Purity Wiki

Humble start

Jamool only had 2 weeks on experience in MC when he joined Purity. That server was true vanilla, MC as intended, and it was the most stable out of similar servers, that's why it was chosen.

Purity is a true block game home for Jamool. Here you can find a number of his early game bases where he was exploring the game. First month Jamool played only with his IRL friend building a casual base 10k out of spawn. One day he was building a railway and discovered that ice is better for roads. Jamool didnt know how to use enchanting table and therefore asked in chat if someone can sell him silk pickaxe so he can mine some ice. First responses were that silk touch is disabled due to an exploit, which made Jamool upset, but later player named MastahKilla contacted him and they agreed on a trade. Jamool gave Ricky coords near his base and started building a "thank you" sign waiting for his arrival. Since that day they started basing together as a group of 3.

Big Boy Adventures

Mastah convinced his new russian friends that building 10k out of spawn is not safe and they better move. That was a time Jamool discovered Nether dimention and nether highways. He had great diffuculties moving there because f3 screen was also new to him. It probably costed Ricky a good amount of nerve cells, but they managed to move decent distance into the Nether. Soon they founded a new settlement called Stonk Village. Jamool and Roma (Jamool's irl friend) surrounded a generic mc village with walls and started adding their own custom homes to it. Soon group recruited a new guy because he was typing in russian in chat asking for a group to play with. Jamool was fascinated to play with another fellow russian in this cruel english-speaking server, and now they became a group of 4. During next month Stonk Village expanded a lot, filling 300x300. There also was a small railway system leaving to builds outside of the village. Mastah made a villager breeder and was main tech specialist of a base, constantly helping less experienced players with his knowledge. Stock Village was an actual functional village, there were villagers walking between homes, some of homes were libraries, some smitheries, etc. That place is nice to remember.

Eventually Ricky got really busy irl. New guy also fell to inactivity. Jamool got bored and wanted to come back to spawn so he can build wheat farms and roads and interact with new players. He got a chance to do so during 1.14-1.15 temp map, when he built a house with S_ammy and was invited to Sammy's group, The Grey.

The Grey

That faction was very good to new players. First Council encouraged spawn building and helping newcomers, as well as provided a spawn base for noobs which Jamool was at the time. After joining Spawn Base 2 on February the 2nd 2020, Jamool became one of the most active Grey members. At that point he was more experienced, but still didnt know how to zombify villagers and even what was The End dimention. During that time Jamool's main occupation was building, he enjoyed most building communal projects. At Spawn Base 3 there was no personal room for Jamool, but he built storage, meeting room, started dragon cave with Roma and made a twisted room with small pixel art for each member of First Council. Over time Jamool became a Council member himself and tried his best to lead a faction together with other Council members. If you want to know more about Jamool's work, read The Grey and Spawn Infrastructure Project pages.

Another occupation of Jamool is trading. After finally mastering game mechanics Jamool became obsessed with using farms his teammates build and crafting god gear for sale/to supply SIP builders. He obtained a stack of netherite blocks without mining netherite a single time, but then got bored of trading and sold most of his personal wealth for IRL money.

Dung Beetles

The Grey lost it's activity over time, and so Jamool together with the most active Grey members joined another faction to play with. He did not leave The Grey officially but now dedicated most of his time to build at a base with new teammates. DB turned out to be a big faction with both builders and redstoners. With such a team pig found his place as a person who grinds the most, mostly excavating perimeters. Along with that Jamool stays in touch with Grey and SIP and prepares to build a new nether diagonal and eventually a new Grey project. In October 2021 Jamool was promoted to server moderator. This caused a temporary overload of pig head with all the new commands and ways to figure out hackers, but with help of other staff members and especially his friend Ercercerc Jamool manages to overcome difficulties and learn day by day.

Block Chain

It was early 2022. Purity's major griefing and building groups were merging and interconnecting among themselves. While griefers came up with Moss Aliance, a lot of builders were travelling between DC, DB and a new group BC. Block Chain included people from Saint-Laurent (group of French irl friends: Mallty, Xotiik, Rayyze and others), Bruh Market (Sasori, Wefhy, Shell) and DB (Moogle, Jamool, Norlak, Honzin). Group built formidable base, got griefed and built a new one. Also this is where Wefhy's redstone talent meet Jamool's afk capasity which resulted in dozens of generated shell shulkers. Jamool, meanwhile, reduced trading to only bulk, and then stopped trading entirely. His MC activity slowly wilted in general, until at May 28th 2022 world border expanded, which resulted in Jamool and D1cka D1cka preparing supplies and then leading construction of new nether roads. At the moment of writing (June 5th 2022) roadbuilding still takes most of Jamool's MC activity and he enjoys it very much.