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Norlak was an enderman who had gone through inter-dimensional travel and first appeared at Purity's overworld in January 31st 2021. Currently he is a member of Dung Beetles.



Materializing in the middle of cobblestone mountains must have been tough for someone so used to the waste empty space of The End, but Norlak managed to recover pretty quickly. On his second day he reached out for help in chat and luckily got a response from the builders of Spawn Infrastructure Project. He was rescued from spawn by Honzin from whome he was geared, and afterwards he returned the favor by joining the group's effort, which at the time was stage 2 of Obsidian Roads (+x road to world border). The plan was to dedicate a week to each of the highways, and the enderman became one of the most active workers in OR during the whole time. His hard and consistent work during that entire month lead to gaining trust among his pears, so he was included in a group of active SIP's builders who Jamool (SIP's main coordinator) chose as a potential addition to The Grey.

SIP bases

Things were coming along well. Norlak finally escaped the horrors of The Nether and ventured to find a new base with Honzin, Polybius, OverallHalf, Waterbug and Frontier. It was named by him Qin Shi — after a Chinese emperor who was especially enthusiastic about The Great Wall's construction. It did fit well with group's mood since they all were united by building nether highways. Enderman got to work and constructed several farms in the first week. In addition to that, he gave SIP it's official banner. All of that turned into admiration and respect from The Grey members.

Unfortunately, Qin Shi was short-lived, it only survived for less than two weeks. Qin fell due to an accidental leak, but Norlak was already loved by Greys and was invited into creating a new base. At risk of preempting myself, let me tell you that this new base is going to eventually become not only the best base The Grey had ever made, but also one of the best bases in the entire Purity's history. It all became true with Honzin, Norlak, Big Mike, FrontierJustice, D1cka, WaterBug and Opular appearing in an underpopulated corner of the world in the middle of February. At this point The Grey were almost convinced with trustworthiness for the new recruits yet, some more time was needed to crush the last echoes of distrust and prepare for the initiation ceremony. The Council remained at Patala, which was the capital of the faction back in the days, but the main focus shifted on a new base where new builds and farms popped up with surprising speed. Enderman himself now had the chance to leave technical issues to teammates who were more interested in it, and concentrate on aesthetic builds. During just a few weeks he impressed the faction with several skyscrapers, luxurious museum, several farms and first builds of Appia Land, fantasy district a bit away from modern City of Appia. After another two weeks, the time had come, and the tireless builder was officially recognized as a member of The Grey: after a month of SIP work and another month in test bases. The longer Norlak spent outside his mother dimension, the more his appearance changed to accommodate new life conditions. With time his skin became paler, facial features more resembling human. This process will continue through several stages and eventually enderman will look just like a normal human, but who knows what else differs him from inhabitants of our world...

Operation Trees

This is one of SIP events held in March 2021. Large number of participants covered spawn in nether trees provided by The Grey. Even now remains of nether vegetation can be found at the cobble desert. Operation Trees was mostly managed by Norlak and Honzin due to Jamool catching a flu at a day previous to event. YouTuber Thesto made a video about the action that you can watch here: [1]

The Grey

Norlak was officially added to The Grey team in March 2021 and remained there until September. All of those 7 months were spent in Via Appia and resulted in several dozens of builds made by him, big and small. It started with technical foundation such as large villager hall, flower farm, iron farm, end rod generator etc, all of which were made not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Then, he constructed two museums, some decorative living areas, inspiring floating islands, an observatory and The Grey Hall, among others.

At first the only neighbors of Norlak were former highway teammates, since the Grey Council was still basing at Patala, but once it was compromised and self-griefed, Appia became the only major base of the Grey and everyone fled here. This resulted in many people joining base building, the most active of which was D1cka, who added an entire storage ship and harbor to AppiaCity. It was a perfect fit for both functional and aesthetic style, which was set there. During Norlak's stay The Grey faction was in an unusual state. Old members grew more and more bored of the game and were busy irl, so the remaining active people looked outside for teammates. Along with Jamool and Honzin, Norlak begun playing a lot with Hallux, founder of fight club. Together the four planned and implemented several spawn projects, one base and even attempted to create a separated minecraft server to play on. Along with that ties with DB emerged, starting with 2021 summer event where enderman was building together with DB members, continuing with common test bases in EU survival and Purity.

Summer event

This was a big event in July 2021. Lots of active builders gathered together to make a good looking area near spawn and have fun.

End of an era

The Grey eventually lost it's activity and some disagreements emerged, leaving a bitter aftertaste. Norlak left the Grey and joined DB together with Honzin, Hallux and Jamool.

Appia aftermath - old alliances - MOSSAD

After the events occured during Appia´s grief, Norlak joined the db family, to which he was welcomed as another member. Although there was still a feeling of disdain, something was missing to be able to completely move on, and call it "full circle".

Through old alliances with Chadlets and db itself, and personal friendship between some Chad members and Norlak, he will be invited, and allowed to take his revenge on Pumpkin, NSO and Rakovan, by griefing a large joint base called MOSSAD.

This would mean a point of no return, and a the feeling of closure was finally achieved.

Afterwards Rakovan would go inactive, and the remaining members would join Pumpkin.

"Never underestimate the rage of the peaceful"

Dung Beetles

So far no info or screenshots can be published.