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Operationclucker is a well known player throughout Purity Vanilla. An ultimate donator, influential member in the Hive, and Moderator, one of Clucker's most known builds is that of the creative server spawn with Nuns. Clucker joined on the 19th of May 2019 and quickly set about obtaining a pet, the turtle.


Melon Farm

Clucker's melon farm was set to be one of the biggest ever seen, at 256 x 64 in size and was going to be 64 x 50 rows of melons. However despite great plans and a huge yield of melons each farm, Clucker left this base to join Hive.

Leaving No Traces

The first Hive being discovered led Clucker to spawn as the team searched for which quadrant they wanted to be in. Clucker shortly after getting to spawn, headed to the End to raid. After raiding the End, Clucker headed to a temp base to get gunpowder for the journey back, whilst at this temp base Clucker died to a zombie and then had to promptly leave for 3 weeks. Nuns had to go and collect Clucker's items. Clucker, once returning spent 12 hours walking from spawn to the Hive as there was no echest at spawn. Walking a large majority without any real items, eventually gearing up with some tools for the final part of the journey.

Creative Spawn

Clucker was heavily involved in the creative server spawn building the Ice biome and half of the jungle biome. Clucker built this spawn with Nuns. Clucker is also planning for a parkour map on the creative server and this is currently in the works.