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Kelby003, also known as Kelby, Kelb, or by his previous account name icewolf14 is a player who joined Purity Vanilla in mid April 2019. He is known for recruiting Raspberry_, and for being one of the founding members of Chromium.


Kelby's Statues in a cleaned up spawn

In mid April 2019, Kelby003 (known as icewolf14 back then) joined the server and quickly set up his base a few thousand blocks from spawn. He would often run from his base to spawn just to look for something to do. One day, he met galisp, who was working on cleaning up spawn. Galisp offered Kelby003 to help him for some diamonds. Kelby003 and Galisp were cleaning up spawn for a while and Kelby003 also built some statues to make spawn look a little nicer. The next day, Kelby003

Kelby003 at tropical beach village

was guarding and repairing his statues until StarBaron offered Kelby003 to base with him at tropical beach village. After a bit of travelling, Kelby003 finally had a proper base to stay at. After about a day of basing at tropical beach village, StarBaron and TheMysticMungus left the base for their donor city, leaving Kelby003 on his own. Kelby003 worked on a couple of bases which were both discovered and griefed.

Chapter 2: Kelby003, the farmer.

Kelby003's farm

Kelby003 at the police station base

Kelby003 with DouuG1 in spawn

After many of Kelby003's bases got griefed, he made his way back to spawn when he met a new player named Anteater2000 who wanted to start a police force with him. Galisp took interest in this police force forming and gave them a base to stay at near spawn with a skeleton spawner. Anteater2000 was banned for xraying and attempting to scam staff. Kelby003 made the police station base his actual base and managed to get lots of gear after grinding for a while. When Kelby003 felt confident enough, he returned to spawn to check it out after staying at his base for a while. This ended up being a big mistake at the time, as Kelby003 was spotted by StarBaron and DouuG1 who killed him. Kelby003 decided to hang out with the duo at spawn for a while and managed to catch StarBaron opening his shulker box which had god gear inside. Kelby003 stole three pieces of StarBaron's gear before being killed. Kelby003 returned to his police station base and began making a huge farm nearby for new players. After a while, Kelby003 got bored, and decided to head into the nether. Kelby003 knew he needed a set of armour to survive being near spawn in the nether and he didnt want to risk losing StarBaron's armour so he put together a set of armour from the skeleton spawner drops.

Kelby & Raspberry_'s base

The end of Raspberry_ and Kelby003's second base.

Kelby & Raspberry_'s base

Kelby003 & Raspberry's Base

Chapter 3: Kelby003 & Raspberry_

With this crappy set of armour and gear, Kelby003 went on a nether journey that would change his life on purity forever. Around spawn, he met QTRASPBERRYPIE (Raspberry_) and LeMaxinaut. The three went on a journey to one of Kelby003's old griefed bases. Since the base had most of its loot stolen, Kelby003 needed wood and didn't have any, so he sent LeMaxinaut to go and collect wood in the nearby forest. LeMaxinaut died to a creeper and ragequitted, never joining the server again. After a couple of days, Raspberry and Kelby003 moved to a new base. Soon, the duo would get themselves god gear and were building huge farms around the base. Not long after, Zeraxul found the base while flying around and killed Raspberry_. Kelby003 and Raspberry knew they had to leave the base and to somewhere else far, far away.

Chapter 4: The Unnamed Town

Kelby003 and Raspberry moved to start a new town where they built huge buildings, farms, and recruited Medscend.

more to come soon on the story of kelby003, please wait.

Update: 25th September 2021. I've decided to update my page. Since January 14th 2021, the day I wrote everything else in the page, I've forgotten a few parts of my story and have lost many screenshots. I'll do my best to keep the story accurate, but keep in mind that it may not be as detailed as before

Buildings in the town

Rasp and I moved to this base on 13/06/19. After our underground base had been found out by Zeraxul, we decided to travel for a new base. We built up a lot in this base, and it was in this era where Rasp and I frequently travelled to the end in search of loot.

The final days of the town

We recruited a new member, Medscend, and began building huge buildings and autofarms. These buildings include:

  • Rasp's House
  • Kelby003's House
  • Medscend's House (struck by lightning and burnt down, later replaced by BNT 3)
  • Barn / Stables
  • Rasp's Pub
  • BNT 1 (big ni**a towers 1)
  • Villager Breeder & Trading Facility
  • BNT 3
  • Mining Facility
  • Cactus Farm TowerSpongebob's Pineapple
  • Spurdo Gallery House
  • Creeper Farm
  • Zombie Spawner
  • Kelby's awful mapart

    Map of the base

Buildings in the town

One of Kelby003's biggest projects is the melon mountain. BNT1 was fully dedicated to being an auto melon farm, which delivered masses of melons for the project. The melons were placed over a mountain nearby the base which created a unique landscape made entirely of melons.

Chapter 5: Chromium

During the move to Chromium, Kelby003 and Medscend died with all their gear in the nether. This led to their arrival being delayed by a few days.

When finally making it to the base, Kelby003 was greeted by Galisp, Feraligatrs, and Rasp. The base was quite empty at the time, but soon the base would hold many grand buildings.

Kelby003 was very inactive during the final weeks of Chromium, but his contributions to the base were:

  • the notoriously unfinished BNT2 (big ni**a towers 2, a massive skyscraper built up to world height)
  • Autosmelter room
  • Masses of obsidian for the gold farm
  • The mythical Nuns obsidian

When one of Chromium's members took playerheads, beacons, and other loot from Chromium, Kelby003 was the last to leave the base and decided to leave his mark on the base by lavacasting the buildings and roads. He continued to make the ruins of chromium for a couple more months, being very inactive in this time.

Chapter 6: The Return

After Kelby003 had hanged around at the Chromium ruins for long enough, he decided to move back to his old base (the unnamed town) and bring his friend onto the base and build up new buildings.

As of around June 2021, the base had been discovered by a few people, leaving their mark with signs, but Kelby003 noticed that his doublechests of mending books and shulkers of loot kept mysteriously disappearing to thieves, causing him to contact Rasp about a potential new base.

This project was quickly abandoned, and now Kelby003 resides in a random place in the server.