Specimen description

oVe, or Sinther, which is his other alias, is a Swedish university student that joined the server in October, mostly known for behaving like and edgy teenager in the purity discord. In his own mind he does this to "trigger people for the lulz". If you see him on the server he is 100% procrastinating or afking a farm that barely works to acquire block game wealth. He can speak Swedish, English, German and a bit of Japanese, he only has Italian left before he has completed his collection of the axis' languages.


oVe started playing on Purity Vanilla the 15th of October 2019 or possibly earlier, intrigued by the anarchy servers he had previously played on 9b9t but he joined purity since he really wanted to play anarchy on 1.14. He couldn't get a hacked client to work on his Linux system for 1.14 so unlike most greyfags he didn't hack the first month, it was first after he had gotten himself gear and elytra that he started hacking.

At spawn he went through a lit portal near 0, 0 and he ended up in the nether hub, at this point in time it was just a huge cobblestone and nether rack platform with a portal in the middle. He started panicking even tho no one was there, quickly he started running out the southern highway as he reasoned that "the sexy bikini girls are all to the south". He went through a portal at the highway and started travelling in the over world. After raiding a coupe shipwrecks he started to create an underground starter base with some farms and a skeleton spawner.

After a two weeks of silently building his base he opened the chat and asked if anyone was selling netherwart. Insultron replied, after some talking with Insultron he ended up joining The Block. After joining The Block he started to work on his first mapart, Padoru, for the christmas building contest 2019. He came second place in the contest which gave him heaps of bonus votes. After building on The Block's base Project 0, the faction activity dropped down and he ventured out and made his own real base not far away, after digging out a big ravine with terraformed terrain he made his first slime farm, he started to produce chests of slime balls and set up a honey farm. Eventually his supplies began to overflow and so he opened a shop in the trading discord called "Sinther's Sticky Stuff".

Suddenly, like a lightning bolt in a blue sky, he saw another player fly over his base and he panicked big time, he swiftly ripped out all the beacons, hoppers and bees nests out of the base and messaged another weeb on the server, known for playing azurlane. After some talking he was accepted into DB. He quickly finished up his hammer and sickle map art and flew away to Dungmark. At Dungmark he built a ziggurat and a new slime farm under it to keep his shop in the purity market discord going. When ziggurat was finalised he made the servers first staircased 3x2 map art with the two carrier ships kaga and akagi from azurlane. DB started to work on a new base the summer 2020 and oVe created the tradehall at their new base, built like a japanese castle it was one of his best builds on the server so far, according to himself. The castle along with the rest of the base was later greifed by NSO.

Ove decided to quit DB in January 2021 but then came back for a brief period. He then decided to quit DB for good at the end of April 2021. He continues onward placing blocks here and there, As for May 2021 he is building something at the base Iceage and also at his own base(s).

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