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Rakovan is a group lead by Bemosh with co-leaders Arctyk and CluckyCat, and members Ddyhr, PaffaCubes, Mirqoh, BOB225225, and Kheidge. Rakovan's main focuses remain farming, griefing, and mapart.

Greifing and Trading

Rakovan had never really traded Pre-January21, but with newly found farms they were becoming much more active in the trading community (Mainly selling GP).

Notable Griefs

The first Major grief that Rakovan did was destroying D1ckaD1cka's solo base and stopping The Greys production of Gunpower.

They have also hit a few minor bases such as Emcee's blaze farm and over 32 spawn bases.

Notable Accomplishments

Rakovan found two unopened end portals within the span of two weeks.



Rakovan was established 9/15/20, At this time the group and its original 5 members held little to no influence at all. After their first base was griefed (Rakovan 1) only two of those original 5 remained.


This was a time of rebirth for the faction, as the first two members (Bemosh & ConstanceNoise) were able to acquire new members with no risk. They brought on CluckyCat, Arkyyn, and Sobushleague who all had skills a faction would desperately need. With the new members the faction migrated to Rakovan 2 that now serves as the main base.

The Griefs of Lent

Lent of 2021 featured the emergence of many new groups, particularly ones focused on PvP at spawn and ones focused on griefing, and had a level of video documentation of griefs unprecedented in Purity history. Durring the Griefs of Lent, Rakovan rose to be a top griefing faction, combining violence and economic strategy to create a one-of-a kind griefing experience. To learn more about the Griefs or Lent, visit the wiki page

The Spawn Wars and the ban of ConstanceNoise

Players Rongo and w3no started building the obsidian roof above spawn, brining the majority of the group in to help construct the project. This lead directly to the creation of Pogtown. While some members were griefing Pogtown, they were sent a link of cords to a base, around 16k, 16k. While looting the base, ConstanceNoise found a bait chest, and was banned next morning.


Because ConstanceNoise played at night he was a bridge between members and a great basehunter. He was one of the most significant players to be part of Rakovan. As ConstanceNoise was Bemosh's best friend, the group fell because less raids were occurring.

Expansion Period

Recruitment brought many new members such as Kheidge, BOB225225, PaffaCubes, Ddyhr, and Mirqoh, The group could now be reborn.

The second Recruitment added players Daddyiscoming Domagawah Rblx and zUni.



The first base of Rakovan include the original members and was later insided by King Julian




The 3rd base. Around 3 months into building it was leaked by notorious bad pvper and horrible basemate Mirqoh to the public, but all the resources were saved and the rest of the base was self griefed before any outside damage could be done.


The 4th base, 3 weeks into building time was insided by the chadlets, but once again birthed something much bigger and greater then what was lossed




GIve us a minute :)


Rakovan was once a small faction but when they were devastated by the great New Year's spree of the Chadlets newly recruited faction member Arkyyn(Arctyk) brought rakovan back better than ever as an actually established faction with Arctyk learning more about redstone from the farms they griefed, ironically. The spree from the Chadlets may have been devastating but it had a lot of side effects and thus the great Rakovan emerged...this was almost the cause of the rebirth..long live Rakovan! -PaffaCubes

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