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The Pathfinder Coalition, better known as PaCo, was a group devoted to the repair and upkeeping of the server's main nether highways. The group was founded by StarBaron and TipTopBop on the 28th of June 2019 after being offended by the poor condition of the server's nether highways.

The players GamingPartridge (OwO), and Lolingcraft joined the group shortly after and set up a temporary base nearby to assist with repair efforts. Soon more members joined such as KrazyDrayz and work began in force. PaCo was active until late August, when its members parted ways to different groups within Purity. StarBaron later founded a revival of PaCo, PaCo 2, in March 2020.


The group set out to achieve the goal of extending the highways and creating ring roads at prominent intervals.

Positive-Negative Diagonal Highway

The first breakthrough was made by Tiptop when he extended the Positive-Negative Axis Diagonal Highway to 2.5k. The group then fixed the nether spawn adding portals and safe proofing the floor with obsidian.

First Ring Road

The next breakthrough was again by Tiptop when he created the first ring road link from ++ to the +X highway. Soon after Lolingcraft and OwO reached 5k, the decided Goal, on the ++ highway and added a sign to the existing wall from long ago.

End Spawn Repair

On August 1st, 2019, OwO fixed the end spawn, making it actually traversable.

Summer melon

PaCo finished -Z highway around June 2020 and left a city at the end of it.