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Small goldfarm briefly present in one iteration of Pog Town

Pog Town, July 15, 2021

Pog Town is a popular site at Spawn currently located at 300, 170. It was created in early April 2021 following the Spawn Infrastructure Project's improvements to Spawn such as the obsidian highway grid, originally located at 300, 300. It has moved over the months due to griefs. As of July 2021, the site is populated with players almost all hours of the day, mostly greyfags and new players, as well as geared players looking for a fight. The site is commonly the site of crystal PvP fights, such as a 5v5 between CRA and Aura on July 10.

Pog Town is often griefed and rebuilt. In general, the site features obsidian roads, various farms, and useful early game items such as wood and food.