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Pulque (pulque_) is an influential member of the Church of Guac (CoG) and a Moderator of Purity Vanilla. He is known for being a filthy communist and establishing the CoG bases Pulqueville and Jizz City.


Pulque first joined the server on 11 August 2019. A 'toxic niggа' in his first month, he established a base at the location 160k -7k. (the coordinates of which would later become a meme) After talking about how he loved his 'two dads' Nolsdod and Monsterstep, he was invited by the two to their base, becoming the third member of their group. This group would later be named CoG. Pulque would later start a new CoG base, CoG Valley or Guac Valley, as their current base was too small for their ambitions.

CoG Valley became inactive after Monsterstep and Young_Nub left the server, leading Pulque to form a new base named Pulqueville on 30 December 2019 in an attempt to breathe new life into the group. Pulque invited around 20 people to this new base, and things were going well until it was found out on 5 January that one of the base members, GrandmaPepe, had leaked the base locations of Dawnbreakers and Greenland to Valhalla. Due to this, they decided to relocate to a new base.

Pulque wanted to name the new base Cum Town, after the vulgar podcast, but after discussing with the other members, they decided on the name Jizz City. The base had many notable members, including Aggie142, Snakob, and PunkFlorist. Shortly after forming Jizz City, Pulque became a Trial Moderator on 7 January, being promoted to a full Moderator a week afterwards. After the base member Junda was tempbanned for using an autoclicker to punch a wall for some reason, Jizz City became pretty inactive. Pulque decided to leave the base, and went to the base of Erebus Core. Shortly after he left, Jizz City fell apart entirely after Aggie leaked its coordinates to Hux.