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MrEmcee, also known as Emcee, Joined the server around September 2020, he's a member of Aotus and Dung Beetles. On the 26th of April, 2021 Emcee joined purity's staff team as a Moderator. Professional block placer for builds, farms and maparts. Not very often that he logs in these days but he's still around in the community and tries to keep up with community events.

Hermit Life

Emcee joined around September 2020, diving blindly into one of the most divided times on Purity. Founding a solo base he spent the next 3-4 months tucked away, oblivious to most server politics happening and enjoying his essentially singleplayer playstyle with a very opinionated chat. His first contact with another player was after a failed attempt at getting an elytra in the end. Initially, Emcee thought he could use flying machines to fly far enough to reach unraided end cities, in reality the result of this was him glitching through his flying machines and falling to the void twice. The first player he met was Solar who sold Emcee his first elytra. Solar would later become Emcee's basemate in VGD and Aotus.

Out of boredom and looking to achieve something larger on the server, Emcee turned to creating maparts casually and has kept this tradition ongoing since then. The first mapart he has made on the server was 'Thomas Shelby'.

First Teams

After a lengthened period of solo basing, Emcee was invited to 'Winterfell', a base led by zUni and TwistedMedia. He only managed to build one structure at the base before it was griefed, his stay short lived due to the perilous position the base was in.

Emcee's Winterfell Arena

After this, Emcee joined another relatively new faction, VGD or Vanguard. As if his luck was carrying on, he arrived at the base first day exactly 1 hour after it was griefed. Taking a break, Emcee headed to spawn to casually 'spawnfag' with bhon, myhomie and Solar until the VGD merger with another faction, GLM, the newfound team being called Aotus.

Aotus 1

During his time at the first Aotus base, known only as Aotus or Aotus 1, Emcee found himself acting as the backbone of farming there, creating the majority of the team's farms. Whilst basefagging, he also started to dabble in basehunting mostly finding dead corpses of players who kindly left him elytras and gsets. Among his adventures in Aotus he encountered and overcame many threats such as Oranges09's crystal pvping white foxes, constant bedtraps in his luxurious penthouse by Solar and his own's constant urge to put up Christmas ornaments in the shape of end crystals.

Danger hit Aotus however when player Tiger_Try seemingly had a brain aneurysm and threatened to destroy a former GLM base, causing direct unrest within the group. The future of the group was uncertain, and with many players leaving no one knew what was gonna happen.

During this time the 2020 Christmas Event took place in which many players from many of the factions of purity decided to chill, relax, build and boat-race throughout the day. Emcee was tapped by GlaceonGuy while afk after anarchy was re-instated in the event. After the event, Emcee was invited to Dung Beetles.

Dung Beetles 1

Emcee's first contact in DB was Ercercerc on the public Discord server. After Emcee was given the @bully me role for pinging staff the two mercilessly pinged each other to maximize their pain of being buliees. Erc invited Emcee to join DB after the 2020 Christmas Event, where they both could continuously bully each other.

As Emcee arrived at New Dung, the main DB base at the time, he started laying down the foundation of EmceeCorp, an evil corporation aiming to legally sue and take over all the private property in DB. Stock prices quickly rose as the corporation purchased free real estate and started a railway subsidiary company. The regulars of DB didn't take kindly to this new corporation and decided to fight back resulting in Erc burning EmceeCorp's HQ, a dirt hut Emcee built, and subsequent lawsuit for damaged property. As of yet, the trial is still ongoing.

While in DB, Emcee found himself helping out with farms and becoming great friends with most of the Eurofags. He spent on the server is building and designing farms, trading and base-hunting, with the former activity being quite successful though stumbling across mostly griefed bases.

Aotus 2 - New Persia

While in DB, Emcee's old group, Aotus has regrouped and decided to build a new base, called New Persia, the sequel to the Aotus saga has arrived. During one of the usual inactivity periods of DB, Emcee decided to ask to join back Aotus. He was invited back within a few days and joined in New Persia where he help build a gold farm and opened a nice beach-side resort for his summer vacations. During one of his regular business trips back to DB, the beach resort was occupied by Palestine in what could only be called, an Intifada. Palestinian flags were raised and a new management was installed in the resort. Emcee never returned from his business resort and only heard of the bad news through colleagues.

Dung Beetles 2 - Electric Dungaloo

Meanwhile in Dung Beetles, business was booming, a Japanese style town was ercted with the first Pagoda towerec. Emcee and Jama2ta together built a dojo, inn, marketplace, hot springs, showers for men-only and sauna for pleasure-only. The build-mania didn't stop with other members of DB springing back to life and contributing to the base, making it one of the largest that has been on the server, full of highly detailed structures and fully terraformed terrain. EmceeCorp stock prices rose sky-high. Some analysts even called it a bubble. And a bubble always pops. In late August, DB was griefed and EmceeCorp had to declare bankruptcy at the massive sudden lose of assets. Investors were left with worthless shares and the global DB economy collapsed and fell into a recession. Quick action from the DB government lead to external consultants to be brought in and recover from the recession. The old DB members along with the new external consultants from The Grey: Norlak, Jamool, Hallux and Honzin, started anew and today Emcee happily places blocks in peace again.