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Itzfreaks, more commonly known on Purity as freaks, first joined the server on the 8th of July 2019, finding it online after searching up 'SMP Servers'. He is notorious for a long list of accomplishments over the extent of his time on Purity, including farming an incomprehensible amount of obsidian and leading Empire, one of the most controversial groups on the server throughout early-mid 2020.

Empire's Accomplishments

  • The best Ghast Tear farm on Purity, cutting crystal prices in half
  • Most Withers spawned at once (110 Withers, 330 skulls)
  • First Obsidian farm in 1.15.2 using Withers on the end pillars
  • Cracking the Server Seed (EPIC_THATS_ME - Perma Banned)
  • First Obsidian farm in 1.16.2 using Withers on the end platform
  • Making a collective 250 shulkers of Obsidian (mainly freaks)
  • Introducing the 'Wither Nuke' technique to Purity

First Week on Purity

After joining, freaks made light work of escaping out of spawn, doing so on his first attempt. He established a small spawn base, about 50,000 blocks out, and set out to make some gear using an AFK fisher and mining. After 2 days of playing on the server, freaks had decided he liked it enough to purchase gold rank, which is ironic because 5 d

ays later he stopped playing due to being addicted to the

game 'Ark' at the time.

The Return

Making his return to Purity on the 1st January 2020, after a long night of drinking, freaks made friends with W3Know, Cat, and Willis. They began to speak in voicechat a considerable amount of time, and eventually Willis would invite him to come to his base. At the base, freaks got equipped with gear and spent his time end raiding and farming emeralds, only playing occasionally.

Out of the blue, Willis was permanently banned, which left freaks in a difficult position. He decided to take some of his stuff and move out, establishing his own solo base which he called SS Ville. During his time here, freaks made a large underground section, and bred villagers to trade with. The underground section foreshadowed the future Empire base 'Danzig', a glorious base in its prime, which he is very proud of being a part of.

At SS Ville, freaks decided to invite his friend Tahlmus AKA Rombo. They lived together in peace, and he enjoyed his time spent at this base, logging in whenever he was bored. However, when a certain someone joined Purity for the first time, everything would change...

The Era of Mr Cuby

When MrCuby joined the server and started making videos, he was instantly popular among many people on the server. Getting more involved in discord, freaks dedicated himself to being a loyal Cubyist, and saw a promotion from Cubestapo Officer to Moderator.


Deciding to leave SS Ville (which still stands as of the 14th of September 2020), him and Tahlmus made their way over to the first Cuby Town. After a while they went to the second one, where freaks met Jama and they fell into a loving and sexual relationship. When freaks felt happy enough to settle down at Cuby Town, he built a small house, which unfortunately only lasted a few days before The Grey griefed Cuby Town.

It was after this that freaks developed a deep disdain and hatred for The Grey, which has

lasted for the many months since the grief. After the grief a lot of people were upset and decided to move on, but still continued to remain active in the discord. Mortem attempted to make a new Cuby Town, 30k from spawn, but only freaks and Aggie turned up.

It was at this time that MrCuby's moderators overthrew him, which he made a video on. Despite this, freaks continued to stay loyal and support Cuby. This would all change when it came out that Cuby was switching to Venture Vanilla, freaks distanced himself from him, as well as Mortem.

The Era of The Empire


The Empire was started by freaks and Mortem, and they invited Aggie to join them. It was Aggie who found a location to base, greeting freaks with totems and an elytra when he arrived. When the topic of what to build was brought up, he was quick to suggest that they could build an underground city, in essence of his old base SS Ville. Aggie agreed, so they set to work making a 100x100 border and began the ambitious project of removing all of the land. The base was to be called Danzig, and would be a far bigger project than anticipated.

After a month of digging, they had made it halfway and were making good progress. It was around this time that their allies the Confederacy were griefed by The Grey, and freaks and Aggie made the decision to allow some of the Confederacy members join them. Warvan, a banned player famous for being a trader and purveyor of end loot on Purity, was the first to request to join them. Though the decision was tough as Warvan was a controversial player, they eventually accepted him, and he would be a major part in sculpting what Empire would become.

2020-05-19 06.58.44.png

Arriving at Danzig, Warvan brought with him beacons, obsidian and gunpowder in immense quantities, which helped progress the base. PinkHatPonpo, more commonly known as loker, had also been talking to freaks for a couple weeks, and they decided to merge, with loker bringing his friend EPIC_THATS_ME with him to Danzig. Despite Epic being quite inactive in this period, the group made great progress on the construction of the base, and freaks looks back on this period as his favourite time on Purity, with many fond memories.

2020-05-13 20.52.09.png

While continuing to work on Danzig, they invited new members like Prophet_Muhammed/Mossad_Crab, but at some point Aggie left. Despite this, they were relatively problem free until Warvan had some issues with Le Epic. John, or Thinking_Robot, joined around this time and began to work on the industrial part of Danzig. The removal of land was eventually completed, with freaks alone spending over 100 hours on the dig and collecting 120,000 stone.

2020-07-07 04.01.26.png

Good things came to an end, after Empire griefed Le Epic with the Elders 2 days later Empire Main Base Danzig was griefed by the Dungbeetles.(also El Cubado fell) this would mark the glory days of Empire as they moved on to their next base.

Empire mushroom base.png

Mushroom Base/Unnamed Base was created after the grief of Danzig and it was

supposed to be a building base with the farms hidden in the builds. Foxtrot and Acne were the Builders of the base until we had no motivation to build,and the base fell due to Drrew insiding Empire. Freaks was at spawn constantly obsidian farming or just flying around due to being bored and moved to wRongo's personal base Kamina city instead of Ikoria (which still stands) while obby farming freaks terrain finder program got a result for a base they were searching it was Odyssey Grey Main base.

Everyone came together to grief Odyssey : Cicada404,YeahItsRico,MiningBoomBoy,AcneChrist,Foxtrot,L_Cancel,Warvan,MrCuby, Itzfreaks were on their way to Odyssey when suddenly freaks was getting tired and went to sleep after gaming for 17 hours (loser). Freaks woke up with a lot of fucking messages that told him that he got banned. freaks got banned for player radar, the evidence was send by Drrew to the staff team. freaks still thinks to this day that it was worth getting banned to grief Odyssey, with Itzfreaks being banned Empire decided to rename and regroup.

The Era of NSO


Freaks wouldn't play on the server until Mexico was a thing, after 3 months freaks decided to evade his ban. he got a free VPN and bought an account, with queue being long Rico bought freaks gold. under the name Eren1411 he based alone near mexico. until basing with wRongo again at zUni's base helping him out. he spent a month there until he got accepted into NSO (ez). he continued to play and trashtalk people it was getting obvious that Eren1411 was freaks when he said stuff that only freaks knew still noone caught on except Jama. he griefed GLM and Los Dungeles and had a fun time on the server until Rico snitched unexpectetly which got him banned again. he evaded a total of 3 months which he had a lot of fun playing if its betraying griefing lying and cheating it was always fun to play on Purity, but freaks wouldn't let go and was still lurking on the server chat and was planning griefs.

freaks thoughts are: Playing on this server from January till July was great but it was a waste of time. evading my ban was also a waste of time, the good things that i gained from playing that long was friends like wRongo, Acne, Nim and Ponpo. i also had a lot of sad or frustating times on purity, which counts for base griefs or betrayals. playing on here brought me more bad things than good ones. i should have stopped playing after Empire fell in my opinion. but one thing i dont regret is griefing bases and that will stay like this. after my Evading account got banned i should have already leave the NSO discord and purity all together. that was my mistake.

finals words and the future.

think of the good things instead of the bad ones. theres no doubt that i was addicted to playing minecraft i was playing for 10-17 h a day sometimes, trying to fix all the things wont be easy but i will be trying : D. as in now freaks is getting a surgery and will leave the purity community soon. i hope this was not cringe.

fuck you EJ for not continuing my Wiki you bitch