, around 5 shulkers of pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns were placed within 1000*1000 of spawn. As of 10/04/2020 (GMT) there are still lanterns under lavacasts and other unreachable places.

Edit: On Halloween 2020, the same plan was done again, this time with Creep Assassin and Splash. There were 3x the amount of shulkers involved.

Spawn during 2019 Halloween after Splash placed pumpkins

Splash Client

Over the duration of Splash's time on the server, 'Splash Client' became a meme due to the fact that Splash had developed his own client a few years back with his knowledge of Java. Since the servers existence, three versions of Splash Client had been made (for 1.13.2 and 1.15.2 and now fabric 1.16.1+) with updates occasionally still being made. Every once and a while he still creates fabric/forge mods for quality of life improvements on Purity Vanilla for himself or groups.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a base that was believed to be founded in late April of 2019. According to trustworthy sources, it is the oldest lasting base on the server. It was abandoned for months upcoming to the 1.15 update, where it was revisited and set up again. Few people have visited over the years, but it has lived through many iconic server events.

Melon Structures

Throughout 2020, Splash has created many melon structures, most notably being the spawn melon layer and the +Z world border.

The +Z world border (as a render)

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