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Ordo (order in Latin) is a faction comprised of builders, redstone architects and PVPers alike. The faction was set up shortly after the fall of the ASU  and started with many of its previous members. Ordo has close ties to: the Vagabonds, old Zenith members and GLM. Originally their objective was to create order on Purity Vanilla, but as time went on it became obvious that some places are best left as anarchy.


The idea of Ordo was started in late April, back when the Alfredo Sacred Union was a faction. Jmen_07 had joined the group in hope of making new friends and have something to do. In truth Jmen had always wished to someday rule his own faction. When their first base, the church, got griefed, Jmen was already seriously thinking of starting something on his own, but decided to stick around and see what the future plans were. within weeks the ASU was completely gone from the server, including Jmen himself. Only a month later, on June the first, did Jmen come back to start working on his ideals. He quickly invited an old ASU member, H4MBURGUES10 and a new friend, KingJohnson, to the newformed group. As the three of them prepared to move bases, since they had been sheltering in an old ASU base named Outpost Bookmaker, they were convinced of Jmen's leadership. On the 5th of June Jmen was crowned by the two members as dictator, sole ruler for a limited time. On this day Ordo officially started and the ASU was finally declared disbanded. With the formalities out of the way, the group quickly looted their base and journeyed through the nether until they found a suitable portal spot. Not long after Jmen_07 and KingJohnson would find the spot for Palatine Hill, their new capital. With a newfound alliance with the Vagabonds done, the group was truly started.


As became obvious within a matter of time, the group was in dire need of new basemates. Whilst their previous faction had fallen due to inviting randoms, Ordo at this point had little choice. Jmen_07 would go over the recruitment and the base, as the other two were already starting to disappear for longer periods of time. He would quickly run into a player named HailSatin and the two would click well. Jmen helped Satin along with some basic gear and later asked the player if he was interested in joining Ordo. To Jmen's dismay, Satin had already aligned himself with another group. The two would stay in touch. Days later, Jmen ran into a player named Peacemakerz_. Whilst Jmen was a bit more cautious, he quickly took a liking to the player and invited him over after some time. These two players would lay the foundations of Palatine Hill.

By this time Jmen_07 and Peacemakerz_ were the only two actual players only mostly, but Ordo's luck would change as the faction Satin was in, Cool army, would get leaked and thus put in danger. Knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, Jmen quickly invited HailSatin over and anyone from the group that he trusted. Soon he arrived, accompanied by WaterRatL. Cool army's main base would get griefed the same week as their leader, Coolboy1238, tried defending it on his own valiantly.

Having doubled in size, the group started to actually take shape. The new members started working on the base, but Jmen was still ambitious for more. Whilst this would be well manageable, he wanted Ordo to be taken seriously and thus containing more members. His friends from the Vagabonds discouraged him, reminding him what he told them. That he would not make the same mistakes as ASU. undeterred, Jmen continued his advances. On the Queue server he made contact with a player named Brackmon. Being more careful this time, he told the player to build something for a week and let an Ordo member visit it. This way he had to put his trust in Ordo, like Ordo would have to put their trust in him. After six days of doing this, Brackmon's base got found and griefed. Putting his faith in the player, Jmen invited him to Ordo anyways, but was shocked when he arrived with an uninvited guest.

As Jmen arrived at the meeting location he found Brackmon being accompanied by a player named Twistedmedia. Unlike Brackmon or Jmen however, Twisted arrived in an elytra, a show of his wealth. After some convincing from Brackmon, Jmen took them both with him, cautiously. Luckily for Jmen, Twisted quickly took to helping out in the base, twarting the fear of him insiding it. Brackmon on the other hand got to building two crucial rooms within Palatine Hill. He rebuild the meeting hall and set the standard for the base with it. Brackmon's main hall is one of the longest surviving, untouched rooms within PH. Later he build the barracks, where players could design their own rooms, allthough this idea wouldnt happen for a long time.

By this time one of the members had annoyed the group so much, they were plotting a way to get rid of him. The player known as WaterRatL had constantly found ways to cause his basemates distrust. Nearing July Jmen came into contact with Bradley (GustyCommet), who he had disliked at first. Bradley had once killed a Ordo recruit on his way to Palatine Hill, but hearing his story, Jmen trusted the player enough to take him in. As Jmen was still thinking of a way to initiate members, he joked Bradley should kill WaterRatL. Meaning it as a joke, it got picked up by HailSatin, who came up with a clever plan. As WaterRatL had never met Bradley, he didnt know whether Bradley was a friend or a foe. If they destroyed WaterRatL's spawnbed and then killed him by someone unknown to him, they could convince him the base was griefed. Not much later WaterRatL would join the server, but would join during a restart. the three men had 2 minutes to play out their plan and it was decided Bradley would kill Satin first to draw WaterRatL away from his bed. Then WaterRatL would be ambushed and killed by Bradley, sending him back to spawn. After that they would tell WaterRatL Palatine Hill got griefed and that Ordo was no more. For two minutes planning time, the plan sounded good. In truth the plan had many flaws, but somehow everything played out as planned. After hearing what happened to the base, WaterRatL thanked the members for their playing time and left the server for good. After all this time, they finally had some sympathy with WaterRatL. Regardless, many headaches were avoided and Bradley became an official Ordo Member. Later in the Same week another player from the ASU rejoined the server to help Ordo out. UvenEhart754 was welcomed with open arms and became a pivotal player for his knowledge in PVP.

As time went and the base became almost completely done, building wise, Jmen looked to other possibilities to make fun. On a stream in the Purity Vanilla discord, he met a player named _____Nut_____. He asked for someone to bring him a map and Jmen happily obliged. When he arrived he would meet the man himself, accompanied by GrandmasterPepe, Daflea45 and a since forgotten player. Later a man named Agorm would join the stream and terrify Jmen with his deep voice. Together the found the Nutty Nomads, led by _____Nut_____ himself and tasked with rebuilding griefed monuments. Whilst the group had a good idea, Nut's short stay on the server ended the group rather quickly. Jmen kept the contact on with the other members however and would soon play on a temp map with Agorm. After spending some time with Daflea45 too, Jmen invited both over. Both accepted, however Agorm would stay at his own base, Petra, for now to finish it. Agorm would later offer Petra to become an Ordo base, becoming the first already built base, that Ordo members would move into.

On the temp map, Jmen would get into contact with baneof1 too, as he offered to give him a saddle. whilst never being able to find the player in temp, Jmen was quick to locate him on the main server and would invite him aswell. Whilst Jmen was busy, his friends at the Vagabonds had not been sitting idle either. HiraHira, one of the leaders of Ordo's closest linked alliance, had been busy building a base he named Melancholy hill together with 1PGamer and Eulosinger. Hira was quick to have the two groups meet and they got along well. Gamer and Jmen would start a close friendship, leading to Gamer being invited. As he was still officially a team with Eulo and Micolash, he declined, but would spend most his time with the group in Palatine Hill. Gamer became an honourary member, not officially linked to the group, but always seen as one.

For a while the group stayed like this. Having H4MBURGUES10 online more often, the twelve members worked together on new projects. This worked well until the election crisis happened on July 18th. During this the actual player count had dwindled so much, the group was about to fall apart. This was weeks after Ordo had been turned into a republic, fulfilling the first promise made when Ordo was started up. In this time of need however, Jmen_07 took power and stabilized the faction, implementing a system of hierarchy that would make it easier to get new recruits in and get projects done more efficient. As he gathered that to combat the outgoing players, he would need to invite new players into the faction. Together with this, he had finally come up with a way of initiating new members. EnriqueMR would be the first ever initiated member, as he passed the initiation flawlessly. He too would bring his own build into the faction, but Jmen decided against inviting players over, as Enrique would get banned from Purity not long after for using minimap. Jmen kept the base as it was, as a monument to this great builder and hoping to keep the base safe.

Before this all happened, another player within Ordo was banned. TwistedMedia had been banned for similar reasons, but had only faced a temporary ban. Eventhough his ban was over soon after, Twisted took a long break from the server, only returning scarcely. Before he left, he had been in contact with a player named Matxikadu and told him about Ordo. Halfway through Twisted's ban, Mat nervously asked Jmen if he knew any of the higher up within Ordo. After explaining that he lead Ordo himself, Jmen quickly found out Twisted had indeed been promoting Ordo. As Twisted had never let him down before, Mat was quickly initiated, setting aside some trouble with another recruit. His initiation was a complete mess, as many obstacles hindered him. In the long wait the group decided to give their visitor an honourary initiation. Jmen's old friend, Loker (PinkHatPonpo), had been partaking in the initiation as a guest, but ended up becoming part of the group in a very loose way. After Mat's issues were solved, he too would be initiated before a crowd a lot smaller than Loker had just witnessed. Nonetheless, the faction player base seemed stable again as older members, intrigued by the new projects, returned to Purity Vanilla. A second golden age started.

During this time, Jmen had given rule of Ordo out of his hands for a while, as he attended to more pressing matters. He decided on trusting his two longest playing members, which he had already made Consul in the hierarchy implementation, with the task of keeping Ordo safe. Peacemakerz_ would "hold fasces" first, meaning that he would take control over the first half of the week, leaving HailSatin to have most to say during the end of the week. Jmen gave both command during his absentia to guarantee that if one of them would do something making use of the situation, the other could prevent it. This worked well, until august the 4th, the last day of Satin holding fasces. Petra had been a incorporated into Ordo for a while now, but had only been visited a few times, due to the incredible distance and lack of stasis machines yet available. Satin decided to leave Palatine Hill behind as main base and take as much as they could to Petra. He had suggested this before, but Jmen had never been a fan of abandoning their capital and instead opted on waiting for the better stasis machines. As Peace had just left on business outside of Minecraft, Satin went on with the plan, leaving a rather empty base upon Jmen's return. As Jmen was still building Palatine Hill, he convinced a select few to stay with him, diving the group in two in practice. This however did not mean there was bad blood between the two groups. Satin had long been yearning for a new project to build on and Petra fitted perfectly. For a while the two groups build their bases apart, until the later stasis machines would make travel that much easier between the bases.

Upon his return, Jmen would soon also lose the interest in finishing up the base more and more, instead opting to start on other adventures. On one of these he would come across a new player named Trolltew, who was mainly known for his edgy nature in chat and his skill in maparting. As he had been busy with this artwork, he lacked proper gear and requested a silk touch book in chat. Intrigued by his artistic nature, Jmen told him he would trade a book for his mapart as he was nearby. What started as a simple deal ended up getting Trolltew invited to Palatine Hill. Troll was allowed to stay to make some enchanted armor within the facility, but was later asked to leave once Jmen had to leave, still a bit paranoid. The two would continue talking for a while and Jmen would be invite to Troll's base a couple times, not being too far from a project of his own. Becoming thus good friends made Jmen invite Troll to the faction. Troll opted to refuse, not seeing the use in joining a faction, as his plans were mainly individual. A mere two hours later however, Troll had changed his opinion and asked to get in regardless, much to the enjoyment of Jmen. This did not go well with all of Ordo however. Upon his initiation being completed, the entire faction and allies were informed of their new comrade. Troll's early edginess, caused him some enemies, one of these being GriefYouDotEXE. The legendary player had been more and more known on the server over the past months and had been in touch with Jmen for a while. As the player had convinced Jmen to show him Palatine Hill after weeks of asking to be let in, Grief was seen by the group as a strong player and a great friend. Grief's lifestyle would have him butt heads with several players over his playing time, much to the amusement of most seeing it unravel. One of these players was Trolltew and upon hearing the news, he immediately tried to show Troll's unloyalty by trying to buy the coords off him. Coords he already had for months. Troll withstood the test however and Jmen convinced Grief there was no need to be scared.

As Ordo had been doing well, Jmen's activity would more often be around spawn or far out exploring. The highways became a second home for him as he would meet many people here, some with good intentions, most with a lot of crystals. One day as he travelled towards spawn for a project however, he came across a player in iron armor named NXNeko. The armor gave away how new the player was, that was busy repairing a highway after the highway destruction instigated Caudimora. As this brave act, risking the players own life by building so close to spawn, caught Jmen's eye, he was immediately sold. He stopped his boat to talk and would supply some tools and an echest to help along before leaving. Soon the player was invited over and became a quick fan favorite within Ordo. Her project, thot patrol, was quite near the Ordo main base and made for many visits both ways. Whilst she never became a true member of Ordo, prioritizing her own projects, she came to many Ordo gatherings and events.

For a long time Ordo would stay like this. Its vast playerbase was put to good use in both bases and other events achieving fun most of all. Nearing the end of august however, Jmen knew it would be hard to keep together the group that was getting back into their real life. A big effort was made by creating a new, unnamed base that would see all players get the chance to build freely and have allies and friends too. With the project, it was hoped to bring most members together to enhance their playing time. Another members in the form of TigerTry (a.k.a. Stereophonicduk) was introduced to the faction, to bolster its numbers, as Jmen felt for Tiger's position. As the preparations were made however, Jmen would find it harder and harder to continue his project, eventually leaving the server. Speaking to his closest friends, he discussed a future for Ordo under a new leadership, maybe even going back to a democracy, but all ideas seemed to lack a true backbone. On October 16th, after a last emotional speech by its leader, Ordo was disbanded as a faction within Purity Vanilla. A promise was made that all would meet again in better days and continue their fun, but for now they would part. It is yet unknown where most players ended up at, all that is known is that they will bring a bit of Ordo with them wherever they go.



The creator and leader of Ordo for most of its existence, Jmen can be proud with his accomplishments of the faction. Mostly busy with inviting members he can trust and declining alts that want to blow them up, he also played a pivotal role in many of the events hosted by Ordo and is the main builder of Palatine hill. His dedication to authority has often been questioned as his hierarchy system can be seen as too serious for the server.

characteristics: paranoid, ambitious, authoritarian, strict, helpful, lucky, social, cunning, stubborn


Past leader of the ASU and among the first three players of Ordo, H4m is seen as one of the founding fathers of the faction. His often long pauses from the server have barred him from gaining any serious position of power within the faction, but he is liked for his silly humour and decent building style.

characteristics: funny, jovial, uncommitted, pleas


Being the third of the original group, Johnson's status was always high when he was on. Having left on June the 12th and not laid contact since, the player is not expected to return. His additions to the group were monumental and he is extremely missed by old friends like Jmen_07 and Drew. He is also the first Ordo member to see fun in spawnfagging.

characteristics: charismatic, kind, brutish


As the first official recruit of Ordo, they could not have wished for a better player. Peace came in to combat the outgoing players and became a vital part of the group. Being named consul on the reforms of July the 18th, Peace is Jmen's most trusted companion and the groups most diligent restructurer.

characteristics: pleasant, diligent, ordered, absent, loyal


Coming over from the destroyed Coolarmy, Satin adapted quickly to life within Ordo. Often seen as the most beloved person in Ordo, he had always been a leader and this was confirmed by Jmen in the reforms of July the 18th. Being one of 2 consuls, Satin often joked about taking over the faction, but never let it come to fruition. Satin and Jmen would often be at each others throats, but would always remain good friends and have full trust in the other. Almost always at least.

Characteristics: charismatic, funny, unruly, stubborn, cunning


Having accompanied Satin to Palatine Hill, he quickly annoyed his basemates so much, they wanted him out. Having been removed from the faction via a clever plot, the player has only been seen on the server rarely and poses no real threat to the faction whatsoever.

characteristics: friendly, unruly, irritating, childish


Being mainly active on the queue server got him into contact with the group. Next to being a joy to talk with the player transformed Palatine hill massively, giving it a great artistic look. The player had been missing for a long time, but resurfaced recently on the server

characteristics: friendly, generous, detailed, diligent, absent


Having left the server after a temporary ban, he came back stronger than ever after a long time. Being mostly at his own secretive base, the man played a big part in the early life of the faction and has been joyously invited back with open arms.

characteristics: funny, generous, absent


Better known as Bradley, he got into contact with ordo by killing one of its players. Upon meeting him later, he was quickly forgiven and given a place amongst ordo's ranks after his untimely departure from Epic. Bradley was extremely ambitious, but never accomplished any of his goals, having cut contact with the group early on in July after a unfortunate accident. With him it's a big question of what could have been.

characteristics: ambitious, social, absent


After the fall of the ASU, Uven had stayed in contact with the past players and was often asked to join their new project. refusing for a while, he finally gave in on July 7th and rejoined the server. Uven's skill in pvp would quickly become well known as he would be given the role of champion of Ordo, a role gifted to the best pvper. thus far no one has dared taking it off him. During the later reforms of the 26th of august, Uven was given the role of Optio, including him in the faction hierarchy.

characteristics: cunning, warlike, funny, strong


Having played with Jmen on a temp server, the two quickly bonded over their love of antiquity. Being an experienced builder made him very wanted by the faction and he was happy to comply. His build called Petra is among the best looking bases the faction has to offer. As his private life has interfered with his life in Purity, he is only seen scarcely, but still held high for his dedication.

characteristics: diligent, dedicated, funny, detailed


After making contact in the Nutty Nomads, Daflea was quickly asked to join Ordo because of his gentlemen nature. Around him always seemed to be an aura of trust and ease whenever he was among the group. Flea is best known for running for consul during the time of the republic and having a fruitful rule, as he personally added a iron farm and creeper farm to the capital. Leaving the group for Paco2 after Jmen abolished the republic, he would later resurface and continue his projects in both PH and Petra.

characteristics: pleasant, dedicated, leader, calm, smart


Bane would not be present at Ordo's capital for most of his stay in the faction, instead opting to remain at his own base. After a long break from Purity however, he moved into Palatine hill and started his habit of spawnfagging.

characteristics: kind, warlike, extraordinary


Gamer never truly accepter membership of Ordo, keeping his loyalty to his old friends. Still, the player quickly became friends with everyone in Ordo and would stay at their base during most of the summer. Gamer is the main honourary mebers within Ordo, as he can be seen as a member in any other way.

characteristics: funny, pleasant, helpful, hard to get


Jmen got into contact with Enrique after him helping a friend of Jmen, survive the server after escaping spawn. The new player left shortly after, but the two remaining would form a close friendship. Enrique would invite Jmen over as the first and only visitor of his build: the sacred temple, a direct reconstruction of the notre dame. He would, sadly enough, be banned for using minimap. It being a permaban after a confusing run in with the law the first time.

characteristics: diligent, dedicated, detailed, friendly


Mat (for short) was the latest of a list of people twistedmedia told about Ordo. After making first contact with Jmen and being vouched for by Twisted, Mat was immediately introduced to Ordo and would have a horrible initiation, leading to a great stay at Ordo. within weeks he would help Peace transform the infrastructure and be chosen as optio in the reforms of august 26th.

characteristics: polite, friendly, diligent, absent


After achieving fame from his maparts, the artist would get invited into the faction, much to the dismay of close allies. Since having joined he created the most artistic room within PH, but mostly stayed out of faction affairs, instead resorting to his own base, not too far off.

characteristics: friendly, edgy, artistic, diligent, extraordinary


Tiger had met Ordo guys more often, but had always been part of a group. After having his group destroyed, he was denied entry to two other groups, because of his close ties to EJ. Seeing through his circle of friends, Jmen took Tiger in as he trusted him enough. Never has this choice backfired, as tiger would be loyal to Ordo till its very demise

characteristics: friendly, funny, generous

Close ties with Ordo


Having had a short stint in the ASU, Tewty was well connected with Ordo's members from the start. As H4M and Jmen tried to invite him to Ordo from the start, he declined, but kept helping as much as he could. Tewty would be the first visitor of Palatine Hill, bringing Hira over with him. As time went on he would often visit the hill, as Ordo members would often visit his Vagabonds base: the refuge.

When in the late summer the Vagabonds seemed to be just a past memory with just Tewty being on, Jmen offered him a place within Ordo again. Hoping to give the player a group to play in. Stubbornness or pride, whatever it was, Tewty stayed loyal to the Vagabonds and kept them going. As old members later returned, Tewty can be proud of what he has accomplished.


Grief was known already around the time Ordo started up as a troublemaker above all. In the early days he would already show interest in the faction and often ask to be invited in. Convinced by his name and status, Jmen refused several times, but grief's extreme dedication to be invited into Palatine Hill eventually changed Jmen's view. At the 25th of July, after Jmen said his goodbye's to the base, Grief was invited as a guest and given a tour. to Jmen's suprise, Grief had brought presents for all 8 of Ordo's active members at the time and even built a room within the hill. Grief would give advices of how to secure the location even better and leave a sign, before setting of. Grief was granted one of only two existing Jmen heads, but Grief being Grief, told Jmen that he rather not have such "gay shit".

Being one of the most notorious and infamous, whilst also famous players on the server, he gave the group a scare for a few days, but never did anything harming Ordo. He would often give advices and talk with the group, but never seemed intended on griefing any of Ordo's bases.

Though some conflict arose with the initiation of Trolltew, where grief did not trust the player at all and hoped to show this by buying coords to Palatine Hill from Troll, it ended up proving Troll's loyalty.

PinkHatPonpo (Loker)

Being a long time friend with Jmen, even before Ordo was a thing, Loker was invited to Palatine Hill not long after Grief. As Loker is widely known for being an overall good guy, he clicked well with most of the members active in the base. He too would add to the wall of signs after his tour through the base, but would leave not long after, not having his own room in the build.

on the 16th of August, Loker, being friends with Mat, was invited to Mat's initiation as a visitor. By this Loker became the first and only true non-Ordo member to witness the initiations, which are kept very private. Due to some difficulties, the Initiation took longer than expected, thus as a way of killing time and legitimizing Loker's presence there, he was initiated instead. As Loker did not leave behind his other projects, it was decided this would be an honourary membership isntead.


Having met one of his alts on the highway and being introduced to him by Gamer, Warlok and Jmen would meet more often near spawn. At one point, not noticing it was Jmen, Warlok charged at him near spawn. As Jmen was completely unaware of what was happening, he jumped into a side highway and blocked it off, glitching warlok into it. after rejoining the server and Jmen told him who he was just chasing, he offered to meet and the two talked.

As it became a habit of Warlok accidentally killing Ordo members near spawn, Jmen offered to invite Warlok as an ally, which he gladly accepted. Later Warlok would lay the foundations of an alliance between Ordo and Zenith, which fell through at the last point because of Zenith's destruction.


As he was part of the Nutty Nomads for a short while, before being falsely banned and later having it overturned, Jmen already knew Pepe. Having bought his first ever shulker from him, Jmen already liked his sense of humour and was pleasantly suprised to see him as one of the main guys in Zenith. Pepe's role was instrumental to the alliance so close to happening.

Pepe would later visit Palatine Hill too, as Jmen was happy to invite him over. After announcing to be Ordo's biggest fan on the sign wall, a title he held for a long while, Pepe built a secret underground room which can only be described as a work of art. After Zenith's collapse, Pepe's Brojobs had a close link to Ordo for a short while.


Neko, better known as Saya, was a player mainly focusing on rebuilding highways after their destruction. Having applied for a place in Paco, she was accepted, but never was allowed in any of their bases or get any of their supplies, making her do all the repairs by herself. Moved by this, Jmen awarded her with some basic necessities to help along with this. Eventually, this led to Saya almost being invited into the faction, but her time spent in her own base, thot patrol, limited her playing time with the rest. After thot patrol was griefed, Saya started a new project, inviting many of the NSO members, making her relation with a couple Ordo members rather strained.

By now she is a rather well known player on the server as many players hope to shoot their best shot at her. To Ordo she'll always be the lone girl, singlehandedly repairing the highways however.


Having been invited over by Satin, when he held fasces during Jmen's short departure, Unukki seemed to become a member of Ordo, sooner rather then later. In his enthusiasm, Satin had offered to settle Unukki close to palatine hill. This would have severe consequences when the groups opinion of Unukki changed after he became a bit too willing to join the group. By the time Jmen returned and put the recruits up for voting among the higher ups, Unukki was turned down by all, including Satin.

With his base dangerously close to Palatine Hill, a new plan was hatched, similar to the WaterRatL plot, to remove him. Working good at first, Unukki would later found out the involvement of Ordo members in this plot, but by this point he had forgotten the location.


Having learned his lesson, Satin would be more careful with his recruitment and would stumble upon skruggy, a already wealthy player in need of a faction. After some screening, Jmen decided to put him up for a vote and he was accepted. As his initiation had to be moved twice, other things got in the way and eventually Skruggy stopped playing before his initiation. Because of his friendliness, he is still on the Ordo initiation list.


Because of several bans within Ordo in a short time, Jmen was ready to defend his members. Asking for an audience, Jimothy quickly offered to hear Jmen out. Allthough Twisted's, nor Satin's ban was overturned, Jmen and Jimot started talking outside of legal cases.

Late in the summer, Jimothy was given a tour of Palatine Hill aswell and placed the famous "-henlo" sign down. Whenever Ordo needs an audience with staff, Jimothy is usually the guy they turn to, thanks to him listening and willing to help.


As an absolute poet on the wiki, Glaceon (kooldj3k) was a well known player on purity for a while. His connection with 1PGamer led him to be introduced to the faction, where he would later ask for a tour. As no one was present, Jmen promised him he would be invited at a later stay.

When the day was there, there had not been many visitors for a long while, so the base had to be cleaned up before his arrival. He would be the first to add a fish into the aquarium on the barrack floor, naming it himself.

Glaceon's arrival in the discord would bring a big hype as he took over as Ordo's biggest fan, often screaming the faction name as a show of his new title. He would prove his liking of Ordo, when he unraveled a plot in october and saved the main base from destruction. Most of all however, he is known for giving Jmen his iconic nickname: jneb.



Being the very first faction Ordo would get into contact with via TewtyFruity, the vagabonds are often seen as an alliance so close, they could aswell be members. Every member of the vagabonds is trusted enough to know any going on's within the faction and are often asked for their opinion.

on the 4th of August, with both factions numbers dwindling, an even closer alliance was proposed between the two faction. As Jmen met with Hira and Tewty, the start of the Unity alliance was discussed, making both groups more close and starting a shared built between them, merging both groups into one. As details were discussed however, problems arose, as neither faction wanted to give up their identity and no build could be chosen for the group build. Nonetheless, the two factions stayed close friends and would later build together in certain bases.

Members: TewtyFruity, HiraHira, Vanya_tete, Myl13, Gervatox, Idontplug and S_ammy


From the moment that Warlok666999 was invited into Ordo as an ally, a full blown alliance with Zenith was on the cards. Ordo had not yet reached its eventual heights and Jmen saw this as a great opportunity to get some legitimacy on the server. As the group was at war with Empire, a faction known for many griefings, Jmen saw this as a way of delivering on Ordo's promise of safekeeping the server. Whilst many members in Ordo would rather not see a war come to Palatine Hill's doorstep, Jmen had already decided for them.

As first Warlok and later Pepe would help with relations between Ordo and Zenith, an alliance seemed to be soon happening and Jmen started construction on a safe area for this meeting to take place. As Ordo was a European based faction and Zenith an American based faction, they could strike at more time then before. This made setting up a meeting more difficult though, as most Zenith members would only join late in the night for the members of Ordo.

Members: GrandmaPepe, Warlok666999, Gaxxor, Hephanie, Bemosh, Historio and Pulque_


First meeting one of them, Tidepod, through Warlok and Pepe, in a confrontation where Jmen killed Tide's parrot, later became a good friendship between the two. As she was well connected with Gamer aswell, she became a good friends of Jmen, never truly forgiving him for the parrot however. This would not have led to an alliance of any sorts however, until much later Glaceon came in.

Also first having met Gamer, Glaceon would find some friends within the ranks of Ordo, having it strengthened by his visit of PH. At this time GLM's number had dropped on the main server, with a couple prominent members leaving, Jmen told Glaceon that he could take any of the remaining members to visit PH if he wanted. This eventually started talks of an alliance, which came to fruition soon after.

Having only allied each other at the last legs of Ordo's existence, not much has been done between the two faction, but the mutual respect runs high.

Members: GlaceonGuy, TheLastTidepod, Oranges09, headasshippie, Von_Wein3t_Br, PineappleOrangez, CookieCarl and Flubbernuggets

Historical moments

June fifth: Ordo's existence

on June fifth Ordo officially started after having gathered for a little while, when H4MBURGES10 and KingJohnson crowned Jmen_07 as dictator. a day later their first base, Palatine Hill, was started and the legacy commenced.

June eight: Vagabonds alliance

three days later the factions Ordo and the Vagabonds officially declared an alliance, to protect the other in case of emergency and to allow all members entry, should they wish to do so.

June fifteenth: Coolarmy's collapse

with the leak of Coolarmy's main base, two of its members decided to flee and come towards Ordo doubling its numbers. The same day the faction would disband.

June twenty ninth: Jmen announced the republic

After having held the emergency dictator role for almost a month, Jmen announces to relinquish his title and power and hosts an election two days later. To keep it fair he does not run for the office of Consul, but starts writing a constitution on how elections should go.

July second: WaterRatL plot

Having angered about every member of Ordo, it was decided to get rid of WaterRatL. Opting not to bedtrap him, not to just expel him, a plot was hatched. By having a yet unknown player, Bradley, kill WaterRatL, it was seen as the base was compromised. WaterRatL left the server as Bradley wrote a detailed report of the succes he achieved.

July third: Daflea45 is chosen

With a seven to two majority, Daflea almost unanimously gets chosen as first Consul and beats the advances of the only other candidate, H4MBURGUES10. It is also officially decided that the capital will be named Palatine Hill, a name already used quite frequently before.

July sixteenth: Twisted ban

the ban of Twistedmedia started a decline in the groups activeness, which would soon lead to bigger consequences.

July eighteenth: The election crisis

with his rule having ended on the night of July the fifteenth, Ordo had been leaderless, due to a lack of player activity, barring elections. A council was gathered in Palatine Hill consisting of Jmen_07, UvenEhart754, 1PGamer and Peacemakerz_. It was unanimously decided to grant Jmen Kingship, with a title called Rex. Having planned this meeting himself, Jmen immediately implemented the first set of reforms, naming Peacemakerz_ and HailSatin as his Consuls, but making them subordinates, taking away the ruling legitimacy of the role. Having voted in favor of the bill, Daflea45 still left Ordo for a while after the result.

July twenty-fifth: Grief visits Palatine Hill

with the visit of grief a policy was started of inviting close friends over and giving them a place within the base. Having someone attack the base now would also count as a direct attack on this allies build.

August third: Satin moves to Petra

With the last day of his temporary leadership over the group Satin announced to his followers they would move to Petra with everything they could carry, against Jmen's wishes.

August fourth: Small reforms and Unity alliance talks

Countering Satin's decision, Jmen gave a rousing speech of his plans within Palatine Hill and additions to the roles. He also announced the idea of a Unity alliance between the Vagabonds and Ordo, which would later fall through.

August twenty-sixth: Final reforms

with the addition of the Optio role to the faction hierarchy, Uven was chosen to represent Satin as a subordinate, whilst Peace chose Mat for this role under him.

September fourteenth: Last building attempt

with the playerbase declining rapidly, Jmen decided to start a building project for all people tied to Ordo. This plan was supposed to give everyone something to do and meet more people then they would else, but ended up failing due to Jmen's own departure.

October sixteenth: Disbanding of Ordo

Having had a month on inactivity, with all higher ups having left the game, Jmen gave one last speech and ended Ordo as a faction on Purity Vanilla. Whilst it can be questioned whether Ordo was a success, the journey taken by the members was worth every second.



After Ordo's eventual disbanding on the 16th of October, the active members looked for new opportunities to continue their adventures. A big portion of the group formed around the charismatic TwistedMedia, who was a figure of much appraise within Ordo. It's known that Brackmon, H4MBUERGES10, UvenEhart754 and Tiger_Try accepted the invite to this new faction, with others flocking from all around the server. The recently formed Skywards had been known to plan on building their first bases: Void Point and Arch Point within the next few weeks.

The group had a good starting point, being led by the charismatic TwistedMedia, the group grew to over 10 players within a day and reaching 20 players over their first week. Having voiced his support in the hope some Ordo members would help him out, Jmen readied himself to take part of the journey, being accompanied by TewtyFruity. The dreams were shortlived however, as Twisted announced the end of Skywards a mere nine days after its creation. On the 25th of October Skywards was officially announced to be disbanded due to infighting and a lack of leadership abilities. Voidpoint was quickly self griefed and the members scattered around, with Twisted quickly joining the new Dynasty.

As of the rest, it is mostly unknown what their plans are. Many have taken the end of Ordo as a chance to take some time off the server and hopefully return during calmer times. Trolltew, Agorm, Daflea45, Mat and Jmen have been missing for a while, whilst Enrique is still banned. It's known Jmen has been in contact with the CoA, but due to problems with base leaks, the faction is currently not recruiting.


Following Skywards collapse, much of the playerbase got divided. Some are demanding the rebirth of Ordo, whilst others have found new homes. Tiger_Try has finally been accepted in GLM after several attempts. His loyalty to his past groups, proved the doubters wrong, as he has shown himself a capable and trustable members. TwistedMedia has been on a journey, being part of several groups, but never for too long. He has been happy to work on his own projects for a change. Matxikadu has finally returned after a sizeable leave, hoping to see old friends, but also work on his own base. Whilst UvenEhart754 and H4MBURGUES10 have been planning a revival for their beloved faction, most of the remaining playerbase have not logged in since skywards short stay.


The now truly disbanded group came back into action during the holidays. What was planned to be an Ordo-only event, was turned into a serverwide Christmas party. Ex-leader, Jmen_07, had created the idea of a Ordo Christmas special, on which the old members would see each other again. With the help of his old friend glaceon however, the event was opened to the Chadlets, DB, Invicta, DC, Aotus and certain other well liked players such as griefyoudotEXE and johny.


after a painstaking long absence from most of it's members and the faction being mostly forgotten, the group found a short stay on the server again in late 2021, having a simple task: finishing what they started. After player Gervaaa found out Petra had been found and withered, the original creator of the underground temple logged on for the first time in a year. Agorm saw his once great temple now stand as a fallen ruin, but also found out that not too much had been griefed as no tnt seems to have been used. Finding the pearl rooms intact, he stasised old basemates Jmen_07 and HailSatin to clear out the remaining withers and salvage what was possible. After this Petra would be officially abandoned after a serious appearance on the server.

While Petra hadn't housed Agorm itself in some time, it had become the house of ex-vagabonds members Gervaaa. Now his home was taken from him, Jmen offered him a stay at Palatine hill, the original capital of Ordo. While it once stood as a vibrant player base, it was nowaday eerily silent, though in good shape. In the one and a half year since it's erection, it had not been safeguarded from the wider community. Despite both Chadlets and NSO having found the base in their prime, both were convinced to leave it up by some quick diplomacy. Since then, no other group with bad intent had found it.

Upon Gerva's arrival he wanted to revive the base to it's old glory by inviting those he trusted to the base. This all without acknowledgement of Jmen, it's current caretaker. Despite his aims being virtuous, he would soon learn the price of trust. Within several days, most of the chestroom had been stricken and several of the remaining heads (which were duds) had been stolen. While this didn't suit Jmen well, he allowed for the time being, knowing PH had only been a monument for the last half year. This soon changed however, as those present started converting the original player rooms to their own liking. Realising now that the base would no longer field the purpose it once, Jmen opted to end it himself. Calling on his most loyal players from back in the day; Hailsatin, Peacemakerz_ and Uvenhart754 all rejoined to help in this final send off of what they called their home. On Friday, December the third, a final tour was held to relive what memories could still be found, upon which the base was abandoned fully and forever, together with it's nearby farms.

While a short attempt was made to revive the group with the four members, most were found to be too inactive and thus these plans were cancelled. Having no more home to go to, nor builds to remember their past of, Ordo had now fully ceased to have any traces left on the server. While it's memories will die hardly, the end had now come for a once present group. Ut Fortunae.