Purity Wiki

"How am I supposed to get out of spawn when you keep killing me?" Grey, Circa 2019

The spot where all stories begin; at the coordinates of x:0, z:0. Spawn is often described as a wasteland. Stretching in all directions is destruction, walls of cobblestone from lava falls, absence of trees and grass as it has all been taken. Due to the sheer amount of lavacasting and general griefing that occurred, spawn consists of gigantic cobblestone pyramids and walls, with sudden pitfalls that can lead straight to bedrock. A few long-standing nether portals link spawn to the Highways.

During the history of Purity, spawn has been ravaged by players and factions alike - the most notable being iwarriiori and his gang of gaylords - who took it upon themselves to murder noobs and veterans alike traveling through. When Warrior was confronted by players from Passione though, iwarriiori fled, giving spawn control to the faction. When Passione fell, spawn was once again a place of chaos without order.

Since then, numerous players and factions have been in and around spawn lava casting, fighting, and mapping the area for the sake of doing these things. A player by the name of johnymcmike in 2019 would leave supply caches hidden throughout spawn to help new players out and would guide players out from spawn.

Attempts to seal spawn in an obsidian chamber have occurred numerous times, though usually, the mods ensured that a said wall would not stay up for too long.

At one point someone had managed to dig a 10X10 pit at 0,0, prompting all new players to be unable to exit without digging their way out. Players Actzol and minecraftnerd19 would then have their fun with players who freshly spawned in, preventing escape. It was around this time that JPMiner made his return, and escaped with the help of Actzol.

Player DouuG1 built a community farm in the greater spawn area, and for a while has kept it in a state suitable for new players. Its current status is one of dilapidation and filth, though it's very likely you can get yourself a little bit of food from it yet - just be sure to plant back the seeds!