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Controversial Beginnings

Shulker seeds are the product of a duplication mishap in early April of 2019. Many question why they were even added into the game, as it directly counters Purity's statement of vanilla. However, today they have no applicable use and all function has been removed from them. They are an incredibly rare relic only a very small percent of the playerbase owns, if any.

The Story*

Disclaimer: Dates and accuracies may be slightly off as this is not a firsthand account of the story

On March 31st/April 1st, Penguin made a fatal mistake of employing a faulty anti-dupe plugin. This plugin used an end exploitation with a horse/donkey bag and by pushing the donkey with your items into the end it would dupe it. Now, this does not seem plausible as mobs can not even enter the end, and this is where the faulty dupe plugin comes into play. To negate risk of duping, the plugin erased, for lack of a better word, the donkey when it attempted to enter the end. However, it did not erase the chest or the donkey. The items would remain floating above the portal, and the donkey would simply rubberband back to the platform it last left before attempting to enter the end, duping the items.

The Fix

Penguin immediately caught on to this exploitation as resident oldfag GoldenCookie caught on and informed him. This mistake can be credited to Penguins inexperience to running the server, considering it was done during the first 30 days of Purity being up. In order to fix this, Penguin either had to remove the plugin, meaning malicious hacks and dupes could go undetected, or disable the end. He went with the latter.

Shulker Seeds

Disabling the end did not please the player base. And with an unknown amount of time it would be down for, penguin implemented a plugin known as Shulker Seeds. This was in order to still keep end loot; in a time with no end. The way this was implemented was also controversial. An enderman had a 0.85% chance (unknown why that was decided on) to drop a shulker seeds. Said seeds must be planted near water at all times. They take 14.5 in game days to grow, and up to 2 stacks of bone meal can be used on them. However, bonemeal only cuts the process in half to 7.25 in game days. Once fully grown, similar to a pumpkin it would extend a stem outwards and attach itself to the grown shulker box. In addition to producing a shulker box, the stem once broken would have a 73% chance to drop 0 seeds, and a 27% chance to drop anywhere from 1-3 seeds.

Obtaining the Shulker Seeds

Obtaining these shulker seeds was a rush. Old fags such as GoldenCookie, whom I have interviewed in order to compile this article, obtained several dozens of these seeds before Penguin decided it was not a good idea and closed them down as well. There was about a two week gap between shulker seeds being removed and the end returning. In this two week gap, penguin attempted to let players keep the shulkers, but remove the seeds. Going as far as removing it from player's inventories, he was intent on stopping the spread. But it was too late.

Shulker Seeds Today

Following the return of the end, the seeds lost all functional value. They are now a worthless commodity and a reminder that Purity is not perfect. They may still be grown, however, but do revert into a pumpkin once fully grown. This has caused players to not risk planting them as it ruins even the appearance and instead changes it into regular pumpkin seeds. The redistribution of these seeds occurred in a time before the Trading Markets. Scamming and false production of seeds was common. Because of this, many have questioned if anyone still owns the seeds at all. The only verified owner of these seeds are currently: Goldencookie, and Caudimoria. There are more out there, but these two have been confirmed two have seeds originating from the endless Purity Vanilla. Shulker Seeds are the result of a rookie mistake by Penguin, and largely why he does not listen to the Player Base Today

Shulker Seeds in Kylesmile's Echest,.png