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Time has passed since Erebus Core's final project, The Pillar of Autumn. Though incomplete, the two remaining active members M1an and MastersChief desired for an actual base, one that would be the biggest project taken on by the core to awaken their desire to pIay the game yet again. It was at this time Frost had begun to begin assembling the heavenly construct that was a statue of 2B, using an outside program that Chief had harassed for more information on, and eventually Frost had caved in. It was the start of a friendship, and a project for the Core.


How It Was Built

Utilizing a 3D file of the Pillar of Autumn from the video game Halo, Chief had recreated the entire ship in survival mode, all resources gathered by himself. (A fucking lie to himself, but at least he couldn't fly, right?) The project took about a week of building, though eventually it was finally completed.

The PoA (Pillar of Autumn) is about 100 blocks long. Inside is a convoluted, but detailed interior made to resemble a sci-fi base. Containing water elevators, mausoleums, and storage rooms, the Pillar of Autumn serves as the headquarters for Erebus Core. It is the team's most finely crafted work, utilizing all of their two chromosomes to achieve the perfection that is the PoA.

A Visitor

The infamous group known as Dumpster Dogs has visited the PoA once, baiting the discord into believing the ship had been compromised. There is little else to discuss besides the fact it's the greatest build of all time and if one were to disagree they'd be stupid and dumb and bad and retarded and gay.

The (first, fake) Fall of The Pillar

Two weeks into the interior's construction, on October tenth, MastersChief found out that M1an supported Israel unironically, which caused him to require a statement be made. Chief had taken it upon himself to remove the pox that was M1an's presence via detonating the ship's reactor core, just like Halo: CE. Stacks of TNT and lava were harmed in the making. This event was actually a shitpost by Chief - the base survived for months after this supposed fall.

The (second, real) Fall of The Pillar

On 1 January 2020, the Pillar of Autumn was griefed by Valhalla. Valhalla claimed that it was found using random block rotations in screenshots, which would be the only known use of this in the history of the server. Purity's mod team believes the base was leaked by former mod DouuG1 to Valhalla, and he was banned for this, which remains controversial. After the fall of the Pillar, Erebus Core fled to construct a new base.