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Minrat is a player who's done nothing to contribute in Purity, good or bad.


First Impressions

On April 29th, 2020, around 8:30 PM EST, Minrat was introduced to a server called Purity Vanilla by her friend, who was bored and looking for 2b2t alternatives.

Once Min spawned in and was greeted with towers of cobblestone and dangers everywhere, she felt reluctant to have joined.

Nevertheless, she managed to escape spawn and traveled through the overworld to get to a safe area for her to base. After traveling a few thousand blocks, she settled down, comfortable with where she was living.

AshLingingLasher, a friend of hers, joined after being convinced by Minrat, and they lived in Min's base for a bit.

One day, Minrat decided she needed paper for an enchanting table. She didn't know about the nether highways at this time, so she traveled along the many roads and paths people made closer to the nether floor. Because of her incurable extreme stupidity, she traveled to an extremely distant location bringing minimal food, no obsidian, no flint and steel, and wearing just an iron helmet and chestplate. But that's not all, no. After she got sugarcane, she lost her nether portal and traveled all the way back to her too-close-to-spawn base through the overworld. It took her three real-life days to get back.

During her travels, she got into many issues with phantoms, and at one point, complained about it in the in-game chat. Soon after, she got a private message from AquaMarooN saying he wished he could help. The conversation continued between the two, and eventually Min and Aqua decided to base together, with Min heading over to Aqua's new base. It took a while, but she got there. The two decided to start a faction called The Council.

Life in the Early Stages of The Council

Minrat was satisfied with her life in The Council, which (at the time) had just recruited Ozymandias127, AlbanoKosovar or Onassis, and MDMAaster.

The team had a secure base, helpful and loyal teammates, farms, and a villager trading hub. It was all they could ever ask for.

Unfortunately, MDMAaster had been caught trying to perform a llama dupe with a module he had seemingly coded himself. After many ban evasions on alts, he was permabanned on May 19th, 2020.

Moving Bases + Faction Evolution

In the short span of time when MDMA was getting on alts, The Council decided it would be safer to move out of their base and go a lot farther away. When Aqua proposed this to Minrat, she immediately accepted.

Min died on the first travel to the new base. You'll see this trend continue to follow through.

Once they got there, they thought it would be safe at last. They recruited Lacksal and AshLingingLasher after they decided on the precise location of the new base.

Min went down to some underwater ravines to gather obsidian at some point. She couldn't get up in time and drowned, but for some odd reason, she spawned at Spawn and not at the bed she set her spawnpoint at. The same thing happened to Ash, but Min was saved from spawn (after a lot of struggle) whereas Ash was not.

One day, EmeraldJaguar or EJ, one of Lacksal's friends, proposed a merger between his faction at the time, Unity, and The Council. The two parties agreed and settled on the name Aura. Life seemed good.

Life was Not Good

After a couple of skirmishes between the Unity members in Aura and the members of The Council, the two groups decided it would be best to split apart.

During these times of disagreements, Aura's base was griefed by Itzfreaks, forcing Aura as a whole to move to different locations.

Min died on the first travel to the new base. This trend will continue.

After a few days of doing nothing, Minrat logged back on to Purity only to be greeted by a wither at the ruins of Aura and death.

The bed Min had set spawn at was gone, and she was once again back at spawn. Min went to the nether and was portal trapped. Thankfully, a player by the name of F00K saved her. It was clear F00K only cared about The Council's coords, though. Min gave F00K all the gunpowder she had (around 20), and F00K provided Min with obsidian, a flint and steel, and a lot of food. Min traveled safely along a highway to the coords she needed to get to. She went down to the nether floor and traveled to the new base from there.

Here, we see a return of Min's stupidity. After running out of netherrack, Min collected a lot of gravel to build with instead. Min then saw a high up ledge leading in the direction she was going and built up. The ground, which was gravel, fell from beneath her feet, because she also built with gravel. She plunged into a pit of lava and logged. It took many days, and Lacksal's death, but eventually, Min was saved from the lava pit by Aqua.

Min wouldn't die anymore on the way to the new base.

Once Min finally got to the new base, after doing a bit of building, she logged off.

Arcadia Bay

The Chadlets found The Council's base and griefed it, forcing them to move once again. Aqua recruited YeahItsRico and YeahItsJdog into The Council, and soon after that, he went inactive. In place of Aqua, Rico and Jdog led and expanded the faction, which at the time, boasted 3 main bases.

Arcadia Bay, mainly built by Rico, was a beautiful jungle paradise with a trading hall, a couple of treehouses, a storage area, and a few farms.

Minrat liked it. She thought it was a great place to finally, finally settle down for a long time.

Boy was she disappointed.

Lacksal left The Council due to some personal reasons, and after he left, so did Rico and Jdog.

With Aqua and Onassis inactive, the only active people in the faction were Min and King. Of course, they couldn't sustain a faction by themselves, so they had to leave as well, thus abandoning Arcadia.

What now?

Minrat is an idiot nerd who has to go to school. So, she can't get on as often anymore. Also, she's still waiting for the return of AshLingingLasher so they can get to their new base in the new The Council.