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Purity Vanilla's Queue was set up on March 24, 2020 to deal with an influx of new players. The queue has a tiered-priority system, where each donor tier gold and above has priority over the lower ranks. In the queue server, there are signs with information on Purity's rules and side servers. There are a few parkour courses in the queue server to give players something to do while they wait.

Queue System

There are multiple tiers to the queue's priority system, based upon the player's rank. Unregistered users, registered non-donors, and silver donors are a part of the regular queue, whereas each rank gold and above is a part of its own tier of priority, with prestige donors having the highest tier. Essentially, top tier donors are at the front of the line, followed by each lower tier. The queue used to show your actual spot in line, but stupid greys got confused by their number going up and down due to donors joining the queue, so now it only shows your place among players of the same queue tier.

Parkour courses

The start of the Red parkour route

There are currently eleven parkour courses in the queue map.

  • Red route
  • Blue route
  • Hallway of Despair
  • Green route (Certified Torture Device)
  • Orange route
  • White route
  • Yellow Route
  • Ice Route
  • Nether Parkour (Erc's Trans Parkour)
  • Brown Parkour
  • Pink Parkour (The Bald Spot)


There are currently twelve islands on queue

  • Red Island
  • Igloo Island
  • Monkey Island
  • Old Queue Island
  • Jungle Island
  • Bowl Island
  • Sazoiland
  • Nether Island
  • Cum Cauldron Island
  • Kingfish Island
  • End Island
  • Dragon Island

A brief history of queue shenanigans

Boone is a madman and has given Queue Players items in the server, so now people have been able to flex their queue server wealth. It began on April 9 when Boone gave GoldenCookie420 the items used to craft a fishing rod. Cookie then fished rods for his other plot members, StarBaron and Snakob. Eventually, they gave WheresColdex a rod, and he fished rods and distributed them out to other players on queue beginning the Boom of Queue. There are even groups that have formed in the queue server around this queue wealth, such as the Skyborn, Master Baiters, and the Sky Sailors. A shop was added where players can sell fish and other fishing items for queue money, which can be exchanged in the ATM for iron nuggets (1 iron nugget = $1). However, queue money takes a lot of time to accumulate due to the slow process of manual fishing, and every dollar being worth quite a lot of each item. Because players can exchange a dollar for an iron nugget, they can use these nuggets to make ingots, and therefore, iron tools and armor. These tools can then be enchanted using the enchanted books obtained from fishing, resulting in iron god sets and god swords in queue, which can be used in fight club.

People also mess with the cauldrons Boone placed around the Queue server, the one closest to the center getting the colloquial name "The Cum Cauldron" (since drained).

A more in-depth history of queue

Queue history is often divided into 2 major eras: Old Queue Era and new Queue Era. However the history can be further broken down into 5 smaller eras and 5 time periods within them: The Badminning Era, The Golden Age, The Queue Renaissance, Pre-Hypergen Era and Hypergen Era and Prehistory, Gen 0, Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3. Each of these different times have their own playerbase and all had many major events occur within their timespan. I8mydog made a timeline that you can look at here with exact dates https://time.graphics/editor/445667.

Queue 0.1

Before the queue that is known today, there was a failed queue almost 8 months prior. Queue 0.1, as it is known, only lasted for two days because of a fatal flaw of the queue system: players from the queue server would not join into the main server after a player on the main server left. As a result, Penguin scrapped Queue 0.1 for the time being until it was implemented later on March 24, 2020. Queue 0.1 was where the main island and Old Queue were built. These two islands would be fundamental, as they would be the locations for Skyborn, Fishing Union, the Queue Server Shop, Dunkey's Church, Birch Shop, and much more.

Badminning Era

The Badminning Era is the era in queue where fishing was not public and the first major era of queue. Badminning was rampant, and players could only parkour in queue. The Badminning Era consisted of two periods: Prehistory and Gen 0.


Prehistory is the oldest period in queue. Multiple fundamental builds were built during Prehistory such as Old Queue and the main queue island which would be major features of queue in the future. Two parkour courses were built, red and blue, which helped players bypass the waiting time during the Badminning Era. Many well-known players who waited in the queue would be given items because there was no economy where these items would be considered valuable. One of these badminned items were the materials to craft a fishing rod.

Gen 0

Gen 0 is the second period of the Badminning Era and consists of GoldenCookie420, Snakob, StarBaron, WheresColdex, and Wedgo. Hall of Despair and probably Slime Parkour were made during this period. The first builds by a non-staff member were built by Cookie such as the snow cock (the first build by a non-staff member), the snow path to Old Queue, and N*gga Town. In addition, the first fishing rod was created.

On April 9, GoldenCookie420 was given strings and sticks which allowed him to craft fishing rods. The first fishing rod he crafted broke, but the next fishing rod ended up fishing a mending rod. He then distributed fishing rods to StarBaron and Snakob who would eventually become his basemates when Cookie Island would be made a few days later. Cookie eventually gave a fishing rod to WheresColdex, who is known today as the first queuefag. Coldex then distributed rods to other players throughout the server ending Gen 0 and the Badminning Era.

Old Queue Era

The Old Queue Era is the first major era with fishing and consists the time when fishing became public to the addition of PvP in Fight Club. The Old Queue Era included the addition of fishing, flight, economy, and a queue community. The Old Queue Era consists of two periods: Gen 1 and Gen 2.

Gen 1

Gen 1 is the first major generation in queue where the fundamental aspects of the queue community and economy were implemented. Fishing was publicly introduced, a new economy was introduced, and small groups and items of artificial value were created such as the Air Bracks. Gen 1 is split into two different eras: the Golden Age of Queue and the First Queue death.

Golden Age of Queue

Gen 1 began with the Golden Age of Queue through the public introduction of fishing by WheresColdex. Badminning heavily decreased as these items entered a new and flourishing economy with the queue shop being added. A queue discord was created on May 12 to give players a place to discuss queue outside of the game and to record trades with other players. Players like Rayyze and Psychedelic_Poro led the generation as they are considered the "Godfathers of Master Baiting" in the queue discord. Many items with little intrinsic value were distributed began to be distributed around this time, having lots of sentimental value today, especially for many oldfags. Banners became producible with the addition of a loom on Monkey Island on May 15. With GoldenCookie420's wood from Cookie Island, players were able to make shields with new designs. TwistedMedia obtained the first shield design, and a banner competition was held on May 16. Golden_Wither's submission won the contest as the only submission and became the the offical queue banner seen around queue today. There were also items that were sold around such as AirBracks or pufferfish from the Pufferfish Pact. However, many players in this period were not dedicated to queue for a long time and queue eventually died down.

With the public introduction of fishing, Gen 1 gave way to a new economy. Originally, Boone traded iron nuggets for fish for players to craft blocks to blockglitch to Skyborn. He then quickly got exhausted of manually trading with players and built a shop using plugins to trade fish for queue dollars. Those queue dollars could then be traded for queue nuggets and vice versa. This helped establish an economy as players could now use nuggets and leather to craft armor. This armor could then have enchantments added to it through the use of anvils. These enchanted books now attained a market price with mending becoming the highest-valued enchantment at 5 iron nuggets at the time. Badminning also heavily decreased as many items that were unobtainable through fishing or harmful to queue. The weekly shop helped combat the badminning issue by giving players a limited time to buy several items in the shop. This allowed some items that were previously unobtainable to be obtainable through nuggets. During this time, the progression system was leather armor, iron armor, then gold armor. However, there was not much of an incentive to progress other than getting better gear and flexing, especially after iron armor. This lack of intrinsic incentive did not motivate queuefags to fish more, which is why queuefags from this era are typically considered less dedicated than newer generations. A stigma also began to develop for queuefags who became known as players who would rather fish than play on the actual server or grinded for useless items. Both of these demotivating factors helped with the decline of queue into the First Queue Death.

First Queue Death

The First Queue Death was the first time queue had dipped in popularity since the addition of fishing, beginning in late May. Much of the hype from the new feature of fishing had died off, and players were getting bored of fishing. However, since the supply of fishing rods was low, not every player in queue got a fishing rod immediately. This led to players getting a fishing rod and rising to wealth and popularity long after the queuefags of Gen 1 had risen and past. This aftershock became known as Gen 2.

Gen 2

Gen 2 is the second generation of queue where flight was introduced and player islands expanded. Gen 2 began around the time the 1.16 update came to the server which changed fishing mechanics and severely nerfed blockgitching, a staple part of queue culture at the time. Due to the new requirements of open waters to fish for treasure, most islands were revamped to adjust to the new update. Along with the revamped islands, many new parkour courses were built with new islands and ponds to fish at, such as Yellow and Ice Parkour. The secret shop, the first new shop since the Queue Server Shop, was added including elytras which could be used to help fly to these islands. This change established a more incentivized progression system as players were motivated to get an elytra and the armor needed to access the secret shop. This change also solidified the enchanted book market as there was now a reason to buy enchanted books. Many small builds were built such as the Dreadnought and the Spirit of Queue, and the first players reached trusted trader netherite on the queue discord: EmeraldJaguar, the self-proclaimed master of trading, and Lacksal, a Gen 1 queuefag that had racked up trades with his Saddle Empire. There were also many of the first community-made groups and movements were created around this time, such as Lime Gang, Bowlist Revolution, Monkey Island Prohibition, and most prominently, Sky Sailors.

Sky Sailors Era

Sky Sailors was a group formed by _DarkVictor_, Psychedelic_Poro, Energycorex2, Flubbernuggets, and TueJei on June 16, 2020 to combine queue knowledge and glitches for cheeky plans. They first planned to reach Cookie Island where they used multiple techniques to access the island. When they reached Cookie Island, they discovered that there was 5 unprotected diamond ore. They mined the diamond ore and had new ideas in plan. They ended up creating a secret base hundreds of blocks away using Jungle Island as a starting point to bridge outwards. While bridging, they were spotted by Thib_, who joined the group to keep the base secret. On July 1, Sky Sailors created a base 800 blocks away from spawn. They managed to collect a dirt block and a sapling and collect water using a cauldron and glass bottles. Thib_ managed to convince Boone to sell mycelium in the shop, which gave SS an opportunity to buy more dirt to expand their island. However, they needed a way to afford the dirt they needed to buy to expand their island.

During the SS Era, there was an offer to sell 25 bowls for one queue dollar in the secret shop. Boone implemented this forgetting that bowls could be crafted through wood, a farmable material. GoldenCookie420 knew about the exploit but did not let Boone know about it. So when SS discovered the exploit, they used it to their fullest advantage. They used the bowl money they farmed to buy more dirt which would allow them to plant more trees and the cycle continues. And for 6 days, SS was able to farm bowls at their base for insane amounts of profit. They had bought several stacks of dirt very easily and could farm until a world border was implemented on July 7. Boone then extended the world guard to the entire map making it no longer possible to use blocks on queue without permission. SS, 5 days later, revealed their secret base to the queue community and were given their own player island on queue, becoming the second player island after Cookie Island.

Despite their island being moved, they still continued to farm bowls. They had accumulated enough money to buy all mending books on the server and had the ability to inflate the economy. They had even bought a mending book from Tiger_Try for 110 iron nuggets. However, StrongmanWalter got wind of this exploit and told Boone on July 20. Boone then removed bowls from the shop with each member being taxed heavily. StrongmanWalter was added to Skyborn before being banned for autofishing just a few days later.

The SS Bowl Exploit make Sky Sailors the richest group on the server despite being taxed heavily. Their exploits led to the expansion of the world guard, the removal of the ability to sell bowls in the queue shop, and the impact of bowls as a meme item on queue. Events such as the Bowlist Revolution occurred in reaction to the SS Bowl Scandal, and even today, bowls have an impact on queue with the bowl emote and the shitpost channel being called bowlposts in Master Baiters, the queue discord, despite Sky Sailors being a shell of what it once was today.

After the Sky Sailors Era, queue ran as normal. However, once the school year began for many, those queuefags no longer had the time to play on queue. causing them to leave temporarily or permanently. Other queuefags became bored of queue because many queuefags played considerably less and no major changes aside from elytras had been made in the Old Queue Era. All this combined caused queue to dip to its lowest popularity ever since the implementation of fishing. Ideas of new additions were brought up like a Fight Club arena where players could fight to the death or plots that could be purchased with queue nuggets. However, despite these ideas being proposed, they were not implemented until many weeks later. This lead to many people having a false hope for queue and quitting. However, with the addition of PvP in Fight Club and Queue Town later on, a new wave of players joined ending the Old Queue Era.

New Queue Era

The New Queue Era is the current major era of queue, spanning from September 28, 2020 to current day. It consists of 3 periods: Gen 3, Pre-Hypergen Era, and Hypergen Era and 3 minor eras: the Queue Renaissance, the Queue Recession, and the Third Queue Death. The New Queue Era consists the addition of PvP, purchasable plots, plot extensions, and many new shops and parkours. The first addition was PvP.

Gen 3/Queue Renaissance

Gen 3 and the Queue Renaissnace began on September 28, 2020 when PvP was introduced into Fight Club. This change sparked the largest influx of players queue had ever seen at that time going from the most dead period in its history to arguably the most popular time in its history. Weapons and weapon enchantments now had value in the market, and trade spiked from the mass inactivity that had occurred over the past month. These new influx of players also brought in a new culture along with the player base. With the more toxic nature of PvP, a more toxic culture came with the rise of Fight Club as well. Janitoring became a viable strategy; market competition arose; and old morals began to decline such as the first come first serve mentality and agreed market prices. Due to the competition, market prices skyrocketed for valuable enchantments such as mending and protection. This change brought in many new players who were excited about the new PvP feature in queue, but those that did not like the PvP aspect of queue needed a new feature as well.

On October 18, 2020, Queue Town was released allowing players to buy a plot of land that they have perms to on queue. This feature revolutionized queue because items that could only be produced by player islands like Museum Island and Sky Sailors could now be produced by anyone who owns a plot and gave the entire queue community the ability to store many more items than previously possible. When Queue Town was small and first growing, this had little to no impact, but once queue town grew to a size where a significant portion of the player base had plot, many trends began to pop up.

By the time the new year had rolled around, Fight Club had died down. At the same time, Queue Town was growing faster than ever, giving more players the ability to store exponentially more items than before. As a result of this storage expansion, the supply of all items significantly increased. Players that were not able to sell an item would just hold onto it in their plot chests until they were able to sell their books. Along with this, many Generation 3 queuefags now had a plot and the best gear and no longer needed to use enchanted books. With not enough players joining fast enough to keep up with the skyrocketing supply, market prices began to drop. The market competition that had increased the prices also began decreasing the prices as players began undercutting to sell their items more easily. This lack of demand and nearly infinite supply lead to the Queue Recession. Trades slowed down, and less player interaction happened. However, there was one player who quickly rose to fame in queue amidst the lack of player interaction.

Pre-Hypergen Era

The Pre-Hypergen Era was the midpoint between Gen 3 and the Hypergen Era. The Pre-Hypergen Era was highlighted by SuspiciousTree who learned about Purity Vanilla Queue from a friend and fellow queuefag, GhostRidare. Using his entrepreneurial skills and his competitive spirit, he was able to get an elytra in the first two days of playing using the sales of god rods and hours of fishing. He was then able to get a plot in a week and was the fastest player ever to get to Trusted Trader Netherite on Master Baiters. His trading ability was unmatched reporting a majority of the trades during the Queue Recession and even pulling off the most trades in a day. Some thought he was an alt from his quick riches and clear association with GhostRidare. However, it was evident through his mannerisms and trading ability that SuspiciousTree was not an alt.

Void Cult

SuspiciousTree then began his own religion called the Void Cult, a countercult to the Dunkey Cult that had reigned supreme for nearly the entire lifespan of queue. The Void Cult's main premise was that the Void is always hungry and needs sacrifice to be satisfied. If not enough is sacrificed, the Void would take something away from Queue, like when Dunkey died on July 30, 2020. The Void Cult gained a massive following even potentially challenging the membership of Dunkey Cult for a time and got its own church in queue. Many valuable items were sacrificed such as a gold sword from Corrible_Hunt. But due to secrecy of upcoming information about the Cult and a lack of activity, the Void Cult eventually died off.

Anti-Anvil Army

On the same day Void Cult was formed, the Anti-Anvil Army was formed. Led by Primisit, was a group that formed to destroy all anvils on queue. Destroying all anvils on queue would force Boone to be more active to replace the anvils and therefore become more involved on the queue server. Their first meeting was a huge success, destroying all the anvils with the help of rain and 24 total members on the first meeting. They continued to have meetings, but each meeting became less successful than the last due to an inability to coordinate a time to effectively work together to destroy the anvils. Primisit has also been caught showing off badminned items that were thought of to not exist in queue, such as a trident and even an arrow. The main belief of how he got those items were with real life money, and players in the Anti-Anvil Army began to lose moral. After several unsuccessful meetings and Good Vibes Tribe moving onto main, the Anti-Anvil Army died off.

Queue Recession

After market demand decreased from the Queue Renaissance, players began to trade less. As a result, many items that did not have a store value, mostly enchanted books, began to decrease in value. As a result, many books sunk to 1 nug or lost value completely. This was caused by multiple reasons. The addition of plots allowed players to get significantly more storage where players could store the books they could not sell instead of grinding or voiding them. This meant that the market supply of enchanted books significantly increased. The addition of plots also required fewer enchanted books per nug in the progression system since players needed an additional 300 nugs to purchase a plot. Players who were fishing for a plot could fish enough enchanted books in the 300 nugs to make an iron gset when they fished for an iron set without needing to trade with other players. Fewer players were joining after the hype from Fight Club died down, so there were fewer players to sell enchanted books to and more people selling as the players that had joined during the peak of Fight Club had already gotten god gear and a plot. Multiple changes would be made in the Hypergen Era to combat this price decline. However, during the Pre-Hypergen Era, nothing was done to combat this decline in market prices because it was seen as a normal change in prices. A new influx of players would eventually join the server which helped stagnate market prices and ended the Queue Recession.

On January 15, 2021, SalC1 made a video on 2b2t alternatives. In this video, he covered Purity Vanilla, and despite criticizing the server, many of his fans joined the server. This new influx of players established Purity Vanilla as one of the major vanilla servers in Minecraft but also gave its queue a consistent influx of players. The values of enchanted books stopped decreasing and stagnated ending the Queue Recession. The Salfags that joined the server brought in a consistent number of players that would symbolize the Hypergen Era. The Hypergen Era is the era in queue after Fight Club where players would quickly come in and out of queue faster than any other generation before it. Players had been getting rich quicker as time progressed on queue, and by the Hypergen Era, players were getting plots easily in less than a month. Since any investment made after plots gave diminishing returns, many players stopped playing on queue and moved onto main. The rapid influx of players was able to replace the quickly departing queuefags. Since players were coming and going at a very quick rate, there was not an actual generation of fishers but instead many shorter generations that were not sparked by a certain event, hence why the era is called the Hypergen Era.

Hypergen Era

The Hypergen Era is the current era of queue where waves of players come and go much quicker than stable generations, hence the name of the era. Many new features were added, mainly to give queuefags different way to spend nugs, as players began to stop playing queue after buying a plot. Plot expansions were added with the addition of Richfag Town, costing 800 nugs for the first expansion and 1200 for the second expansion. The Queue Sewers were added as a way for players to explore around the map to find keys. These keys would give players access to the sewers which allowed players to travel almost anywhere on the main island. Multiple builds and parkours were built, and a couple minor shops were created giving players access to a few new items. Creep_Assassin_ quit Purity Vanilla and transferred ownership of Master Baiters (the queue discord) to Flubbernuggets. The queue system also changed to allow players in lower queues to join the server quicker, encouraging some to stay on the server and causing players with higher ranks to play and learn more about queue. NTD was also created, originally an experiment to see how a large group of players would work on a plot. At the start their plot worked out rather well, with the members cooperating well with each other and with little conflict. but after a while an NTD member with the name of Kai_69 griefed their base by taking the money that was held in a chest and taking the loot of the other members. Some of the items were a bucket of milk, a sewer key and a clock. later Kai_69 decided to give back the sewer key to its owner. he wanted NTD to suffer and vanish from existence. after the robbery NTD recovered fast, but Kai_69 managed to ruin their imaged as he wished, and that lead to them no longer being as popular as they were, there arent so many willing to join NTD nowadays because of what had happened.

Kai_69 robbed approximately 250$/nuggets worth of items and about 200$/nuggets from the NTD's savings chest, no one knows exactly what he did with the money but rumors say that he gave half of the money to a friend, and he threw the money he had left into the void. and after ruining both NTD's and his own image he decided to leave Purity Vanilla for good.

The Hypergen Era began with the influx of players after SalC1 made a video on alternatives to 2b2t. Despite Sal criticizing the server, many of his fans joined the server causing an increase in queue's popularity. This video ended the Queue Recession as new players created a new demand for enchanted books, stagnating the supply that had been growing since the addition of plots. However, since players would stop queuefagging after they bought plots, many of these waves of players were smaller and lasted a shorter amount of time. These waves were called hypergens because of their quick nature. The incoming players eventually from the video dried out as players still continued to leave after buying a plot. This led to queue dying for a third time.

Third Queue Death

The Third Queue Death was the most recent queue death. It was caused by players getting bored after buying a plot and not staying for an extended period of time. Boone made multiple changes to queue to help combat this issue, but these attempts were either insignificant or unsuccessful. The Third Queue Death was the least dead queue death, but it brought the discussion of how to keep queue sustainable in the long run. When queue's popularity declined before, Boone would add a new feature to increase queue's popularity again. However, with fewer features that could feasibly be added, players were concerned that queue may eventually die permanently. The queue death itself did not last very long, however, and after the server and its queue shit itself on April Fools Day, the Third Queue Death ended.

Queue Groups & Notable Players


  • Sky Sailors (inactive)
  • Skyborn (active)
  • Museum Island (active)
  • Crimson Club [CC] (active)
  • Red Gang (active)
  • NTD (active)
  • Anti Anvil Alliance (inactive)
  • Void Cult (inactive)
  • Dunkey Worshippers (active)

Notable Players

  • GoldenCookie420 - First rod
  • WheresColdex - First queuefag
  • Psychedelic_Poro - Made major contributions to spread fishing
  • Antonio_le_Coq - Achieved level 350 from nothing but fishing, which is probably a world record tbh
  • EmeraldJaguar - Owner of Museum Island, First Trusted Trader Netherite
  • _DarkVictor_ - Elon Musk of queue, leader of Sky Sailors
  • Corrible_Hunt - Caught over 200,000 fish
  • Flubbernuggets - Current owner of Master Baiters (queue discord), member of Sky Sailors
  • Architect_Prime - Fastest 100k Caught Fish Record
  • Kai_69 - first person to ever rob a faction in queue