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NSO (New Seed Order) is a faction established sometime in July after the fall of Empire. It is essentially a rebranding of Empire, bringing over nearly every member of Empire and eventually inviting several more. At the point of it's formation, ItzFreaks and EPIC_THATS_ME were already banned, but Freaks was kept on as leader of the faction due to knowing how easy it is to ban evade. They are best known for their many base griefs which, in combination with their member base of mostly teenage boys, resulted in them being one of the least-liked factions on the server during their active period.

Formation of NSO

NSO was rebranded from Empire after Empire lost several bases to Chadlets and DB in a large-scale multi-faction war, had a massive drama over EPIC_THATS_ME cracking the second seed of the server, and undoing a merger from Adiesa that occurred a month prior. All of this was enough to warrant forming a 'new' group, with MiningBoomBoy being chosen as the original leader. However, after realising that despite his ban, ItzFreaks would still be engaging in the server and even playing on it, he returned as the leader of the group.

An Era of Hatred

As previously mentioned, NSO's main focus on the server was griefing other groups. They had no committed builders and, whilst wRongo was well-known for his efficient redstone farms, their main power came from their consistent finding of coords of other faction's bases. Their first target was The Council, or TC, fell after having several bases griefed by NSO. YeahItsRico and YeahItsJdog defected and, despite Rico being the leader of TC, leaked all of their bases to NSO in order to join them. 

Next came Dick Cheese (DC). Eulogysinger was streaming his creative plot whilst in the queue to EmeraldJaguar in public VC, when he got through queue into main, forgetting that his voxel map was turned on and leaking his coordinates in the process. Thinking that only EJ had seen the coords, he would be fine, he had not noticed that there was a second viewer of his stream. ItzFreaks on a discord alt was viewing the stream, and had caught the coordinates of DC's main base. This led to the base being raided by NSO, marking the first major raid since their transition from Empire.

Grey Lives Matter (GLM) would be the next victim of NSO. Abusing the trust of _Tidepod, a GLM member and friend of NSO, they convinced her to stream GLM's main base, assuring her that without any natural terrain in the base it could not be compromised. Tidepod was not aware of block rotations at this time, and thus inadvertently had leaked the base. ItzFreaks sent the screenshots of the stream to RobertDonald (Known for his proficiency at base-hunting and utilizing coordinate exploits) and, knowing of his connection to GlaceonGuy, told him it was a screenshot of some random grey's base. Robert passed the coordinates along shortly after. NSO invited Legion to the grief, knowing of their hatred for GlaceonGuy, in a misguided attempt to inside them that would fall short. NSO members can be quoted on saying that being vc with Legion members for an extended period of time was one of their worst experiences on the server.

Next came Architects, a short-lived group of new and old players that would fall at NSO's hands. Doomgaurd had told MitchellMines that NSO was going to grief them, and in response, MitchellMines allegedy doxxed Rico on discord. This angered Rico and the rest of NSO and, whilst they were not going to grief them before, they went ahead and griefed their base due to this incident.

Not long after, NSO would acquire the coordinates to Los Dungales, a DB side-base. This base was 'cursed' as it had been found by accident on several occasions, once by Invicta members and then again by Samonites. After promising he wouldn't leak coords, Samonites passed the coords onto CoA members. On their way there, they accidentally found BG2, a much older base that had not yet been griefed or leaked. Due to being friends with Frazzle53, the former leader of Build Guild, ItzFreaks decided not to grief the base, instead, allowing NSO to tour the base in one of the only known instances of NSO granting mercy to a base. 

Rico's Revenge


The celebration of the Los Dungales grief would be short-lived. Before NSO could stasis back into Mexico, their main base, YeahItsRico had made the decision with YeahItsJdog to grief the base and wRongo's farms. NSO had a habit of incessently bullying their own members - whilst some could handle it, others were not okay with it at all, and YeahItsRico had been called fat one too many times. Taking matters into his own hands, he withered their base and leaked their discord invite, as well as destroying every single relic that NSO kept in their museum. In leaking their discord, he would not only leak their coords server wide, but also presented clear evidence that Junda_ and ItzFreaks were ban evading, causing their alts sush1, oliviawhu, and Eren1411 to be banned. Due to the community's overall distaste for NSO, Rico was mostly considered a hero, however not long after AcneChrist presented month-old evidence of Rico and Jdog using player radar. Having been banned once before, they were both permanently banned from the server. At this point, NSO would step out of the limelight for a time, and focus on rebuilding their base and farms.

A Second Betrayal 

NSO decided to start a new base, named Zigdan (Named after the previous Empire main base, Danzig), and began work on rebuilding their gp farm, the known best gp farm on the server. When Rico had griefed Mexico, long-time Empire and NSO member Foxtrot had decided to leave the group, realizing that he didn't fit in with them as well as he once had hoped, and disagreeing with their tactics of holding dirt on each other in the case of any traitors or doxxing those who had wronged them publicly on the discord server.  Foxtrot asked to join Chadlets, one of the main enemies of NSO and only successful rival griefing group on the server. Risking a potential insiding from NSO, Chadlets agreed to let Foxtrot join, tarqshark having known and trusted him for some time. 

Not long after, Foxtrot had the idea of insiding NSO, under the guise of returning to the group to inside the Chadlets. Being voted back in with 8 yes votes to 1 no vote, Foxtrot was given main base coordinates almost immediately. Roughly a week later, NSO had finished their gp farm, allowing Foxtrot to take a copy of the farm and distribute it to the Chadlets, as well as copies of wRongo's other powerful farms. Several days later, Foxtrot decided to leak screenshots of AcneChrist using radar, resulting in him also being permanently banned. The next day the Chadlets struck Zigdan, griefing the base and it's newly-completed farms and engaging in a firefight with Eden members and other NSO allies, culminating in Zera killing Deoxon when they lagged out. AcneChrist, realizing the betrayal, leaked evidence of Foxtrot using radar, getting him banned for 7 days.

Summer of NSO


After a long period of time in which NSO members would simply lay low at base, most of which rarely logging on, NSO members Thinking_robot and wRongo became active again, and recruited MarkConnagan, beginning the Shangri-La base in mid-March. On 5/15/21, NSO began Weekly Raids, beginning with an unknown base, possibly belonging to MFE. On 5/22, they griefed the SHF mainbase as well as bringing back old Empire member ProphetMuhamed, and on 5/29, the Ice Age base, followed by a bonus raid of Reborn's poverty shithole of a base on 5/30. On 6/5, NSO finally raided Dungmark, a long standing DB base from 2019. On 6/13, breaking the Weekly raids precedent of saturday raids, NSO raided a base belonging mainly to players Kylesmile and StrangerJ. During the raid, retarded Eden tagalong Cicada failed to crystal an afk farming player, causing the members of the base to be alerted and the raid to be much less thorough than expected. On 6/28 NSO griefed Vos Musca shit base. On 7/3 NSO griefed Grey "Main" Base Patala, Packetlords base and Caudimorda and Ch33tha's Nether farms. On 7/19 TheIrishLion's Shit base was nuked... a month has passed without a grief due to other projects (Rakovan Alliance happend tho :>), but NSO wasn't done yet because on 8/18 NSO griefed Invicta's Main Base. shortly after a bonus raid happend on 8/19 Sympatation's Base was griefed. 10 days after, NSO griefed DB Main Base "Yujokorogashi" on 8/30 including a bonus raid! Bears Main Base was also griefed the same day. On 9/6 NSO griefed Grey Main Base "Via Appia" the raiding spree continued and eventually the faction stopped playing and focused on other projects and playing on alts.

The Future