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Phoenix, founded on May 1st, 2019 by Dovakaen was a faction containing many of the original members on Purity Vanilla. In it's prime, it was considered the largest faction with the largest base.


Phoenix Base

Phoenix Base was considered one of the largest bases in its prime, sporting two gold/xp farms (one built by Dova, the other by Seiyadragon) three village breeders (One by Dornan13, one by Dova, and one by Seiyadragon), one auto sugarcane farm (By Kova), a really shitty auto steak cooker (built by Frost), a mob grinder (by Dova), the houses of all ten members, artistic additions such as Kova's pixel heart, WATASHIWARAMEN's garden (a homage built by Dova for his love for her),a spiral in the center of the base with a glass halo above (built by Dova), and Frost's impressive underground bunkers/hidden tunnels.

The Downfall

FinnyFinnster. The convicted hacker who betrayed Phoenix. After infiltrating the group posing as a friendly potential basemate, Finny's first actions as a member include: killing of unsuspecting players in the base, attempted killing of Kova who was afk at a farm, attempted destruction of the base through fire, and doing one of the best cosplays of an autistic child. Confronted with these actions, Finny destroyed his own house and committed suicide, respawning at a temp base.

Being the true idiot he is, Finny openly admitted to using player radar to an admin in private messages; being subsequently banned. As any other autistic child would, Finny called his fiance/mother in autistic rage to harass the staff team for picking on a disabled child. This action forever branded him as Finny "I'm going to tell my fiance on you" Finnster. Some say you can hear a distant screech in the background of Purity, as Finny wanders the server, declared excommunicado and barred from any well established team.

During this event, the coordinates of Phoenix Base were leaked as Finny gave it to multiple people. The base was quickly abandoned, and the faction dissolved.