Island Federation of Greenland


The Island Federation of Greenland was a relatively large federation and collection of islands that had many bases and used a more expansive, territorial approach to hire members and claim land. Greenland was an oligarchy and meritocracy, with older members presiding in terms of superiority and matters concerning external affairs. Greenland has many ties, whether they be personal or official, with many higher ranking factions, including Dawnbreakers, and personal ties with members of The Varden, like StrangerJ. The Island Federation of Greenland has played roles in many notable server issues, for example, Greenland combined with the main founders of Dawnbreakers to help create the large base it is now known for, although it seceded after it had been griefed and Haloman597 was kicked, and GrandmaPepe left. After secession, the base has expanded significantly, gaining over 12 members in less than a month, and have allied with The Greys. The Island Federation of Greenland planned on reaching out and securing an alliance with major trade partners and keeping a long-lasting yet skilled team of builders and innovators.

Fall of Greenland

The Island Federation of Greenland fell on the first of January along with Dawnbreakers and Erebus Core. Grandmapepe, the original founder of Greenland, leaked the base to the rival of Varden and Dawnbreakers (and Greenland by association), called Valhalla. He was allegedly paid only 3 Gsets, although Grandmapepe stated that he, in fact, was paid more.Though some claim he was never compensated anything for the leaking of these bases. This conflict escalated into a full-blown attack over the 2 powers, resulting in an ongoing conflict between Dawnbreakers and Varden versus Valhalla and the Grey.

Fragmentation of Greenland

After the quick actions of Haloman597, many members of Greenland formulated into the new members Iceland, however a rival splinter group by the name of the French Republic also formed, headed by AbMiNameIsJeffo. The French Republic quickly fell after Iceland and their allies attacked and AbMiNameIsJeffo was banned for attempting to IP Grab his members.For what he claims "was a joke."

Merging of Iceland into the Confederacy

After it was realised that Iceland could not rise to popular status on its own, it was merged into fellow allied groups and turned into the Confederacy. Although 'Iceland' still had bases, it ended up merging into the larger Confederacy. Fellow allies created a large base and had been attempting to rise into status on the server stage. Many bases from all allied members have been absorbed into the Confederacy, and the one surviving base of the original Greenland base is also considered in their territory, although not much of it is in very good condition. Grandmapepe, who betrayed the entire team, can still be seen lurking around the premises, although if seen protocol called for the slaying of him on sight.

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