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Kylesmile789 (or Kylesmile788) also known as Kylesmile or simply Kyle, is a player who lead The Varden with StrangerJ, and is a current top Player of Purity and member of DC.


Humble Beginnings

Kyle first joined late July, escorted out of spawn by Arrivideli, who soon became his base mate. The two members invited ariii_kanariii and the 3 of them vibed for the coming weeks. After the small town at 10k, 0 was griefed by Pulque, (Fuck you) Edami invited him to The Varden, and he promptly accepted.

Varden membership

As a Varden member, Kyle wasn't a significant member but was still useful in many ways. Him and J were promoted to Elduraní (Varden's leadership position) and Kyle is now the oldest active member in Varden. Kyle became leader of Varden with J after Edami left. Sadly, Kyle has recently ended Varden after Varden's most recent grief in late January.

Le Epic Journey

Kyle decided to get the Varden gang back together and together they formed Le Epic. Consiting of Flash, Lance, Stranger, Mrska, Stino, and Peter2015, LeEpic was short lived due to its first base being close to an axis, and the second base being inside by Julain419.

Noteworthy accomplishments

- He bed bombed Richeatue (Fuck you).

- He led Varden after Edami has quit the server.

- He is responsible for the grief and fall of the Jake religion.

- He has toured many bases such as Atlantis. and the Sphinx of Purity.

-Been griefed 14 times and based at 17 bases (RECORD POG)

-Recently become very skilled in Crystal PvP and has begun working on projects at Spawn.

-Endorsed by RagsterNinja to become the next SpawnLord

-Undefeated at Spawn currently.

Where is he now?

After the LeEpic failure, Kyle was invited to DC and has been working closely with them on many successful projects. He has also made a mapart of his BFF for ever, Warvan. He patrols spawn almost daily and has many plans for reforming and reshaping it with his massive amounts of wealth.

As of late February 2021, he has been organizing a personal base with influential players such as StrangerJ, Deoxon, and Shennaine, currently working on expanding his influence.