Purity Wiki

Started on March 23rd of 2019, Purity Vanilla is a Minecraft server dedicated to providing players with a server dedicated to the authentic feeling of the vanilla game, with a strict policy against exploits and game-altering plugins.

This wiki is dedicated to the history of Purity Vanilla, and the many players who have influenced the community in their own unique ways. Despite the constant changing nature of builds and legacies on the server, the wiki remains a constant chronicle of history, documenting the stories of bases and players.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to wiki content, but please note - while the server itself is based on anarchy, the wiki is not. Any vandalism of article content or abuse will not be tolerated. Please refer to the Wiki Guidelines.


Server Info - Main directory of categories and important pages on the wiki

Important Links[]

  • discord.gg/uCa9n2n - The Purity Vanilla Discord server, for discussion or help from Purity's staff