Purity Wiki

Purity Vanilla is a vanilla-anarchy server founded on March 23rd, 2019 by Penguin, who currently runs the server. The server is unique in that despite being considered an anarchy server, use of hacks, exploits, and lag machines are not allowed.


The owner of Purity Vanilla, Penguin, decided on March 23rd, 2019, to make a server. Based on the ideas of a server similar to those larger at the time, Penguin decided to have an Anarchy Server with a far more Vanilla appeal. His choice to exclude hacking, exploits, and Lag Machines made the server a bit more unique than it's fellow Anarchy servers.

Soon, the server grew in popularity, boasting a 40 player limit, which was filled half the time. According to the server website, the server reached over 10,000 unique players in just a few months.

The map's borders were locked at 250k blocks out from Spawn (making the entire playable area about 500k x 500k blocks). This was later extended to 500k blocks out, with the player limit being increased to 90.

On March 24, 2020, a queue was added due to the growing playerbase. After the influx due to the COVID-19 pandemic the server on average reached player counts of 60-80 players. This rose to 90-100 players by summer of 2021, when the server moved to new hardware and the playercap was set to 102, which was filled at peak hours. This was later lowered to around 95.


Exploits and any types of hacked clients are not allowed in accordance with the Rules. On top of this, any mods that effect gameplay (radar, minimaps with entity positions) are considered cheats and are banned.

To stand with the idea of Vanilla, purity has few commands vanilla doesn't have

The server is run by a small staff team, who enforce the rules.


The Culture of Purity Vanilla matches that of other anarchy servers; toxic.

Nazi symbols, racial slurs, and the ever-fun users who join just to spam are plentiful. Some of the best toxic and idiotic quotes have been saved as copypastas.

However, not all of the server is bad. There are many who join for other reasons; a nice vanilla server to head out into the wild and explore, A place to have some fun with friends, a place to meet new people, or a place to just enjoy the game.

Since there are no rules against doing so, much drama is started here. Bases are leaked, betrayal is somewhat common, and trust is void about half the time.


Purity Vanilla uses ranks as rewards to donors, staff, and those who have registered. In order of importance, the ranks are Owner, Admin, Moderator, Trial Moderator, Ultimate, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Whites, and Greys.


  • Greys - Unranked players commonly referred to as "greys", usually in a derogatory context, due to their grey-colored name and text in chat
  • Registered - Players who have voted 25 times and have a white-colored name and text. Formerly, the requirement was to enter your username on the designated Planet Minecraft thread.
Donor ranks

These ranks give players priority in the queue (except for Silver), access to the donor-only Discord server, access to /nick, and access to chat formatting.

  • Silver - Costs $5; gives a cyan name
  • Gold - Costs $10; gives a gold name
  • Platinum - Costs $20; gives a turquoise name
  • Ultimate - Costs $40; allows custom-colored nicknames
  • Prestige - Costs $70; same perks as Ultimate along with access to the /seen and /hat commands.
Staff ranks


  • Donor - all donor ranks gain this rank, which allows access to the #server-chat channel
  • Trail Moderators are staff heavily watched by other staff. They are still in training, and it is important you always make fun of them.
  • Moderators have access to /tp and can ban those who are breaking the server rules.
  • Admins manage the Moderators, but primarily have the same permissions as Moderators.
  • The Owner (aka Penguin) is a one of a kind. The rank has no restrictions, as Penguin is opped.


Voting on Purity Vanilla is both a rewarding and good idea. Voting bumps the server up on lists, so people are more likely to see it. On top of this, voting will earn you a bunch of rewards, as listed below. To maintain a voting streak, you must vote on at least 3 of the 5 voting sites each day. Use /votestreak to check your current streak.

Voting Rewards (/Rewards)

Vote streak rewards (lost upon broken streak)

  • 14+ days: Voter rank - receives queue priority over non-voter-rank players of your same donor rank
  • 32+ days: Campaigner rank - voting suffix in chat/playerlist, access to /nick and /seen, ability to use color in chat, ability to format item names in an anvil
  • 64+ days: Activist rank - access to full color and formatting in nicknames

Total vote rewards (permanent)

  • 25 votes: Member rank - white name, name appears higher in playerlist
  • 1000 votes: Supporter rank - green name, name appears higher in playerlist, access to /nick and seen, guaranteed player beheading