Purity Wiki

"on my 9b9t base we have illegal items" ― Penguin

Penguin is the servers god responsible for creating the hell we call Purity Vanilla. You can tell he regrets making the server just as much as we regret playing it. He's not on the server as often as his mods as even playing his own server for a few minutes drives him nearer to insanity. If he were to ever go insane the only one who could save us would be Minecraftnerd19.

What does he do?

As the owner of the server, he has many important roles, such as trying to make sure the server stays up despite the fact player numbers and map size keep doubling. He also has the very important job explaining the same four things to people on discord. To help maintain Penguins sanity, please remember that complaining about the server will not get it fixed faster.