Nuns (nuns) is a very well known old player of Purity. Once an Admin and a very well loved player, Nuns quit purity and resigned on the 6th of September 2019. Nuns was the founder of the Donor Creative server and a very widely known Admin, helping with all sorts of server issues ranging from discord rules to voting rewards.


The Start of Something Great

Nuns joined Purity around the first month of the server, and quickly teamed up with Richeatue at The Black Mod Base (it was unnamed at the time). After the events of the Glassing of the Black Mod Base by StarBaron and Douug1 Nuns used most of what she salvaged to create The Hive. There were two main hive bases, one, a more medevial looking town, and later, after FrostBite_6 joined (after the fall of Phoenix) an underwater base.

Donor Creative

Nuns created the Donor Creative server and quickly set to building the spawn with operationclucker, Nuns built both the nether biome and a portion of the jungle biome. Nuns tested access for world edit to donators on this creative server and also worked tirelessly to get the plot permissions all set up.

Nuns Leaving Purity

Nuns left purity on the 6th of September 2019, lots of members came on to say goodbye and she handed out multiple souvenirs, a real showcase of how well liked Nuns was. Nuns gave lots of books out to all who wanted them, including multiple to both OwO and Frazzle for all their basemates. There are also a few key items Nuns has handed out such as her "Nuns of Purity Totem" and her "Nuns bean pants". She also flooded the server with heads of hers to anyone who wanted them, travelling all over to hand these out.

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