Purity Wiki

Despite Purity Vanilla being described as an 'anarchy' server, it has some minor rules to maintain the vanilla playing experience. Stop complaining. Summaries of the rules can be found in multiple locations, such as in the queue server, with the command /rules while playing, on the website, or below. Click on this link to read a PDF with the non-abridged rules of both the Minecraft server and the discord.

Rules Summary

  1. No lag machines or deliberate overuse of server resources.
  2. No use of exploits or duping - including breaking end portals.
  3. No use of hacked clients, external programs, X-Ray texturepacks or radar.

If evidence is found or presented of a player breaking these rules, bans can be issued. The first offense is a 7-day ban, followed by a permanent ban for the second offense.


  • One rule not listed in the summary is the rule against doxxing. Releasing personal information on another user without their consent is strictly prohibited, and will result in a permanent ban in both the server and the discord.
  • Yes, carpet duping is duping. It's in the name.
  • No, the nether roof is not going to be opened. Yes, the mods have heard your argument before.
  • Some clients and mods are allowed, such as the Badlion client and many Fabric mods.