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General information

The Spawn Infrastructure Project (SIP for short) was made by The Grey for server-wide cooperation in the spawn region. The project is most famous for making obsidian highways after PaCo 2 lost it's activity. Other than highway construction, SIP builders aim to make spawn more convenient, help new players, or just have fun together around 0,0.

The group was formed on November 8th 2020 but only grew to a significant size in December.

The War on Withers

The War on Withers started on January 7th 2021 after someone kept flooding spawn with a very high amount of withers, hurting the roads and new players. SIP members made 4 events, where Americans and Europeans (2 different groups) gathered together and exterminated withers with smite swords. The only instance of SIP builders being attacked was at the nether hub: Jamool, D1cka and Sooshon got ambushed by AxelHaze while fighting a wither.

Some people got into the spirit so much that they did a lot of solo work. Honzin, Knouhk and BlackCat112 (now perm banned) all got over 2 stacks of nether stars.

Other participants: CluckyCat, Moeana (Virgile), mallty, pvl (ign Deathwish456/modern haykoy), tarqshark, MrEmcee, FrontierJustice, D1cka_D1cka, Needle, RaghavMC and Eclipse.

The War was over by late January. Most of withers were killed, and penguin's new reduced withers per chunk limit was the last nail in the coffin.

Obsidian Roads (OR)


By January 2021, the Grey had been working on the nether highways for some time, making them out of stone bricks with stone stairs for railings. The highways weren't given much attention at the time. One day Jamool joined the PaCo 2 discord server and was amazed by the sheer size of it. He made it his goal to activate the sleeping beast and to bring people to the roads once again.

Not many people actually came from the PaCo server, but one of the few that did turned out to be the key. A player nicknamed D1cka_D1cka built a very complicated afk obsidian farm by himself, and with Jamool's help started generating large quantities of the TNT-resistant block. This enabled the idea of OR.

Stage 1 (all highways to 10k)

Jamool started organizing the building process right after the launch of D1cka's obsidian farm. Willing people were grouped into 4 teams, each with their own captain (who was responsible for distributing obsidian), all divided by time zones. Stage 1 of Obsidian Roads started on January the 16th of 2021, aiming to cover all of the four main highways with obsidian up to 10k blocks from 0,0 over 2 days. It was a huge success, and the goal was reached in just 12 hours after they started. A video of the process can be found here.

Participants: Jamool, D1cka_D1cka, MFE(Monkey Frog Enthusiasts), MrEmcee, GamingPartridge (OwO), Honzin, Klouhk, therik, RaghavMC, Eclipce, Atromis, surdigalow, Clucky Cat, Mallty, FrontierJustice.

After this stage GamingPartridge (OwO), the leader of the inactive PaCo 2, presented The Grey with a map art for their highway work.

Accident with GriefyoudotEXE

Sometime between stages 1 and 2 123MiningMaster, a member of PaCo 2 and SIP, found a group of gunpowder farms owned by GriefyoudotEXE. Knowing that Grief had damaged highways in the past, he informed the SIP that he intended to destroy the farms, and a day later griefed them to prevent production of TNT, posting screenshots of the grief on the SIP server. GriefyoudotEXE afterwards threatened to destroy the nether highways with withers, blaming the SIP as a whole for the grief.

Under the impression that 123MiningMaster had carried out the grief in the Grey's name, and with him having violated the SIP's rule banning griefing, 123MiningMaster was kicked from the SIP.

Stage 2 (+X)

The +X axis was the first road to be lowered to Y116 from its former height of Y120 and paved with obsidian all the way to the world border 62.5k blocks out. PaCo2 had already paved from 40k-62.5k in their first attempt at creating obsidian roads, where they worked backwards from the border. This axis was finished on January the 31th.

Builders: Jamool, D1cka_D1cka, BigMike, MFE, Opular, Polybius, Sooshon, Honzin, MrEmcee, rblxnoob, OverallHalf, RaghavMC along with the prior help from PaCo 2 players 123MiningMaster, OwO, and Creep.

To celebrate the completion of the first axis, D1cka D1cka made a free-hand map art from a screen shot he took while on the +X highway.

Stage 3 (+Z)

This axis was built to the world border and finished on February the 9th of 2021.

Builders: Jamool, D1cka_D1cka, Honzin, Kokolaj, Opular, Polybius, Needle, OverallHalf, Norlak, surdigalow, RaghavMC, MrEmcee.

Stage 4 (-X)

At this point 120k+ blocks worth of of highway had been covered with obsidian, and most people grew tired of the job. The few who continued building were usually working double shifts of around 22 combined hours per weekend.

Builders: Jamool, Honzin, Norlak, BigMike, surdigalow, D1cka_D1cka, Klouhk, Froschii.

The road was finished on February the 14th of 2021.

Stage 5 (-Z)

The -Z highway was the biggest challenge of the OR project. The old highway built by PaCo and PaCo 2 was made with cobblestone slabs as flooring up to 25k (which could not be instamined), and the highway made by The Grey at Y116 during stage 1 was also made out of stone, and the project was very low on manpower overall. Jamool made the decision to start working earlier than planned to have a chance to finish the project before the end of week they began it.

Very few people came to the axis and spent hours working on the road, however they were able to find a creative solution to the stone on the old highway. Honzin was promised the highest SIP rank for 24 hours worth of effort and actually did it over several days.

The Obsidian Roads project was completed in this last direction by February 22 2021.

Builders: Jamool, Honzin, Norlak, BigMike, D1cka_D1cka, Atromis (a comeback from stage 1), Mallty, Rayyze, Sam_du_QC, WhoIsHallux.

Stage 6 (Icing)

After placing down all the obsidian, it was time to add continue the PaCo 2 tradition of placing packed ice on the highways to allow people to travel quickly across it with boats. Most of the SIP members were burned out by this point, but the last stage of OR had to be done anyway. Jamool used his netherrite ingots to purchase around 50 shulkers of packed ice (1 shulker ice = 1 ningot) from other players. Mallty, Jamool, Norlak and Honzin also destroyed some icebergs to get more ice. In addition to that Sooshon, a member of Invicta, gave the SIP coordinates to Station Zebra -- an afk ice farm previously used by PaCo. After gathering enough ice, the placing began on March 10 2021. RaghavMC, JetRon and moneyman782 covered around 10k blocks of highway with ice. Moneyman, VXNerveGas and Jamool later covered 2 of the highways to the world border. Norlak on his own covered another almost entirely, and for the last highway Jamool got assistance from bluedragonfly1. 16 shulkers of ice (including the shulker boxes) were lost because Jamool gave them to a random new player who promised to help but stopped responding after getting shulkers.

Stage 6 was finished on March the 24th, exactly 2 weeks after it started.


In October 2021 D1ckaD1cka decided to enlarge some of highways from 3-wide to 5 or sometimes even 7 block wide roads. He decorated the roads with portals to 1000 blocks and widened them until 10k.

Nether Diagonals

+/+ Spring 2021

Construction of the diagonal highways began in April 2021 with Honcho digging a tunnel to world border in South-East direction. He posted a screeshot of himself finishing this work in Purity's discord server and was spotted by Norlak, who notified Jamool. Jamool was inactive at the time and so didn't want to join in himself but still supplied Honcho with obsidian, as well as wood and wool. The wood and wool was used to craft beds(which explode in the nether) to bedbomb out a wider tunnel that could be easily flown through, a method of construction which the SIP would use on every diagonal highway to follow. Honcho accepted the materials and construction continued, now with SIP road standards and funding. Honcho was later joined by ReggieReckless and Bloodswamp, who worked together since. Their joint work ended in early May of 2021 after the two got tired. The result was that the +/+ highway was paved until 20-30k with some sporadic patches completed ahead.


Work started on the -/- highway on the 5th of August 2021. BurningWolf was the player who proposed the construction of this highway. Jamool was still inactive, but with this push now felt that he might come back and again play actively. He gathered materials and started working with Wolf, with both motivating each other. RaghavMC and Mallty joined in the early stages of construction. On August 14th 2021, Mallty met a grey named Crsh0vrryde while working on the highway, who was happened to be searching for a place to settle a private base as well as a way to be a part of something. After a laughable misunderstanding in which Crsh attacked Mallty believing him to be hostile, Mallty recruited Crsh to the SIP.

Later 123MiningMaster was introduced back to SIP, mainly because Norlak took notice of how much effort he had been putting into his work on the diagonal highways and road monuments. 123MiningMaster's efforts proved to be huge help, as he invested a lot of time into North-Western road.

At 20k it was discovered that the original tunnel on this direction was dug by a person nicknamed Jkv002. He was contacted and later joined the team.

The last obsidian block on this road was placed exactly one month after the effort began, on September the 5th of 2021. Some time after the North-West road was finished Purity youtuber NerdieBerdie uploaded a youtube video detailing the history of the highways.

+/+ Autumn 2021

SIP decided to finish the +/+ highway starting on October the 10th. This highway was mostly paved with obsidian up to 50k and had a tunnel dug to the world border, but proper bedbombing had still not been done on the majority of the highway.

A lot of different people using a variety of different methods contributed.

Moogle and Honzin

Moogle and one of Jamool's alts

Mallty, Crsh, and Xotiic

With so many active people the highway was finished in just 3 days after its start.


Work on the North-Eastern road started on October the 13th 2021 with material gathering. The material gathering process lasted about two weeks due to problems with setting up wood and wool farms after The Grey's main base, Via Appia, was destroyed. The wool farm of Crsh0vrryde's faction Atlas, who wanted to provide it, also got blown up during the gathering period causing half of the wool to be destroyed. October 2021 was a rough month filled with griefings. However, by the time the materials were gathered +/- was powered by combining Atlas's, 123MiningMaster's, and Honzin's wool. Honzin also supplied a large amount of wood. The actual road building started on October the 25th.

Infamous T and Yoavik from Black Market arrived at the highway one time just to be sadly ambushed and never return :( The same fate awaited ercercerc a week or so later.

Froschii and Crsh joined the +/- build effort soon after it began.

The more SIP moved into the diagonal, the more already dug tunnel they discovered. It turned out that a person nicknamed chippawaffle had made the 2x2 tunnel through the netherrack that, luckily, fit almost perfectly into SIP's standard for tunneling. It was 1 block off in the -Z dimension and 1 block too low, but regardless that 2020 highway digger had already completed about a quarter of the job. GG, chippawaffle.

chippawaffle finished his tunnel in September 2020. By November 2021 he had been offline for half a year.

Xotiic and 123MiningMaster joined the construction around the middle of it's progress.

Closer to the end Moogle became active and in just a few days helped Jamool to push the highway to it's conclusion.


Material collection for the -/+ finished on November 24 2021 and the next day was official start of building. In the beginning there already was a 2x2 tunnel made by an anonymous digger. It was unknown how much further that 2x2 went, but eventually it was discovered and measured, and ended up being evaluated at 15% of the overall highway work. At the beginning work was done by Jamool, 123MiningMaster, M4ximus and the Atlas members Crsh0vrryde, coolcash and fakeblockgame. The latter even brought his own TNT to use instead of beds.

After the first week team was joined by Xotiic, who was very busy IRL but still came to contribute during nights, and the Bruh Market faction members Wefhy and Yoavik.

The team made consistent progress, completing between 1 to 10 percent of the highway per day. Lots of nice builds were encountered/constructed.

It all ended at the world border on December 13th 2021, 18 days later. This world corner only had a dirt hut at it, which was replaced with portals and a SIP sign.

Nether Hub and Ring Roads

Around the same time of the creation of SIP, Deoxon created a group called Janitorial Cleanup whose the goal was to clear withers and remove the lava at nether 0,0 to create a bedrock-level nether hub. This project was unable to clear the lava lake, but it's goal was carried on to the SIP.

In early 2021 after the first War on Withers, D1cka attempted to continue this project by draining the lava lake with large flying machines. A large swath was cleared out, however, Obsidian Roads took over as the highest-priority project and the effort was put on hold.


After a trip to spawn on March 23, 2021, D1cka and BigMike noticed the horrid shape of nether spawn. Domagawha had lava cubed a 150x150 area. A call to action occurred in SIP and after many shulkers of fire resistance potions the spawn was cleared of ceiling lava.


One year later after the start of clearing spawn lava with only the occasional draining effort, the SIP teamed up with the pvp group CaveMen, who enjoyed using the nether hub to PVP, to repair the hub and continue clearing the lava lake. On January 5th 2022, the Hub was both repaired and significantly lowered, and a large amount of lava was removed from under it.. This would being a several week long cycle of repeated griefs and repairs. HubRepair.png

A few nether ring roads were created after the efforts to repair hub. The first was created to link the new staircases that went from the lowered hub to the highways. This road was a ring 75 blocks from 0,0 completed by D1cka and Torben. The next ring road was created 500 blocks from 0,0 by 123MiningMaster, Torben, D1cka, and Needle, with the aim of allowing players to move between highways without entering the dangerous hub area.

500 Ring Road.png

Operation Trees

After completing all the nether highways to world border the SIP decided to add some vegetation to spawn. Trees were planted on March the 13th 2021. Nether trees were used, since they could not be easily burned down.

Participants: RaghavMC, JetRon75, Mallty, D1cka_D1cka, Honzin, Needle, purplecacti, BigMike, NoiZeX90. YouTuber Thesto took part and made a video about the event.

This project has a sequel - see Operation Trees: Regrowth

Overworld Highways

10k in all directions

Throughout the years a lot of people contributed to the Overworld Highways, from the solo work of new players placing cobblestone and digging with iron tools to the combined efforts of groups like OHC (Overworld Highway Corporation) or The Grey. By February 2022, the time had come for the SIP to do it's part. The Grey's obsidian farm continued to work, and shulkers upon shulkers of the TNT-resistant block made it's way to Purity's overworld dimension.

This time Jamool, D1cka and other Grey members did not place obsidian, being tired from the Nether OR projects, but new people took their place. Work started on March the 12th. The first goal (all axis roads complete to 10k) was planned to be achieved before the end of the month.

Active builders: M4ximusDMeridius (the best worker, Jamool-approved), Thesto, RaghavMC, JetRon, Erik081108, and jeffersonabm.

The project was finished on March 31 2022. All of the axis roads were constructed with obsidian, with the exception of the -Z, which had a canal at Y63 leading SIP to decide to leave it as is.

NerdieBirdie later made a video on the story of the Overworld highways.


The southern overworld highway was started by the initiative of M4ximusDMeridius and Honzin, who had recently returned to the SIP from the dark side. The first day of work was February 7th 2022, with the group aiming to build the highway out to 50k blocks from spawn using obsidian. For several days M4ximus and Honzin worked as a duo supplied by D1cka's obsidian, and were later joined by Jamool.

Before SIP Filipen and his friend made a highway on the +Z axis. Despite only being one line of cobblestone that goes up and down with the terrain, it still goes out to 300k blocks - an impressive achievement.

February the 12th 2022 was perhaps the most productive single day in SIP history. It started with Jamool establishing a warehouse for +Z construction, which was immediately used by TrippiHippy, who prolonged the road for over 2000 blocks solo. Then Moogle, Jamool, M4ximus and returning player RaghavMC pushed the highway many thousand blocks further. 25% of the entire project was done in this day.

The next day all +Z workers except Honzin were present, and some new workers, Torben and coolcash, had even shown up. Together with M4ximus, Trippy, Moogle, Raghav, D1cka and Jamool the SIP worked even harder than they had the previous day, resulting in the total completion of the road on February 13th 2022.


Work on eastern highway began on February 14th 2022, the day after the previous one was finished. Around the same time Mallty spotted a player in the Purity discord server who posted screenshots of a bedrock-level highway he had dug with iron tools. His username was Fluffyrat420 and he was invited to join the project.

Since the SIP had last worked on the +X road, a canal had been created from 7k to 25k by Jalapeno690, hEXE_82, which the SIP decided to leave in place. Work went along rapidly and the entire highway was finished to 50k in 2 days, just like the prior one.

Participants: M4ximusDMeridius, TrippyHippy, Fluffyrat420, torben, coolcash10, Jamool.


Work started on the -X on February 15 2022. Fewer people participated in this road, perhaps because they started getting tired of roadbuilding. M4ximusDMeridius was the main builder of the road, though TrippyHippy and Torben helped. The first problem here was Falconist canal made by VelvetFalcon and Melwin. The difference between this canal and the previous one on the +X was that this time the obsidian road was removed to make way for the canal, with the mined up obsidian used as a railing. The SIP replaced the canal's water with obsidian and made a new canal parallel to the highway. Falcon was informed and the situation was resolved peacefully.

Further advances were slower than previous overworld highways and were mostly made by M4ximus.

The last push was done by D1cka_D1cka on February 26th.

Spawn Grid

The Spawn Gird is a network of obsidian roads built inside a 500x500 area around 0,0 that makes it easier for new players to navigate the difficult terrain of spawn. It was originally constructed mostly by Klouhk using obsidian provided by The Grey. Work was in progress from late February until early April 2021. Some other people helped in construction: Theric, JetRon (aka PaffaCubes), Honzin, and Jamool. The grid is repaired by D1cka_D1cka every couple of months, and continues to aid players at spawn.


Building shelters for new players is a part of SIP. Sometimes they are not well maintained and therefore quickly griefed and abandoned, and sometimes members of refuges make them their own personal bases closed for newcomers. Refuges are made to be temporary living areas for Purity's youngest players and therefore the SIP administration doesn't really enforce any rules concerning them.


Founded by Jamool, later expanded by Waterbug.


Founded by Needle, Moeana, Frontier, D1cka. First base of CD and Honzin.

No screenshots survived.


Lifespan: January 6 - January 25 2021

The base was built by CD and Honzin. Clucky Cat was added to it's members, and RaghavMC and Eclipce also lived here.


The base is called "Greyce". It was built by CD and Honzin.

Lifespan: January 13 2021- still standing(as of April 2022)

Project Massive Farm

The Beginning

Project Massive Farm was started on December 13th 2021 by Thesto. This man created a plan: transforming a large spawn wasteland into an oasis of civilization filled with food and builds to assist new players who encountered it. The originally planned size of the area was 1000x1000 blocks, to be expanded to 2000x2000 blocks if the first section was finished. PMF was soon joined by Jamool, who invited more trusted people from SIP discord. Almost all the future members of project joined in it's first day or two: Coolcash10, D1cka_D1cka, Moogle, Xotiic, 123MiningMaster, Bujiboy96, Crsh0vrryde, Froschii, M4ximusDMeridius, moneyman782, NerdieBirdieYT, Norlak, Moeana, wefhy, MiercolesC, JamarcusJones. It was decided to start building the area right off of a highway, at the ruins of an old casual waypoint called "Port Royal", where a random stranger had showed his respect to Maximus's dedication to overworld highways by naming the highway after him:

Soon the place became a center of building activity. The first person to show up was Moogle, who planted wheat and made some scarecrows.

Beautiful, but lonely Moogle, and her improvised friends

Moogle's output in one day

Soon Thesto and Wefhy joined the effort. Wefhy didn't miss the chance to flex his powerful brain and constructed a flower farm nearby which enabled him to cover a significant area in flowers. Later on Tarqshark and M4ximus would use Wefhy's farm to decorate the area too.

Wheat is getting some competition for a title of PMF builders' favorite item


Everything as planned

On day 2 Jamool arrived at the northernmost point of Thesto's planned area, which was a massive island. He tried to collaborate with whoever was online nearby to provoke more activity out of them. Jamool continued doing so over several days and began a lot of team work:

Meanwhile 1000 blocks away another part of PMF, next to the highway, continued to expand:

During this stage many people were active, including infamous renowned scammer Xotiic, basehunter 123MiningMaster, hamster InfamousT, Crash0vrryde from Atlas and SIP's regular Froscii. In the first days of PMF Xotiic started making a series of builds and Tarqshark laid the foundation for his magnificent watermill build, and also completed a wheat seed farm that would later be used by at least 9 people.


During the next couple of days several builds were finished and people did their best to surround them with wide crop fields.

Tarqshark's windmill:

Crsh0vrryde's pie factory and esplanade:

Since it was already day 3 of the project, some outside people had started to stumble upon the farms:

One player, Galaxian, was only able to communicate via signs (seemingly having no access to game chat) and seemed to be very young.

D1cka arrived and started planting berries

Moeana's pet cow

Jamool and Moogle made PMF banners and the first maps of planned project area (1:16 maps):

Some other builds at this time included Xotiic's train station, Wefhy's flower farm and Moogle's little melon corner:

Getting Serious

People were active for several days now and things began to increase in scale. Xotiic worked on several more creative builds and then made a functional gold farm:

Later that day Jamool added bamboo and cobblestone farms to the gold farm. Why? Keep reading and you'll find out... Meanwhile, the farmlands kept spreading. There were several big farm areas now: a main area near highway on the south, the northern island, and M4ximus+Miercoles's areas in between. PMF members decided to work on connecting those three areas to finally turn them into one giant farm.

First detailed PMF map by 123MiningMaster

Old starter base under Maximus's plot

Crop fields of this time period:

Comparison between the 1st and 2nd PMF maps

Hovever, not everything was bright during these days. One of Jamool's alts, which stayed afk at the gold farm, was killed by a player nicknamed TW_Frog (remember this name for later). After that several more casual players were spotted, however the area was fortunately not griefed.

End Game

The Furnace Madness

Do you still remember cobblestone and bamboo farms? Good... Because they were useful for covering large areas with bamboo and furnaces. While furnaces are amazing, they aren't as easy to place as bamboo, which takes up large amounts of vertical space, protecting things from being buried under lava casts. M4ximus, Froscii, Xotiic, Crash and Coolcash all spent time spreading furnaces and bamboo, with the most active placer being Jamool, who proved his passionate love of furnaces and bamboo through his actions.

The deserts were mostly covered by furnaceheads, but some (Bujiboy, Froschii, Jamool and Thesto) also dedicated some effort to add sugarcane, melons and pumpkins to the heated sands

Last Projects

Several builds came to conclusion in the final days of the project. Here are pictures of M4ximus's obbylisk, Miercoles's barn, and Tarqshark's windmill.

The most epic by scale single build of PMF was D1cka's "Wheat Spire":

Xotiic's parkour

A little nether vine area in PMF

Another awesome Xotiic build

A crafting table peninsula constructed by an unknown player, which existed near PMF prior to December 2021

One more person visited PMF before it's demise. He traded with Jamool, built a house and was overall a nice visitor.

Another traveler was less nice. TW Frog tried to blackmail the PMF group, threatening to make it's coordinates public, but no one agreed to pay him believing he would just sell them to someone else anyway. Soon PMF was griefed by domagawha and godsredempt.

Fun fact: Frog's faction, TW, claims its function is to help new players.

Operation Box Drop

After good performance of PMF Thesto and NerdieBirdieYT began planning new projects in the SIP. It was around Christmas of 2021 and so they decided to drop off present boxes for new players in spawn. Froschii made a book with tips for new players, Moogle brought some cod, wood and wool from DB, new SIP member Jammy shared totems, and Thesto and Nerdie made their own kits. Moeana, Moogle and Xotiic also participated. Here are some examples of the kits that people left:

Some Pumpkin players also decided to take the opportunity to get some new shiny gear and valuable base placement advice.

Full text of Froschii's SIP book

Around 40 present boxes were left at spawn for new players to find, and it was a nice New Year.