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The Monkey Frog Enthusiasts (also known as MFE) is a faction founded on the 24 October 2020. They are somewhat known for spamming MFE propaganda on the discord, and are mainly peaceful builders. You may join the faction's public discord here:


It was created on 24/10/2020 by jrocky16 when he had come back to the server after a break for a few months. His friend OscarSwagDuck and his old basemate Divee came and joined him. Shortly after this, their friend S0LR joined as well.

Some time in November their base was griefed, pushing the group into disarray. They would begin a new base on the 14th December 2020 where Kokolaj would join them along with Timzzie and Kill_Aura.

After two months a player by the name of Markonite leaked the coords to the base out of frustration that the group did not yet fully trust them. It was soon found out that Markonite had used exploits for his own gain, and he was banned from the server. Luckily a week before the coordinates of the base were leaked, Kokolaj, jrocky16, Timzzie and Kill_Aura evacuated to form a base called Rome.


From around January to April of 2021, MFE was largely inactive, with Kill_Aura, jrocky16, Timzzie and kokolaj basing at DarkLordZero's base with a few of his friends, including Thresher593. However, after this base was found, DarkLordZero and Thresher593 joined Rome and became members of MFE. Shortly after, Semommes joined, as did Vibe_Rater420 and GlaceonGuy.


Rocky and Divee next to traitor Markonite in front of MFE propaganda
Penguin Phantom.png
Penguin Admiring The MFE's pet phantom

The MFE has helped with projects like the Spawn Infrastructure Project where they helped with the obsidian highways towards the world border and killing withers but most of their time is spent monkeying about.

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